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And it was sort of Doctor Who? Like, he and two or three companions (could have been 11, Amy and Rory + maybe a third) were at some sort of power station with lots of Asian workers in the middle of (English?) countryside, that was going to be used for some nefarious purpose.

And then one of them just went in and knocked a... thing into motion, and it turned out that it started a chain reaction that would basically kill everyone within a large radius, possibly by taking out all the oxygen or similar. And then the Tardis team just, uh, ran away, except I, either as a disembodied pov or a character, decided to go out to see and then they'd left so I was stuck. Also shifted into this teenage/preteen male(?) character that managed not to die but was instead kidnapped by some evil organization which also kept other young people for some reason.

Also, somehow I decided that this character had somehow split so there was another version of him still on the Tardis and no one knew this other version was stuck at the evil boarding school.
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Because they've been ~awesome episodes~ \¤3¤/

Firstly, last weekend I saw The Gunfighters and Curse of Peladon with friends, and last night it was Horror of Fang Rock.

the usual feels: re. the Gunfighters and Curse of Peladon )

And Horror of Fang Rock )
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Visited M. today to have Easter Dinner with her and her family, took some pictures of the dolls I made earlier (v. dorky ones too...) and then we watched the aforementioned serial and many UNIT bbies feels were had. But it was 1)Not as heartbreaking as I feared (or it helped that I could cling to M. when the feels hit me 2)Better overall than I expected too. I mean, the dinosaurs were a bit clunky but it made them a bit cute actually. And the beginning was actually nicely suspenseful, and then there was one scene that was very The Birds-esque.
not that long or spoilery but I'll cut anyway )

And then some pictures of my Three and Delgado!Master dolls
Starting with some process pics )

Silly picture story )
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So on Sunday after watching Reign of Terror myself and M., after reading and discussing another article, came across titled 10 Reasons We Want The Master To Return and... strangely enough, ended up disagreeing with the author on all points. Which, as you know, nothing is better for inspiring discussion.

Disclaimer: 1) I haven't seen nearly all episodes of Doctor Who, not even the ones with the Master. So be gentle if I say something totally dumb, but also feel free to let me know how you see it. 2) ... I ship the Master and the Doctor and that will probably come up. JSYK. 3) Lots of things are subject to interpretation and/or taste, and that's cool. For example, I don't like Moffat's writing but a lot of people seem to. And moving on.

So, just WHAT is special about the Master as a villain? )
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No uni this week so I should be working on the Benton/Yates fic but. It hasn't happened yet. Bit troubled over that I recently (after coming up with the plot) found a fic with them on teaspoon that also has bonding via wondering in wilderness. Course, other things happen in my story as well but... :/
Also feeling generally stuck on the plot, as it's supposed to be twisty and clever and I have... very little so far.

After the exam on friday, I tried to finish [identity profile] / [personal profile] regndoft's birthday gift on saturday which... was a bit overambitious. But I succeeded! Almost!
Made crotcheted/amigurumi dolls of Third Doctor and Delgado!Master, and then didn't have time/ forgot to take proper pictures so you get those later, perhaps.

Besides that, listened to several Big Finish audios while working on said dolls. The Sandman and Arrangements for War with Six and Evelyn, The Harvest with Seven, Ace and Hex, The Scorchies and The Doll of Death with Jo Grant and Shadow of the Past with Liz Shaw (and I also listened to Blue Tooth a few days back).

Then I went over to user name=regndoft>'s place where I wasn't supposed to stay too late... and I stayed only until seven! On the next day. Anyway, we watched Reign of Terror and Colony in Space. And argued over best method to cook noodles (to be fair, more a matter of taste, I just liked them just on the good side of undercooked and hers is the opposite view)

(spoilery) thoughs about all of the above under cut. Except the noodles (although M., the sesame oil makes them much better, we should have used it after all) )

Moving on to serials... )

Now, I think instead of doing any fic writing like I should I'll just... do a bit of drawing or something else. Right after I'm done painting my toenails sparkly lime green anyway. (edit: and I did)
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So, yesterday I decided to push off work on uni stuff or fics and instead listen to an audio and finish a crotchet hat that just needed an edge and decorating. So I listened to Doctor Who-Ish and worked on this hat:

Picture of it under cut )

Was going to make fox ears for it, and did in fact, but then decided that they were too small and maybe I didn't want an ear hat anyway (too animu? idk) so now I'm pondering some brightly and unnaturally coloured flowers instead? Which reminds me, I have this crotchet pattern book from -77, that's mostly about a few different types of flowers, and while some designs are cute, others are a bit...

...special )

Anyway... right, I also listened to The Holy Terror with Sixth Doctor and Frobisher last week. And I mean, how can you NOT love a shapeshifter detective who could be anything and chooses to be a penguin with an American accent? And Six gets feels in the end and it is painful to listen to but also oh Six ilu. :'3
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Firstly, my illustration for Carnival of Monsters was posted at 50 years of Whovians.

[profile] taiyou_to_tsuki summed up the museum visit pretty well here. In short, the seminar was somewhat unsatisfying, the tour afterwards better, and the whole evening was v. nice anyway. Also I bought a pretty Bastet pin, which takes the amount of cat pins I own up to two. :D

The next day (since I stayed over at M's place), we watched Curse of Fenric and the commentary by Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann and Nicholas Briggs on the Tv Movie:
highlights )

On Sunday, I did some reading before going over to see [personal profile] gluecookie (and [profile] taiyou_to_tsuki was also there), and we watched Jacobi-chan~ the episode Virgin in the Ice of Cadfael and there was much screaming over Derek Jacobi being too cute and also the episode giving many feels because of reasons. Dammit all. Also then we babbled until late in the night.

I had to get up early today to write an essay due also today, but it was def. worth it. :)
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than, you know, boring old buildings. I saw this comic a bit ago, and then had to make a Master version.

picture and some fannish babble under cut )
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I finally got around to fixing all the broken links at bunnyfication, and thus felt ok with posting new art there. :D

fandom: Doctor Who
characters/pairings: Shalka!Doctor/Shalka!Master, Alison Cheney, Delgado!Master, Ainley!Master, Simm!Master, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Turlough as a sad pomeranian.
warnings: Ask blog arts contain one vague reference to possible alcoholism/depression. And cut 3 has two moving gifs in the beginning.

Starting with some shalkaverse arts
A couple of portraits (D!Master and 8)
And a lot of silly cat themed ones (a couple of moving gifs at the start)
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iow university and Doctor Who and other films.

University: Had the (first non-home) exam on Thursday, think it might have gone ok at least. Only blanked out completely on one author's name I wanted to refer to, and he wasn't super important. Then, yesterday we had the introduction to the next part, which is going to be about the old Swedish farmer society and how it changed 1800s-1900s. Seems a lot more interesting than the the first part so yay.

Films: After that I visited [personal profile] gluecookie and we watched A Midwinter's Tale/In the Bleak Midwinter, a film I'd seen half of years ago on tv and could never find after. I happened to mention my fruitless efforts to [personal profile] gluecookie and she and her family actually went and hunted down a DVD. \¤3¤/ And yes, it was even better than I remembered. Then we also watched Seeds of Death, more on that later.

Let me talk more about AMT first )

Moving onto Seeds of Death somewhat spoilery account )
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It's a kind of a dumb holiday, but a good time for silly fandom cards/edits! :D (And chocolate, I guess. I bought myself some. =3 =)

I made some classic who ones. (Also here on tumblr and Some textures from ClarabellafaireStock)


moar under cut )
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Which was mostly... seeing friends, watching Doctor Who with friends, then talking about it with said friends. Excellent weekend, in short, even if I seem to be getting sick (hopefully not so sick I won't be able to write my home exam before friday >_>;). Unplannedly ended up spending the night at a friend's place due to us losing track of time while discussing various things, and then going from there to another friend's house. Lucky I had an extra shirt with me.

Watched: The Mind Robbers, The Three Doctors, The Sun Makers and Terror of the Autons. Last for... the umpteenth time but it's one of those that doesn't really get old.

details (also spoilers) and some wild fic ideas that appeared )
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I tried to make a hat post but... Photobucket was especially uncooperative so no go. Continuing the search for other hosting programs.

Meanwhile, just watched Arc of Infinity so I'd be prepared for a livestream of the commentary version, and.

hopefully short commentary under cut. Ok mostly just flailing about Nyssa and Tegan and their OTPness )
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All from pre-hiatus series.


19 more under cut. Um. )
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Watched The Snowmen with my sister today, and it was... pretty? Didn't get any intense feelings for or against otherwise. Bit concerned the big mystery on the new companion is going to turn out another circular plot a'la River, but nyeh. Richard E. Grant was lovely to see but didn't really do that much, not that there was time for it, I suppose. Made me miss Shalka!verse mostly...(fiiiiiiiiics~)

Now let's talk about Classic who instead. ¤3¤/

Continued to corrupt my sister by making her watch a few serials before Christmas while I was finishing last minute gifts and could sit by and point out stuff. So we watched Horns of Nimon, The Daemons and The Five Doctors (the last more or less her pick after I'd mentioned it). The Deamons is still such an adorable silly episode. Oh Master, you and your wacky hobbies. He must have been so excited he found some use for the sacrificial maiden robe that came with the Satanic Priest Set after all. *headshake*

Most importantly, however, I watched the rest of Mind of Evil the night before last. MY FEELS.
flailing about serial/UNIT era in general under cut )
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I tried making a post yesterday, but the crossposting to lj wasn't working, and it was just a boring recount of the trip anyway. Today it's been a fairly usual Christmas eve, with dinner and gift sharing. Very peaceful and boring to write about? Oh, unless one counts the amiable argument my parents have had for fake (my mom) vs. real trees (my dad) for several Christmases now. This year it ended up in no big tree at all, and my dad getting a fallen top of a fir from the forest, which is set in a vase on the table with some decorations.

Posted three DW cards I did here.

I got chocolates, an amigurumi book, new nightwear and socks and a wall calendar. All stuff that will be useful, but best of all, my sister knitted me a fox muff! ¤3¤
it is perfect )
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...right because I tried to make them and ended up despairing over Pertwee. Damn his face. :I

Things done today:
Listened to He Jests at Scars(Unbound audio) in the morning since it seemed appropriate for the moment. It was... interesting, though I'm not sure I quite bought the Valeyard's motives for his life choices. Will have to be considered. Poor Mel. D:

Then, much later, continued a bit of The Mind of Evil which I started last night. Still not done, but. *flaily motions* HOW SLASHY CAN ONE EPISODE BE??? And ALL the Unit bbies. Guh. And Chinese! Different languages! More coherent thoughts when I've watched the entire serial and it's not almost 2 am, maybe.

For now, you get some silly edits from the scene where the Master is sitting in a car pleased with himself when suddenly, the Doctor!
Moe!Master is moe )
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We'll see how long it lasts.

Today I went to the university where myself and [profile] taiyou_to_tsuki took part in the orientation day at Stockholm University (I got a fancy uni tote bag! Really needed one of those anyway...). We mourned the lack of properly geeky student societies and wondered what it would take to start one. >3>

Then went to my place with the plan to watch the latest Doctor Who episode, but since it had been deleted everywhere watched Mark of the Rani instead. The Rani is just. Awesome ¤3¤
It's a crime she only appears in two episodes, one of which is... well, not perfect but entertaining and the other is just rather bad all around. :'3

Either way, MOTR had Six and Ainley!Master being a five-year old and messing up poor Rani's plans totally for no real reason. At which she was hilariously not impressed. I feel for her, having to deal with those two and their antics. :'D


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