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First part
Title: *see title of post* XP
Artist: It's the M person
Warnings: Still one naked chibi. and...well, you'll see? ;P

Notes: Due to the popularity of the first part I was inspired to expand the story.
This is also where it starts owing even more to the Disney version. :P
7 pictures here )
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Title: *see title of post* XP
Artist: Me, once again.
Warnings: I went for as cutesy as possible, beware the sugar. Chibies. Naked Chibies, in fact.

Notes: [ profile] s0hmam0miji! Look what you made me do *glare* (Ahaha...♥)
BTW, the name thing was...well, I went to ask the aforementioned persion for a female name resembling Tom, and guess what her name happens to be! :'D

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artist: me
fandom: Saiyuki (own not)
warnings: it's very silly?
notes: I wondered if this was too silly to post after recent events, but I hope it cheers you up, rather
This time I wasn't scribling in class so I had actual refernce, as much good as that perhaps did...*shrug*
title:my little gaiden )
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MUCH less serious :P

Title: Fruits of boredom. aka. Ponies!
Fandom: Saiyuki
Notes: We have a certain art history teacher. It doesn't seem to me we are getting taught anything I don't know or couldn't find out myself much more efficiently, and she...speaks. slowly. and...keeps. Pausing.
Aaarg D:<
So, because the course has no exam and to keep my sanity and nerves intact I spend my time sketching. ^_^;
what's more cutesy than chibies? )


Mar. 31st, 2008 10:36 pm
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artist: you know, right?
disclaim: I own very litle, and that doesn't include the Saiyuki characters here. ^__^
notes: Some more kitty!Gojyo as asked...and then I got carried away a bit. >3>

kittyart, the meal and some desserts :P )
psst. Anyone else want to give a plot to the last meme, or should I post the insanity already? :)
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Hope you had nice holidays (if you did, that is ^__^;)

title: Easter Story
artist/author : me...>_>;
fandom: saiyuki as usual
notes: I usually forget to say this, but I don't own these characters. It would be rather ridicilous to even think that wouldn't it...
This thing is pretty much an insult to the traditional meaning of easter, thought I suppose it could be worse. A lot worse, actually, considering the fandom...
Also, rather slapdash work, even by my standards. :P
psst. if a certain someone would like an icon out of any of these I'll try to make it later ^__^

story with illustrations under cut )


Feb. 21st, 2008 09:27 pm
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kay, remember those request way back when? Someone...actually I can't even FIND the post :P
anyways, chibi Goujun was asked for, and here he is. Among others >_>...

artist: still me
fandom: saiyuki
worksafe: wait, chibiGojyo is kinda naked :3. So maybe not quite?
notes: each pic gets their own

here be are kinda big thought :/ )
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Sunshine today, yay :D so that's what it looked like, I'd forgotten. Yet.

Headlines, cabable of ruining your day whenever (for free!) :D
Today's brilliance: Big headline:
"happy valentines day"
and below that "The death of a soldier had the barracks in tears."
Well gee, happy valentines day to you as well, carrion bird.

Incidentally, if you were writing a totally cracky AU fanfic, would you use the original names of the characters, choose other ones that fit the setting better OR mangle the original names?

At school I had photoshop basics class...and then the other photoshop basics class ;) (this is actually a great arrangement, if you ask me). In the second one we learned how to edit out wrinkles and pimples an generally prettying up images of people. Very nifty, and surprisingly simple...why do I only learn these things now. D:
(Here's an example of my work in the other class. The assignment is only to make something impossible, using different techniques. Before you ask, I was going for surreal...but it ended a bit more creepy than I meant. Uups.

more babble, and a piece of cracky fanart. As a bait. >:D )
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I saw some people had been playing with this thing:

I bet you can squeal like a Banri.

Which movie was this quote from?

Get your own quotes:

sorry Banri
I had nothing better to do, so I scribbled a bit >3>. Small pics but quite many of them.
"First rule of Bunny Club is - you do not talk about Bunny Club."
I am serious ... and don't call me Bunny. )


Dec. 23rd, 2007 11:34 pm
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Title: Be strong, Santa Claus ahaha...please don't kill me:'D
Artist: me
Fandom: Saiyuki
Warnings: worksafe

Notes: It's Christmas fanart. With Sanzo as a Santa Claus...I mean, its not like it suits him much worse than what he actually does, right?

How to acquire elves. )
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Title: Trick or treat~
Artist: me

Notes: There are things in it I still wish I could tweak, especially with the coloring, but no scanner here, so I'll just have to live with it. ^__^
bonus miniature fic :P

Attack! )
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My very quickly done valentines day pic (didn't even remember it was today, until I saw lj's pinkish/lilac color)...also posted on saiyuki community.
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Note to self: if I ever learn to make amv's (donknow)
that reminds me of a certain monk...(thought when I'm fanning something I see it everywhere :P)
Besides amv's are like fanfic, I'm always making them in my head, but don't (fortunately?) have any skill...Sometimes it's really annoying (there's this stupib eighties song, Forever Young, than I can SEE as a naruto amv, and it used to be quite frustrating...alas, I'm lazy.)

agh...I'm so sorry Kougaiji-sama and all...You see, it was very late when I had the idea and...yes, I understand...T_T

edit: it's not colored yet, why not? *pokes at own brain* come on, it's not an important picture, just start working...


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