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I met taiyou_to_tsuki, gluecookie and a third person who I'm not sure has an lj. But she is also awesome.

There was much bitterness over sexism (both fandomy and otherwise), bad writing and moffatt. Especially ugly laughter was had on behalf of fanboys complaining about sudden influx of shippy fangirls with the new series. Sorry have you noticed some of the writers ship stuff too (including Doctor/Master)? There were tacos. And then we watched some filler Sailor Moon.. :3

Other things:
- It became clear myself and K. have accidentally formed what might be a two person fandom for the fifties Scarlet Pimpernel series. Oops.
- The shorter the Doctor is, the more schemy and adorably evil he is. Exhibit A: 2, who it was argued uses his cuteness to distract people from when he's being devious. Exhibit B: 7. Just Seven. (disc. I love them both <3) (it occurs to me Eight is kind of short too, hmm...)
- From this should follow that his taller regenerations should be more... uh, sincere? Frank? Might work with Three and Six, possibly 5 too, whereas I think Four just filled the extra space with pure 100% apple sauce. Or possibly drugs, we're not sure.
- I still maintain Katy Manning needs to play the Master. Imitating him in an audio, actually being the character, idec. In fact, she could play ALL timelords and it would be perf. Get on it world. Now.

Also there was a clip of her in the new Spearhead from Space blueray trailer and she was wearing black satin gloves with rings on. Omg Katy Manning~~ *hyperventilates*


May. 17th, 2013 09:00 pm
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Things these three have in common: They're short, (mostly) unapologetically cracky and the only fics I've finished since... January 2012, yes.

Title: The Bride of Chauvelin
Author: [personal profile] stalkerbunny
Fandom, pairing: The Adventures of the Scarlet Pimpernel (1956), Percy/Chauvelin
Warnings: Mostly some kissing and cross dressing. It's all pretty tame.
Summary: Chauvelin finds love. Sort of. (~700 words)

A.N: So, imo Percy/Marguerite is the ultimate OTP in this fandom... EXCEPT in this particular version where 1)she doesn't seem to exist and 2)Percy kisses ALL the characters. Also Chauvelin is mostly kind of pathetic and it's adorable. Hence this. (Oh, and that thing at the end is quoted from one of Percy's love notes messages to Chauvelin in the tv-series. JSYK)

They seek him here, they seek him there...

Title: An Intervention
Fandom, pairing: Withnail & I / Scream of the Shalka, Doctor/Master (sort of)
Warnings: Well, Withnail is considering suicide even if the story doesn't dwell on that?
Summary: There really was something living among the dirty dishes. Or working on it anyway. (~250 words)

A *sticky* intervention

Title: Domestic meme
Fandom: Scream of the Shalka, Doctor/Master
Summary: Series of ficlets based on the domestic meme, some a bit longer, some just a sentence. Or a word. (~600 words all together).

and lo there were cuddles
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Saw gluecookie today, and we watched a bunch of old Eurovision videos (I'm kind of proud of how eighties the Finnish song, in all it's apocalyptic glory, from my birth year is link and also the Mel-worthy hair the singer has), the first two eps of Vicious and then episodes 7-14 of The Adventures of the Scarlet Pimpernel, a British tv-series from 1956.

Apart from some very unfunny rape jokes in the first episode, Vicious is just as lovely as the gifs I've seen on tumblr indicated. Then again, it's Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi playing an gleefully quarrelsome old couple so how could it not be adorable? And the other characters are pretty cute too.

As for TAotSP (links to watch it here btw), I've talked before of the various adaptations of that story that I've seen so far, but this particular version, having seen more of it, it's actually surprisingly good in some ways, for what is mainly a rather light-hearted action series from the fifties. The most impressive thing is how many interesting and capable female characters there have been, even if it's too bad they hardly ever make a reappearance or even get a mention later. But still, cool women! Even older women! Whee! Also Percy (sometimes) saves people other than aristocrats, and one episode explores the fact that when the power shifted the previously leading revolutionaries got the short end of the stick and not everyone agreed with everyone else... and I'll talk more about that under cut.

Also, Patrick Troughton has been increasingly present in the later episodes which has been awesome, even if he's so pretty it's sometimes hard to concentrate on the plot. Mmmm Pat... incidentally, they changed his credits to Patrick Troughton for one ep, then changed them back to Pat Troughton again. We just don't know why.

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when it was also my birthday. Got a gift card (anyone want to go shopping with me and help me pick things it's hard...?), a lovely giant colourful cup, v. tasty tea and hair things. One of which is a mint green bow clip yessss.

So, on saturday I first saw gluecookie and we watched five first episodes of the 1955- Scarlet Pimpernel tv-series. We have a project to see ALL the adaptations we can find (really need to read the original story asap...).
some comparisons )

After that, I went over to M's place and we had no funny DW episodes at hand so we ended up watching... Sabrina the Teenaged Witch. Since we discovered a while ago her family owns a DVD set for an unknown reason. I used to watch that as a kid/preteen and 1)It was about as bad/mediocre as I expected and 2)I got painful nineties flashbacks from the visuals/costuming. Argh.

On the other hand, Salem is basically the Master. I mean, he is a sarcastic, self-centered wizard who got turned into a cat as punishment for trying to take over the world. In the episode A Girl and Her Cat we further find out he worked with a guy called Salamander who was turned into a newt.
Salem also gets catnapped by a kid called Rex who ends up mildly disturbed by the end. I rest my case.

EDIT: Oh, and we also listened to LIVE-34, which is a Seven, Ace and Hex audio entirely in the form of a live radio newscast. Interesting in itself due to the format, and rather suited to be listened from a tiny portable loudspeaker. One feels transported into the story, almost.

Also watched Journey into the Heart of the Tardis which cut for opinion. Not really that spoilery I think but jic )


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