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Nov. 16th, 2013 07:35 pm
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I just made delicious shrimp lasagne. Especially awesome after... I couldn't buy any food for a week and had to improvise from what I had. Still waiting for the Swedish bank to send a new code for the new card I got last week (original card was closed because I used the wrong code too many times). Luckily my mom sent some money on my Finnish account so could buy food today.

-> Shrimp lasagne.
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The promised last weekend post and one for this week? Also I'm sick rn so if something doesn't make sense I'll blame that.

Weekend before last the people whose house I live in were traveling so I had the house to myself. Which was nice on one hand and on the other it's a large and slightly labyrinthine. Used the old method of having the radio and/or tv on to not get creeped out when it was dark, and also taiyou_to_tsuki came to stay over for a bit. She'd previously sent me a pdf of the Doctor Who Cookbook (1985) which is a very charming thing with fun illustrations. We tried making Chancellor Flavia's Chicken Favourite (from Dinah Sheridan). I did a bunch of household chores before her arrival, including dinner planning. Very housewifey.

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Today has contained far too much faint nausea (started when I took the wrong bus and had to sit in an airless, noisy and generally unpleasant underground and really only stopped once I got home after uni). And have been fighting feelings of uselessness/general unworthiness, thanks to unfruitful job hunting, mostly. Not that I have been in a bit now. It's hard to be bothered to go to the trouble when most of them don't even bother to decline.

But! Cakes!
Have some bananas with black spots and was feeling like something sweet so I mixed half of my usual cookie recipe with a banana and some cocoa powder. The end result is like a strange but quite tasty amalgamation of buns and cookies.

 photo IMG_0132.jpg

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No idea about the taste as of yet but at least they look pretty ok.

Just bought premade and cut pieces of puff pastry dough, cooked some rice and a couple of eggs, which I then mashed together with a bit of butter and spices (neither obligatory), folded and pinched the dough over it and then baked ten minutes on 225 celsius.

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I cooked fish on my own for the first time ever, and it turned out yummy. :D
And it was just cheap frozen cod as well! With cheap green curry paste and pepper
Mm, curry fish...and french fries so unhealthy omg
Since then, however, I have completely wasted all of today (after leaving school early as well, the teacher said it was okay thought oh the hedonism) by reading fanfic.

Well, at least it was good fanfic. Ahem. Tintin slash fanfic even, hee! ...what? pfft, my childhood is JUUUST fine, thanks. :D
I'll...finish that Good Omens fanart tomorrow. No, really. :3
damn all those dratted books in the background anyway
<-EDIT: ha! inked. :P

hn, could live without all this coughing *winded*. Also what's up with the regular nosebleeds not like that!?
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Ah, once again with the automatic Finnish title. :)
Oh well, to the point, which is that that's just a silly question.
Obviously it needs to be a balanced mixture of the two, preferably with generally mild tastes. *nod*
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Don't kick at doors, even if the key isn't working.
Have a fabulous bruise on my knee now, but as it only hurts if I poke at it there probably isn't anything broken there. Phew, that would have been awkward. XP
By the time my roommate came to open the door I was all "baaw;_;", ahah, embarrassing. ^_^;

Pasta/macaroni with fetacheese in oil and herbs? Pretty tasty. Also filling.

-Theater club at school, went there on impulse. Might have bit of more than I can chew. Yet, had fun.
-Playing with photoshop. Also fun, but addicting and timeconsuming.
Wonder if I should bother flist with the results...they're not even fandomy for the most part. =3=;


Sep. 16th, 2008 09:08 pm
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Blueberry soup+fruit juice=Actually pretty tasty.
Looks better without mixing, thought, and surprisingly it's the blueberry that floats to the top.
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First, wasn't that the prettiest peach pie ever ♥
(so tasty I couldn't photograph it fast enough, unfortunately :P

They showed all three Lord Of the Rings movies in tv on the holiday as well, and I watched them(well, only bits of the first one). Me and my sister mocked everything even remotely silly and then some, but I can't say they aren't pretty good movies. Not like the books were the easiest to adapt, to say the least :P
I do find movie Frodo slightly annoying at times, either because he has too big eyes, or just gets into trouble a bit too much =_=;. And Galadriel is just...scary. In a good way. Something.
The scene with Eowyn and the Witch King was very cool, no matter how much it bugs me she and Merry got away with it all so easily. I do understand why, but...damn it, the scene it made disappear is one of my favorites in the book ;_;. I'm trying not to spoil anything, you see

At the end of the last movie my sister said about Frodo and Sam "If they were a man and a woman they'd be kissing for real about now, right?"
...XD Well, what can I say to that.


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