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Listening to a lovely fog horn duet because apparently they test the general alarms in this area at three o'clock on the first monday of this month or... something. So, if I was a supervillain I'd know when to attack for maximum damage, is all I'm saying.
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So, winter holiday has basically started, and next week will be free. Let's hope I manage to do anything productive. >_>;

Last Thursday, as I was about to leave school, I took a look over some typography assignments pinned onto the walls in the hallway. Apparently the students were using those...aphorisms? In any case, those things can be rather annoyingly bland sometimes. Or worse, overused.
There was one I hadn't seen before thought:
A true friend stabs you in the chest.
...Hee. :D

Friday was spent travelling, as usual, and today was spent doing nothing but reading and eating, also as usual. Except I visited the library with my mother. And helped her by peeling and cutting potatoes.

As I was slicing them and cursing the knife, she suggested I use the cheese slicer instead. Which I promtly managed to grate my thumb with. :'9

Tomorrow, visiting a friend, and then on monday...DENTIST~ o_o;
The dentists working there are always very nice, but I fear my teeth will be in an embarrassing state once again. Also, there WILL be stuff to fix. Oh noes, oh noes...I hope it doesn't hurt much this time. >_>;
I always take the local anesthesia because I can't take the pain, only sometimes it doesn't work at first. ^_^;


Oct. 7th, 2008 09:43 pm
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Hey, [ profile] ginnyvos? You out there?
Since I can't catch you on MSN...
Remember that time I we babbled about that cracky Ouran/Little Mermaid (a la Disney) crossover? In which Kyoua was the "bad" guy?
Anyway, doesn't this remind you a bit about that? :3
I mean, flaming cute bats while looking scary is a bit evil at least...>3>;

wait what?

Sep. 2nd, 2008 10:46 pm
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I just scraped the skin of my finger. On rye bread. Judging from the taste it's pretty fresh, even. *munches happ...vengefully. Try skinning me now, ha!*
Where did my dad get this? XD a dwarf bakery in Discworld?
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< random>
- Dress up as an actor in a silent film and take photos.
- Scan bits of old Moomin comics (but I can't choose, it's all so awesome D:...and my scanner is being...difficult =_=* *glares*)
- Draw something. Like more Saiyuki ponies, or something cracky for [ profile] capslocksaiyuki
Or maybe try drawing Jeeves & Wooster fanart (because, shiny new fandom, ee ¤_¤), but where would I even start that, I ask you? :/
</ random>
Instead, I'll go for a walk, the sunset is calling. ^__^

My watch fell yesterday, just as I was going to leave work, and I thought I'd lost it for good. Since I've had this watch since I can remember I was pretty sad and angry about it.
Of course, this morning I found it right away, from a place I'd looked at yesterday, even. :P
*relieved like whoa*
Now I think I won't be as sad if/when it finally stops working. :'D


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