Mar. 27th, 2013

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No uni this week so I should be working on the Benton/Yates fic but. It hasn't happened yet. Bit troubled over that I recently (after coming up with the plot) found a fic with them on teaspoon that also has bonding via wondering in wilderness. Course, other things happen in my story as well but... :/
Also feeling generally stuck on the plot, as it's supposed to be twisty and clever and I have... very little so far.

After the exam on friday, I tried to finish [identity profile] / [personal profile] regndoft's birthday gift on saturday which... was a bit overambitious. But I succeeded! Almost!
Made crotcheted/amigurumi dolls of Third Doctor and Delgado!Master, and then didn't have time/ forgot to take proper pictures so you get those later, perhaps.

Besides that, listened to several Big Finish audios while working on said dolls. The Sandman and Arrangements for War with Six and Evelyn, The Harvest with Seven, Ace and Hex, The Scorchies and The Doll of Death with Jo Grant and Shadow of the Past with Liz Shaw (and I also listened to Blue Tooth a few days back).

Then I went over to user name=regndoft>'s place where I wasn't supposed to stay too late... and I stayed only until seven! On the next day. Anyway, we watched Reign of Terror and Colony in Space. And argued over best method to cook noodles (to be fair, more a matter of taste, I just liked them just on the good side of undercooked and hers is the opposite view)

(spoilery) thoughs about all of the above under cut. Except the noodles (although M., the sesame oil makes them much better, we should have used it after all) )

Moving on to serials... )

Now, I think instead of doing any fic writing like I should I'll just... do a bit of drawing or something else. Right after I'm done painting my toenails sparkly lime green anyway. (edit: and I did)


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