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So I got home feeling a bit tired and miffed, and then 1)I'd gotten a package (from a person whose lj nick I can't now recall or if they even have one OTL) full of tasty things. ¤3¤ And a Silmarillion paperback (so pretty <3)

bragging pics )

Then I checked my email, and lost_spook had written Jago&Litefoot fic for a prompt I left at the Obscure & British comment fest, Devil in the Details, is this my second birthday or something???

Should be frantically studying for the home exam next week and/or writing my sixathon fic, but still feeling kind of noodley on responsibilities...

So I'm going to prattle on about hunting for Bessie coloured nail polish and squee over Benton and Yates and stuff instead )

Talking actual fics I need to write ASAP, I finally came up with a plot I like for one of my sixathon promts, and then realized it could also work as the plot of the fic I've tried to write before... except this is supposed to be gen at that other story is shippy.

Would it be bad if I wrote it so this could happen in the same verse but from a different perspective? So the ship stuff isn't there and not everything from the rest of the plot is revealed... But obviously it also needs to work as an individual story and dunno if that'll be possible?
Alternatively they could just be two variations of the same plot...?


Mar. 14th, 2013 04:37 pm
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Drive-by post before I start writing the seminar assignment because:

Results for the previous exam were put online and it was an A~ \¤3¤/
It was our first (and only in this course, I think) closed exam so I was kind of worried, especially before I did it. Eeeh. Now It's almost time to start the next home exam though. After the weekend anyway. :')

Meanwhile, just going to link this video because maybe someone on the flist missed it (or wanted to rewatch like I did)
We Didn't Start the Fire (fifty years of fandom) by fiercynn and scribe
It's basically a fanvideo dedicated to fandom as a social concept. Makes at least me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

Favourite things: The sequence near the end with all these female characters kicking ass and being awesome (Ace was there yay~ And others), The Master being Richard Nixon (eheheh) and generally spotting fandoms I know and love, even some smaller ones. *nod* I might just have to watch it again before getting started on work. >3>;
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I tried to make a hat post but... Photobucket was especially uncooperative so no go. Continuing the search for other hosting programs.

Meanwhile, just watched Arc of Infinity so I'd be prepared for a livestream of the commentary version, and.

hopefully short commentary under cut. Ok mostly just flailing about Nyssa and Tegan and their OTPness )
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Watched The Snowmen with my sister today, and it was... pretty? Didn't get any intense feelings for or against otherwise. Bit concerned the big mystery on the new companion is going to turn out another circular plot a'la River, but nyeh. Richard E. Grant was lovely to see but didn't really do that much, not that there was time for it, I suppose. Made me miss Shalka!verse mostly...(fiiiiiiiiics~)

Now let's talk about Classic who instead. ¤3¤/

Continued to corrupt my sister by making her watch a few serials before Christmas while I was finishing last minute gifts and could sit by and point out stuff. So we watched Horns of Nimon, The Daemons and The Five Doctors (the last more or less her pick after I'd mentioned it). The Deamons is still such an adorable silly episode. Oh Master, you and your wacky hobbies. He must have been so excited he found some use for the sacrificial maiden robe that came with the Satanic Priest Set after all. *headshake*

Most importantly, however, I watched the rest of Mind of Evil the night before last. MY FEELS.
flailing about serial/UNIT era in general under cut )


Feb. 9th, 2008 05:14 pm
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Cherry chocolate...did I mention it's dark chocolate

thank you Estonia >_<
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First. I promised to write something in the conversation meme ages ago, see, the story is in my head, but I just fail in writing it down. But I will...someday. I'm sorry. )':

A wonderful person posted scans from Saiyuki Reload Graffiti and daaamn. *explodes from overt squee*
I's all so shiny >_<
hiding the rest of the squee under cut :P )
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At relatives, borrowing my cousins computer...>3> but I must squee about my late-ish christmas gift. *cough* Squee! I now own Agatha Christie's The Big Four, yay :D.

That, if you don't know (how could that be) is the most unbelievable and cracked out Poirot story ever: Mysterious international conspiracies, danger, fake death, surprise has it all.

I have no taste, but love that book. ♥


Aug. 15th, 2007 11:16 am
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On a random note, I'm utterly addicted to the opening of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni I almost want to try to WATCH it after all...maybe >_>;. It's so mysterious and creepy ♥_♥ (and pretty)

I think that's the exact mood I would want my current story to have, if I could write it ¤_¤ *loves*


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