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I've mostly just been lying around these last... three weeks? And now I still need to read a book and some other texts and write the home exam before 18th, as well as do work applications for summer. And choose a Swedish bank to get an account at. >_>;

Meanwhile, I'm sad to be leaving home. Times like these, I kind of curse the fact that my best friend and family live in different countries. Even if they're somewhat close to one another. If it weren't for that darned Baltic Sea... well, they might not BE two countries. Or we might all live in Russia, who knows. Anyway, I'll miss them. Then again my mom is starting work tomorrow so maybe that'll remind me why I wouldn't want to live at home permanently (Small children. They are loud.).

Still, would be nice if I could visit more than once/twice a year, but these are the choices one has to make, I guess.


Mar. 9th, 2009 01:45 pm
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I need to get away from being stuck browsing my flist and get to buing some soup ingredients (mmm, souuup~ :'D EDIT: turned out very good btw *noms*). And then I WILL finish some fanart, dammit. AND scan stuff for school, shouldn't forget that =_=;

First, a random picspam. Scanned from Japanese Comicskers, Draw Anime and Manga Like Japan's Hottest Artists...what a name, eh =_=
But it has purty pictures, and actually useful info about how they were made etc...this is just a few pictures I liked from two of the artist's, thought >3>;
I feel a bit iffy about posting these thought obviously I've done worse so for clarifcation I have no right to the pics, just scanned them from the book >//>;
laadilaa, cut to pretty )

Oh, and something I actually made myself, thought it's been posted before...
I seem to recall photobucket resized a certain pic to a much smaller size, so here's that silly genderswitch pic Except you can actually see the details :D
Gojyo still looks weird, but Hakkai is so pretty~ >3>~♥ WTH I drew this lol :'D
I wonder if anyone ever noticed those partially seen posters in the background. :3
Note, the one on the right...not actually Kougaiji as someone thought, it's an older poster...*teehee* I'm half tempted to draw them properly some time. >3>
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So, winter holiday has basically started, and next week will be free. Let's hope I manage to do anything productive. >_>;

Last Thursday, as I was about to leave school, I took a look over some typography assignments pinned onto the walls in the hallway. Apparently the students were using those...aphorisms? In any case, those things can be rather annoyingly bland sometimes. Or worse, overused.
There was one I hadn't seen before thought:
A true friend stabs you in the chest.
...Hee. :D

Friday was spent travelling, as usual, and today was spent doing nothing but reading and eating, also as usual. Except I visited the library with my mother. And helped her by peeling and cutting potatoes.

As I was slicing them and cursing the knife, she suggested I use the cheese slicer instead. Which I promtly managed to grate my thumb with. :'9

Tomorrow, visiting a friend, and then on monday...DENTIST~ o_o;
The dentists working there are always very nice, but I fear my teeth will be in an embarrassing state once again. Also, there WILL be stuff to fix. Oh noes, oh noes...I hope it doesn't hurt much this time. >_>;
I always take the local anesthesia because I can't take the pain, only sometimes it doesn't work at first. ^_^;
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I cooked fish on my own for the first time ever, and it turned out yummy. :D
And it was just cheap frozen cod as well! With cheap green curry paste and pepper
Mm, curry fish...and french fries so unhealthy omg
Since then, however, I have completely wasted all of today (after leaving school early as well, the teacher said it was okay thought oh the hedonism) by reading fanfic.

Well, at least it was good fanfic. Ahem. Tintin slash fanfic even, hee! ...what? pfft, my childhood is JUUUST fine, thanks. :D
I'll...finish that Good Omens fanart tomorrow. No, really. :3
damn all those dratted books in the background anyway
<-EDIT: ha! inked. :P

hn, could live without all this coughing *winded*. Also what's up with the regular nosebleeds not like that!?
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So, [ profile] valentine_smut posting are soon...I think. Could be wrong. In any case...

...I'm all nervous, aagh. >_memes? (EDIT: nevermind, got one :D) Drabble prompts?

Maybe I should try to write those Hetalia ideas. :/

Btw, was travelling home on Friday the thirteenth...and everything went perfectly smoothly. Even got to wait for the second (and last) train in a nicely carm cafe with a cup of hot tasty (spicy!) tea...=3= ♥ kinda expensive tea, but I'm ill, so I have an excuse. :9
With a great view to boot, and sunlight! :D

From [ profile] rroselavy.
Association Meme: Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

My five things, not expecting anyone to read all this babble XP )
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So, English presentation went reasonably well...Meaning afterwards I felt like I'd just babbled inanely, and then the teacher went all "so good!" and I almost blushed. Eh. >//>

Also, I worked on another assignment from 2 pm to 8! And still had to cheat by upping the font size to 13 and narrowing the textframe to get it even anywhere near the minimum of 6 pages. Woe. ;_;
...but, I'm beyond caring. =_=

Also, I need to cook something because I...think I last ate at school at eleven? Uups.
Why aren't I actually that hungry? Stupid illness is killing my appetite. :'3 haha, I wish

Aaand roommates very smelly cooking comes to save the day, because I can actually smell it! :D
*iz drawn towards ze kitchen~*
and on today's menu we had )

Oh, one more thing! Was struck by this Hetalia fic idea today...specifically a Finland/Sweden idea...but I don't understand how Sweden talks, oh noes! ...right, I should go read parts of Hetalia in which he appears. Yup. Gonna go do that then. After the food.
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It is misses Impulse and (...what was your name again? Responsibility? ...Nevermind.) again.

R: Now, we're going to go home and do some work!
I: ...Just the English presentation, isn't that enough?
R: How about no? >:/
I: We'll see about that...>3>;

So, wish me luck. If I can get assignment two done by Friday I get to go home for the weekend, you see. :'3


Feb. 3rd, 2009 05:56 pm
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Actually read some the other night.
First Fumi Yoshinaga's Don't Say Anymore, Darling.
Which reinforced my previous idea of what this mangaka does, which is that their work is oh so good but, unfortunately, occasionally quite HEARTBREAKING.
Haven't read enough to say for sure, but this collection certainly was both. ;_;
Well, to be fair the first story had a good old traditional happy ending (is that a spoiler :3), and the last (which had my fave main character btw *commiserates with MY ART IS PHAIL OMG ;_; feelings, and also the NO ONE WANTS ME feelings. :9*) was sort of frustrating D:...hopeful?
If not romantically, at least no one died? XP

Then I was feeling all twitchy because of the TRAGIC and decided to read Saiyuki Reload vol.9, since I figured it couldn't make me feel any less inclined to sleep at that point.
Better cut around this time :P )
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[Error: unknown template qotd]

Tyyppi. =_=
In Finnish that's a colloquial term for person (officially it means "type")
I tend to use it as a gender neutral term, which seems to confuse most people who consider it to imply a male person. I still refuse to believe it, thought :'9

I also occasionally get reminded of once calling carbonated water "kuplavesi" that is, bubble water. Mind you, I knew the correct words (kivennäisvesi ja vichyvesi), they just felt so awkward to pronounce. :<

Whereas family insider speak... )
On second thought, stuff I meant to say earlier... )
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I feel like writing about various fandom related wibbles.
what to do, what to do... )
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Happened to meet [ profile] s0hmam0miji on MSN just before I intended to go to sleep yester...early today and...well, just so you know, I did wake up on time after all. :P

Then fell asleep again. XD
But I was only late a little bit, anyway ;P
I'm still happy we got to talk again! :D ♥

It's really cold here right now, when I left home in the morning it was like my face was burning. It hurt. D:
Still better than too hot weather, imho. >_>.

I need to find nice and inexpensive headphones somewhere. The ones on my MP3 died yesterday, or rather, half of them did. Mono headphones just aren't the same, you know. :'D

EDITness: Got the headphones, and this electricity divider thingy. Don't have enough sockets under the desk.
And then I happened to thre used bookstore/comic store (ah, the wonderful smell of old books ♥)
Bought Kohtalon portti (orig. Postern of Fate) by Agatha Christie, which is a Tommy and Tuppemce story I haven't read, and vol.4 of Yotsubato. :)
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Bad thing: I've gotten a rather nasty flu, and have to travel back to Kouvola today, which is 1)Slightly wearying even when I'm healthy 2)There will be no one there to pamper me. *wibble*
Then again, after next week we won't have school for another week.

(other) Good things: On the other hand, I found out about the existence of [ profile] nitro_dressing. Relatively no strings attached roleplay? Count me in. ¤_¤/ and finally I get to use certain journals again. :D


Sep. 1st, 2008 09:59 pm
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So, back in Kouvola, in the new apartment. It has less space, view and notoriety than the last one...but at least I have a roommate. Two in fact, but there's been no sight of the other one yet. EDIT. Just met her and she seems very nice as well. *^__^*
AND my internet started working right away. Huzzah. :D
On the downside, it's also as cold as the last place was (are they saving energy, perhaps?)

Room has sort of pink-ish walls. Like salmon pink?
Still need to get some nails and...stuff to pin my posters to the walls. I wonder if I should put the Saiyuki posters on the actual walls or somewhere out of sight. ^_^;
Actually have extra bookshelf space, since I couldn't be bothered to drag lots of books with me, just all of Saiyuki couldn't be separated of that now could I? which Claus the bunny is guarding dutifully, and a few others. Oh well, therer's always the library.

Book squee

Aug. 27th, 2008 04:44 pm
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What with distractions *eyes lj meaningfully* I don't read nearly enough books these days. However, some authors make me find the time...therefore, right now I'm reading Gwyneth Jones's Rainbow Bridge.
why others should read these books as well, IMHO )


Feb. 18th, 2008 11:43 pm
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Just have to say how much I love the second chapter of this. Second time reading it, and, guh ♥ *melts into a puddle of happiness*

I've heard people call the drawing style crude (which it maybe is, compared to much manga?), but I really like it anyway. Then again I sometimes don't like pictures I feel are too cute and/or pretty, for some reason...they just feel cold, too often >_>.
This makes me wonder once again if a very polished drawing/painting style really makes pictures less emotionally affecting, or if that's just me. It probably is a matter of taste, I suppose.
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Sunshine today, yay :D so that's what it looked like, I'd forgotten. Yet.

Headlines, cabable of ruining your day whenever (for free!) :D
Today's brilliance: Big headline:
"happy valentines day"
and below that "The death of a soldier had the barracks in tears."
Well gee, happy valentines day to you as well, carrion bird.

Incidentally, if you were writing a totally cracky AU fanfic, would you use the original names of the characters, choose other ones that fit the setting better OR mangle the original names?

At school I had photoshop basics class...and then the other photoshop basics class ;) (this is actually a great arrangement, if you ask me). In the second one we learned how to edit out wrinkles and pimples an generally prettying up images of people. Very nifty, and surprisingly simple...why do I only learn these things now. D:
(Here's an example of my work in the other class. The assignment is only to make something impossible, using different techniques. Before you ask, I was going for surreal...but it ended a bit more creepy than I meant. Uups.

more babble, and a piece of cracky fanart. As a bait. >:D )
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Got some surprise free time since a teacher is on sick leave. I shouldn't be so happy that someone is sick, but...extra free time, yay :D

It's weird how drawing a character makes a person all squueful over them...but can't talk about that too much yet, it's a secret :3.
Sketched quite a lot (non secret stuff too) yesterday, thought I still can't decide if this saiyuki/assorted multicultural fairytales thingy is just too cracky in the bad way =_=; see that stop me from doing it :'(
I kind of want to draw chibies, but am out of ideas *meaningful look?*

Anyway, you'll never guess what I saw today :D The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya doujinshi.
Yaoi doujinshi, in fact. With tentacles. why yes, I am a perv
Now, this happens to be a series where I really rather adore the canon romance between Kyon and Haruhi (it's so cute and she totally tops) but then again...well Kyon and Itsuki had some moments that pinged, shall we say? *cough*evil!Kyon*cough* >3> *whistles~~*
Who says one can't be flexible with even OTP:s, hm?


EDIT: I noticed a horrible problem...macavitykitsune, don't click this cut )
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Last night there was an almost a full moon when I walked to the apartment. Improved my mood after a boring time in the train...Today I woke up nicely in time too AND the grumpy teacher actually approved of my teams web-page plan. :D tomorrow is going to suck, right? *superstitious*
Went to check the library's collection of books on fashion history, borrowed one which has pictures from a Sears catalog from 1909-1920, will attack the cuteness with a scanner some time...
Also been watching more Lovely Complex, which is still made of aww.

Wrote a bit of fic earlier, but I kinda dislike the result :P
[ profile] s0hmam0miji, take your kou-tachi plotbunnies back please D: not really. mine >:D *hogs*

Good night. I'm going to sleep now~ ¤_¤
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First, a question: Are Hakkai's eyes a different color in his youkai form?
Yes, I am too lazy to find out myself...>_>;

In other news, I finally unpacked my new vacuum cleaner :D and used it too.
I hope no-one was trying to sleep at 10pm >3>...oh well, houserules say silence at 11 pm, so...eheh. Model is apparently called Turbo Z and displayed no quirky annoying habits on first try through. Goody.

Yesterday morning I was listening to Restless Farewell by Bob Dylan, and it struck me as a very Gojyo song. So later I tried to draw him...if only the damn kappa could have not kept becoming too lewd looking ):<
It didn't work out, so I tried to draw something else, and then...
Fairytale!plotbunny 2: *tugs at sleeve* Hey, Hey miss? Please write me? I'm cute and have drawingz too! See!
Me: Um...well, maybe...
F.plotbunny 1: You said you'd write me first! I have a plot already. And dragons. That other one is totally childish anyway...*growls*
F.pb 2: D': What about the kappa?!
Me: Argh...You both look untrustworthy and insane, haelp D:
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And now for the post I didn't have time to do yesterday now or never!.
First, I forgot one question from the meme a while ago: Who would make a better college professor, 6 or 11? In my case that makes Koumyou or While Koumyou might make an interesting professor, would he actually bother to appear to lectures, I wonder? Whereas Dokugakuji seems more like he would teach younger children. =_=

subject continues, cut for RL )


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