Nov. 13th, 2013 04:04 pm
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Taking part in the Good Omens Holiday Exchange and while the deadline is 30th, I looked at my schedule today and realized I should get at least most of the writing done this week before I get busy with various things. Now quietly panicking. Also not sure what to do about beta either, presuming I can get through the writer's block in the first place... ;o_o;

(If anyone might be willing, this will be Crowley/Aziraphale endgame with some Aziraphale/OFC. Maybe. JSYK)

*cries* (Why did I think I could write this prompt. Why did I think I can write. Why.)
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While I'm taking a break from writing for food (and then also my mom calling on skype)

Update on sixathon fic: Almost 2K and about half way through (I hope). Might not be done today but hopefully tomorrow or at least by end of the week. *wince*
Might anyone be willing to give it a quick beta once it is done?

Also, wondering about how military/unit titles work. If Brig is retired, is he still Brigadier? Also, how about Yates, who was quietly discharged, is he just Mr. after that?
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I realized time has gotten away from me and I really need to start thinking seriously about that unconventionalcourtship fic that is due on... 11st of April. (My home exam is due on 22th of this month. As is my best friend's birthday. At least she'll understand if her gift is late. Also I'm sick. Dammit body.)

Anyone feel up to possibly beta reading a Yates/Benton fic of yet unknown length? At what might end up being kind of last moment if I actually do manage to write it?

Edit: If you were going to have a semi-secret evil science research center at a remote place in Wales, whereabouts would you situate it?


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