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Jan. 17th, 2014 04:54 pm
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Printed and returned the faux candidate exam, then realized I forgot to register on the new course starting on Monday. Got a notification on the 8th that the register had to be done 13-15th and made a notification of that on my cellphone but... Didn't get it for some reason.

So, now I found out on Monday if I'll be able to take the course, depending on someone on a reserve place turning it down.

If not, I'll have to notify the people who pay my study support to stop that, notify uni I'm taking a break from studies and then either find work here or go home to Finland until next autumn, at least.
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Decided to travel home for Christmas, will arrive right before the eve and stay for a couple of weeks.

Kind of despairing getting any Christmas presents done to even a few people because I have no time left over for crochet, really. :/

Also, almost done with the good omens exchange fic, only one+ weeks late (have until end of this week... anyone willing to speed-beta it? :') As usual, sex scenes are the worst.

What else... fandom things:
- Saw The Day of the Doctor with some friends and a theater full of Swedish Whovians. Some things made me huff and roll my eyes, but overall it was fairly ok, the bits that didn't feel like a generic action movie anyway. Was ready to dislike Hurt!Doctor and then he was the best, gdi *shakes fist* (also, tintin hair). Also maybe it was seeing it with so many other people who seemed to enjoy even the bitsI didn't but... I kind of reached this acceptance that this might not be my preferred sort of Doctor Who but it is the one we're getting in this time. And maybe someday it'll change again if it keeps going, which, why not?

- About a week later, saw Sylvester McCoy. In Real Life. Should make a longer post about that someday but I'm still not really recovered. Also still not able to believe he is actually a real person. Bwaah.

- Watched Image of the Fendahl. Great dramatic tension and Leela continues to be perfect enough to make me grudgingly accept Four's... Fourness. Wanda Ventham (lady who plays the scientist who gets taken over by the Fendahl, and is also Benedict Cumberbatch's mom) is cute and seems like a sweetie on the making of documentary (like when she mentions being surprised how pretty her fellow male actors were x3). Meanwhile Adam Colby is the sassiest bby and the homoerotic tension between him and Max Stael is a thing of beauty as well. It's not even UST, more like "used to sleep with this guy and he is tttly evil but ohmg so hot"-tension. x3

- Also made people watch Star Trek: The Motion Picture with me. Impossibly, it was more tedious and the costume design more drab than I recalled. Still, we managed to have some fun with at least parts of it. I think.

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Sort of tempted to sign up for a fic exchange of some kind, either the Good Omens Holiday Exchange or Yuletide but... not sure it's a good idea with all the uni work and my lingering writer's block. Does it even count as that if it's lasted for over a year? Also not sure how Yuletide works/if there are any fandoms there I could write. >_>

Last day of the first course of Ethnology II was today, just need to edit three papers before friday morning. When we also have the intro for the next bit which will be empirical practice if I'm not mistaken. Hoping for archives rather than having to look for people to interview. Also apparently the target will be an area in the city that was previously a slaughterhouse district...? Which does not sound super interesting but we'll see.

The funny thing about studying in this field (ethnology and sociology and probably to some extent a lot of humanist fields) is that (if so inclined) you can use it to get a glimpse at the structures that aim to make you miserable. Even if I sometimes feel a bit ridiculous using course literature to dissect my own feelings. But I reckon one uses the tools one has, and sometimes it's nice to get a bit of distance to things.

Still sick, but at least I got some painkillers today so I'll be able to sleep when I want to. Last night I rolled about until 3am before I found one last ibuprofen. And then had to wake up at seven, but better some sleep than none. :P


Apr. 3rd, 2013 05:51 pm
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Slept late, for once had no stressful dreams and woke up feeling nice. And one of the books I was worried about arrived today so I just need to get up early tomorrow and I'll have time to read at least part of tomorrow's text for the class discussion.

Was lured outside today by my landlady with cinnamon roll and juice, and it was actually warm enough to sit out, to my surprise. Worked on latest hat, which is purple and fluffy with a raised pattern ( based on this pattern ) Might be called cable columns in English?

I've thinking about what to do with these rolls (or half, if I don't decide to take apart what I've done with them so far) of giant acrylic yarn that I'm not sure I want to make anything wearable out of due to them having a sort of chemical smell. I mean, maybe washing will help, but egh. So I'm thinking a pillow or a plush animal of some sort? Sea monster, they have that sort if colours.

What do you say, should I make a snake/lizard type monster or a giant octopus? :9

Meanwhile, it amuses me that one side of the tiny lawn beneath the veranda still has a snowdrift and on the other there are first flowers...

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to [personal profile] regndoft aka. [identity profile]!

sorry I'm still working on your present and card OTL.
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Mar. 14th, 2013 04:37 pm
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Drive-by post before I start writing the seminar assignment because:

Results for the previous exam were put online and it was an A~ \¤3¤/
It was our first (and only in this course, I think) closed exam so I was kind of worried, especially before I did it. Eeeh. Now It's almost time to start the next home exam though. After the weekend anyway. :')

Meanwhile, just going to link this video because maybe someone on the flist missed it (or wanted to rewatch like I did)
We Didn't Start the Fire (fifty years of fandom) by fiercynn and scribe
It's basically a fanvideo dedicated to fandom as a social concept. Makes at least me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

Favourite things: The sequence near the end with all these female characters kicking ass and being awesome (Ace was there yay~ And others), The Master being Richard Nixon (eheheh) and generally spotting fandoms I know and love, even some smaller ones. *nod* I might just have to watch it again before getting started on work. >3>;
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So this week has been somewhat tiring (with uni on all days except one that I spent writing job applications instead) but at least I got to visit Skansen on a class trip on Tuesday. Been wanting to go there for a while but haven't had a chance. Really need to go back with more time when I can afford it because it's a huge area (and maybe even some company if I can interest one of my local friends?).

Skansen is a outdoor folk culture museum started in 1890s by Artur Hazelius. Typical buildings from different parts of Sweden were moved to the museum and restored and furnished as "authentically" as possible. They also have had/have animals, some traditional Swedish farm animals and others more wild/exotic.

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iow university and Doctor Who and other films.

University: Had the (first non-home) exam on Thursday, think it might have gone ok at least. Only blanked out completely on one author's name I wanted to refer to, and he wasn't super important. Then, yesterday we had the introduction to the next part, which is going to be about the old Swedish farmer society and how it changed 1800s-1900s. Seems a lot more interesting than the the first part so yay.

Films: After that I visited [personal profile] gluecookie and we watched A Midwinter's Tale/In the Bleak Midwinter, a film I'd seen half of years ago on tv and could never find after. I happened to mention my fruitless efforts to [personal profile] gluecookie and she and her family actually went and hunted down a DVD. \¤3¤/ And yes, it was even better than I remembered. Then we also watched Seeds of Death, more on that later.

Let me talk more about AMT first )

Moving onto Seeds of Death somewhat spoilery account )
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I never did get around to doing much exam note making on sunday, but on monday I was invited to eat left over party food and watch Doctor Who at a friend's place so I was suddenly super motivated to do as much as possible so I could go there. And I did get almost as much done as I'd planned.

We watched Attack of the Cybermen which was ok (eeh Sixie ♥), and Battlefield which I loved even more the second time. Previously I missed Ancelyn actually proposing...! Bbies. :'D Also almost cried at a certain scene with the Doctor and Morgana at the end. Because it was just so poignant.

cut because mildly freaking out about some stuff )

To counter all that, hopefully I'll again have some time to be crafty, and since I think I promised ages ago to post some craft photos and never did...

mostly hats and rolls of yarn )
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Currently in the denial stage of preparing for the exam. Or rather the "I really need to start going through the questions. Today. At some point."-stage.

Anyway, yesterday I just spent the whole day reading fic and generally wasting time on the internets.
Made an unexpected find of several quite nice Basil the Mouse Detective fics. Ah, the childhood nostalgia.
some recs because why not? )

Yesterday I also did some pondering on the unconventionalcourtship fic, and thought of some villains that could be behind the plot. It seemed kind of boring just making them evil, so I made them somewhat sympathetic instead. And then as I thought on it further, I realized they were breaking my heart. Dammit. THIS WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN. : I (Am now torn between a tragic/more hopeful ending for them...)
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(This might be really boring, but the thoughts want out.)

We had an assignment where we traveled to certain selected stations on the Stockholm underground and observed them from a class perspective. The assignment and discussion in class afterwards also touched on our own class background and how it affects our perception of different places.

This was interesting to me because growing up I never really developed any conscious idea of class. Probably because I lived in the same area until after upper secondary and was essentially part of the "normal" there. Lower middle class I suppose, if I had to set a word to it?

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As mentioned before, started Ethnology I last monday, and our first seminar is next wednesday, and is supposed to be 3 hours fieldwork + 2-3 pages text on "waiting". And the two hour discussion, of course. I didn't realize at first that we're also expected to do interviews, though.

So, talking to strangers who might already be in a bad mood/think I was selling something/other awkwardness? I'll just be. Shaking over here.

on that and wait this book costs what? )

EDIT: Ended up working on a new CV and job application because they're urgent. I think this is the first time I don't feel super anxious (only a little) about doing this, because it's actually a job I'm really interested in? Funny that. Still need to eat now before I tackle the letter again though.
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(Note: crossposting failed yesterday.)
Today my museology class was visiting The Ethnographic Museum to discuss repatriation questions.*

There were four people working at the museum who gave short presentations on the subject to us first, then we walked around in the museum and later had a discussion. Now, one of the speakers kind of... made me a bit uncomfortable from the start because he spoke in this loud, sort of barky way and kept hitting his fist against the podium. But I dismissed it as irrelevant.

And then in the discussion the subject of (often unethically acquired) human remains and racial biology came up, and suddenly this aforementioned guy started foaming at the mouth over how the study of skull forms and using them to identify origins of people etc has "nothing to do with racism!" Um, WHAT?

I'm not an expert but this sounds inaccurate )
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Been taking part in this lovely Doctor Who friending meme, and, um, welcome to the flist?
EDIT: It occurs to me this kind of derailed from being a proper introduction of any sort, so might do a proper one later when I'm not all loopy from being tired. :'D

I've been neglecting posting so not sure where to start... general update? And also pet photos )
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Museology studies have been... progressing. Today I both checked my grade for the previous installment and started on the second's exam thesis, which says something about the pace of things. :P Despaired over that a bit a while ago but eh, still hanging on. Even if OTHER things I should have done have been falling to the wayside a bit. Oh, and I got an A in the last exam (from A-E and F for a failing grade), so that wasn't so bad I guess.

Besides that, have been crotcheting berets. So far, one succesful round one for me, and still working on a square topped one. That one was modified from the pattern for the round, so first I had to learn to crotchet squares and then work out how I needed to modify the pattern so the walls came out satisfactory. Which meant unspooling everything many many times, but I MIGHT have it now. Maybe. Just started to narrow it down so we'll see. Now to figure out how to get measurements from people these are for... think I'll have to make it a non-surprise. Well, the what anyway, they won't know the colour. :3

Yesterday, I was rudely woken by a nasty dream about scary people attacking with motorcycles, and while stumbling out realized that the sun was just rising and everything had a pretty frost covering. So instead of falling back in bed I went out on the hill above the house where I live and took photos. I'd just found out there are some (probably viking age) stone mounds there, and I did indeed find them, as well as pretty pretty nature.
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Reading about the mining town Røros in Norway, which is a Unesco world heritage site. It's handling as a kultural object is a long story, starting with a famous author who was raised there and used his experiences in his writing, Johan Falkberget (1879-1967). When the mining activity began to wane in the early 1900s, tourism was seen as a survival strategy, but the definition of what was actually worth seeing... well.

At first, it was only the church and another building which were considered at all worth keeping, later, in 1020s five of the "common" houses were marked as such (funnily enough, these houses had earlier been portrayed by a painter and the paintings put up at the National Gallery in Oslo). One of these houses, regardless, was demolished and sent to Norsk Folkemuseum in Oslo, where they couldn't afford to built it up and it was left in pieces in a warehouse. On it's place in Røros, there was built a gas station.

As 1930s rolled on, the mining activity was stopped entirely, and Riksantikvariet found yet new interest in Røros, marking all of 80 houses as well as the old street views as kultural heritage. BUT, they felt the houses as they were just weren't "authentic" enough, so most of them were more or less taken down and rebuilt. As a result, the Røros of today is perhaps very pittoreque, but not very authentic at all.

Now, guess what happened to that house sent to Norsk Folkemuseum, Per Amundsagården? They'd never gotten to building it up, but in 1970s the 20s gas station was demolished, and Per Amundsgården was sent back and built to it's original site, ironically as one of the best preserved buildings in the town, having been sent away before it was "preserved".

Meanwhile at the Norsk Folkemuseum, on the site where Per Amundsagården had originally supposed to have stood, the museum built a... 1920s gas station. xD
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We'll see how long it lasts.

Today I went to the university where myself and [profile] taiyou_to_tsuki took part in the orientation day at Stockholm University (I got a fancy uni tote bag! Really needed one of those anyway...). We mourned the lack of properly geeky student societies and wondered what it would take to start one. >3>

Then went to my place with the plan to watch the latest Doctor Who episode, but since it had been deleted everywhere watched Mark of the Rani instead. The Rani is just. Awesome ¤3¤
It's a crime she only appears in two episodes, one of which is... well, not perfect but entertaining and the other is just rather bad all around. :'3

Either way, MOTR had Six and Ainley!Master being a five-year old and messing up poor Rani's plans totally for no real reason. At which she was hilariously not impressed. I feel for her, having to deal with those two and their antics. :'D
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We went to various locations at Adelsö, which is an island in the Lake Mälaren. Our guide was an archaelogist, who had actually found some of the things on the sites we visited, and had very definite theories on things he talked about, which I'm going to take with a grain of salt (though they were quite convincing theories, as far as I can tell).


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I just found out I got accepted to Stockholm University to study a museology program. In Swedish which... we'll see if/how well I'll be able to handle that. But I did get accepted so. Yay. It'll be my biggest adventure so far, for good or bad.

The family's reactions ranged from "oh, nice :Db" to "but what are you going to do about a place to live over there?" Mom, can't I just feel relieved for one evening, jeez :I (also no hugs. I kind of wanted a hug. :'3)

Anyway, I'm just going to be freaking out over here. Half of me is still afraid I missunderstood somehow or something will stop me going later. *knocks on wood*


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