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Visited M. today to have Easter Dinner with her and her family, took some pictures of the dolls I made earlier (v. dorky ones too...) and then we watched the aforementioned serial and many UNIT bbies feels were had. But it was 1)Not as heartbreaking as I feared (or it helped that I could cling to M. when the feels hit me 2)Better overall than I expected too. I mean, the dinosaurs were a bit clunky but it made them a bit cute actually. And the beginning was actually nicely suspenseful, and then there was one scene that was very The Birds-esque.
not that long or spoilery but I'll cut anyway )

And then some pictures of my Three and Delgado!Master dolls
Starting with some process pics )

Silly picture story )
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Title: The Grasshopper And The Ant, Saiyuki Style
(so to say)
Artist: Some day, it might be someone else. But not today :)
Notes:It's all [ profile] soliandxpyne's fault, for in their latest brilliant Saiyuki character's temperament post it was written:
"Keirsey and Bates describe the SP and SJ temperaments as complements, and bring up Aesop’s fable of the ant and the grasshopper as a classic example of the reciprocity of this relationship: Ant encourages Grasshopper to get off his ass and help him stock up for the coming winter; Grasshopper counters that Ant should take it easy and relax with him, enjoying summer while it lasts. So of course winter comes and Grasshopper is SOL, while Ant is snug and well-provisioned. Grasshopper comes knocking on Ant’s door, and naturally, Ant lets him in because he loves Grasshopper too much to leave him at the mercy of his own poor life-choices. As K&B point out, “And so it is with SJs and SPs--they marry each other with high frequency and play out this eternal drama.”"
and I just had to draw that, didn't I? )

furthermore, haelp the dolls are eating my soul~DX )
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Had an Swedish test/essay today. Think it went as well as all of my essays, as in, could have been better if I tried checking my language harder, but otherwise pretty good. :P

Stage two, buying supplies )
First looked for materials at the fleemarket, where of course one has to look at everything else as well, what's the point otherwise.
Other things I found )
Walked home in the rain, got the classical shower from a bus driving by, etc...

Gyah, need to go eat something. Actually, I haven't eaten since morning. Weird~ =_=;
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So, my mom sent me a message that I've gotten post from Las Vegas yesterday.
Was that one of you guys? XD (if so, don't tell me what it is, I'll only get home on Friday...whee, fall vacation! :D)
Initials of the sender were apparently M and C, btw

But, before those curious news, I was at school, were my zodiac illustrations were quite liked. ♥
Talking about the school paper project. Somehow I've managed to end up with two illustration assignments, one (fake)add layout design, real work with actual articles. Which is my weakest area, really. :3
And I wasn't even trying to avoid it, I swear. XD
This might still change, but at least I've gotten to show my talents. And do work I really like. =3=/

We also had some lee time in the middle of the actual work, so I took the opportunity to google old circus posters for the other drawing I'm making for the magazine.
Then I ran into this article. Lenci dolls, what are those?
One thing I do know, they woke the old greed once again. XP
The ones with adult proportions are the worst...nyyah so pretty I'm actually almost in tears when I look at them. ♥
later I went to the library and scrolled throught approcimately five books about old dolls, after which I felt similar to having eaten too much candy. Eyecandy! :9 make...dolls...DX

One more thing about dolls. My collection currently consist of about two, which currently live in my sisters room. Last weekend I found out she'd covered them up, because they creeped her out. XD
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So, a while ago my brother showed me his Zen Stone Plus (with a speaker) I want one too.
The fact it doesn't need batteries is especially tempting, since my old MP3 player eats those at an annoying and costly rate (I'm a total music addict, I confess).
More importantly, it's Really pretty ¤_¤!
Also, I'm feeling very particular about the color and texture, so wish me luck on finding it at the shop next tuesday. :)

And yesterday I mentioned finding a new doll? Thought I should show you the two older ones too, along with some dragons ;)
I don't actually know much about them, except that they're almost certainly made in Russia.
doll picspam story )


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