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Tyyppi. =_=
In Finnish that's a colloquial term for person (officially it means "type")
I tend to use it as a gender neutral term, which seems to confuse most people who consider it to imply a male person. I still refuse to believe it, thought :'9

I also occasionally get reminded of once calling carbonated water "kuplavesi" that is, bubble water. Mind you, I knew the correct words (kivennäisvesi ja vichyvesi), they just felt so awkward to pronounce. :<

Whereas family insider speak... )
On second thought, stuff I meant to say earlier... )
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I'd also like to wish happy new year to people on the flist this might concern. :D

But yes, I would be a...rabbit, of course (one excuse reason for the username, you know ;) ). More precisely, a fire rabbit.
I've always wondered why the zodic sign is called "jänis" in Finnish, since that means hare and not rabbit at all =_=...but that's besides the point.

Does it fit? I suppose so...
Except for this part: "--their homes are always neat and organized." I clean my room when looking at the floor makes me nauseous, and no sooner. And my desk's natural state...Yup. There's bare room for the necessities, elsewhere CHAOS reigns supreme. :P

Otherwise..."prefer to avoid conflict". Check. Family=♥ Check. "--shy away from aggressive or competitive situations." Yup. Cultural stuff, yay. Risks, not so much.
"The desire for remaining in safe, comfortable environments keeps Rabbits from taking risks which sometimes causes them to miss out on good opportunities."
Quuuite possible >_>;.
etc etc.
Except: "Prone to tantrums, Fire Rabbits prefer to avoid conflict." Haha, indeed. At least if "tantrum" = Stalking away (kicking any doors/walls handily in the way) somewhere secluded to cry and tear at hair and such. Usually it actually calms me down thought.
Best places to angst, btw, are seldom used staircases, especially in older buildings that have these wide windowsills one can sit in and feel all romantically tragic. ^__^ ♥
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I'm rather shy about hugging even my best friends, so nay to the first, but yes to the second.
It was at my first convention (Tracon II, in 2006 I believe) and I was the only person there cosplaying Haku from Naruto. Got one or two hugs (glomps?), probably just for that. :P

First, I believe, was a girl dressed up as Sakura, and I also recall certain Naruto who claimed me as part of her "harem." Hugging was probably involved.
Ah, fun times. ¤3¤ *nostalgic sigh*
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Ah, once again with the automatic Finnish title. :)
Oh well, to the point, which is that that's just a silly question.
Obviously it needs to be a balanced mixture of the two, preferably with generally mild tastes. *nod*
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my second post today, I know...=_=;
me: *bored*
plotbunny of EVUL: *creeps up behind my back and STARES*
me: *shudder*...okay, what.
p.o.E: write me~ NOW
me: o_o; I-I've tried b-but...
p.o.E: *stares MOAR*
me: ;_; HAET

Meanwhile in the crack corner.
SO, two people are planning a themed party, and one is a complete innocent (albeit with a sense of humor) and the other is evil perverted completely shameless.

Ergo, we need a theme that's only dirty if one has dirt in the brain. Hm.


Dec. 27th, 2008 12:00 am
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You know that Minekura Kazyua Kink Meme...right, of course you do, stupid question.

So, I thought I'd try writing something. It'll be fun, I tell myself, it'll be an adventure!
Now, I'm woefully stuck on that story ( many days now?), and can't do anything else either because the unfinished plotbunny is bugging me.
Damn you, plotbunny, damn you.
shoot me now, please
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So, it's giving me the title in Finnish, eh? *shrug*
So, gross foods? )


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