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Reading Brother x Brother on [ profile] yaoi_daily's kinda nice.
In any case, the art is. :3
Eh gads, UNIFORMS x3x~ ♥
Guh )
Also this amuses me
Well hello to you as well annoyingly manipulative baddie guy France X'D

And that's all~
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Just a quick note to say I just found Renai Nenrei by Naono Bohra. Somehow I'd managed to miss it before despite being a big fan of the mangaka's work.

It's just...well, we have Hokuto, who is this grumpy, overreacting old guy (who only likes cute younger guys ukes...ahaha, we'll see about THAT X9) and asffhjdshfgh SO CUTE. :'D

And then we have Kuramoto, who's all smiles and politeness until suddenly...PWN you know, kinda like Hakkai. Sneaky. ♥
Did I mention they're both total dorks. It's so cute.

BTW, Can be found here
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I'm trying to decide whether or not to ink and color something for school, because on one hand it's getting kinda late in the magazine project, and then again...maybe I should show it to someone first. :/
Don't want to leave it hanging, thought, either.
EDIT: Inked, and I love it, hope it's received well by others too. o_o;
Also wonder if they will notice the horrid manga influence THIS time. X9

Also, the day before last I wrote some more James Bond/Saiyuki fusion fic...alas, I got stuck on how an enemy agent posing as a schoolteacher and our hero could meet for the first time. Hm.
Ideas? *cheap*

Oh, and this morning I found something delightful, an AU Naruto doujin, "And We...". Of the Naruto/Sasuke variety.
While doujin for that series and pairing has usually been a bit of...a disappointment, this was not.
For one, the characters are admittedly a bit different due to the AU setting, but no more than one could find conceivable if they didn't have had to get used to all the death and killing in a ninja's life (they're so happy...;_; ♥). Do you hear me, IN CHARACTERNESS. Woot. ¤_¤/
Ahah, the other pairing in it was a bit surprising (Yondaime Minato and Kakashi, huh?), but works okay. :3
Yondaime and Naruto are total dorks, btw. Aww...

Look, it's a link And another one to [ profile] yaoi_daily. >3>
read the rest of it and oh my... )
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Because this video...XD
Moomins + The Lord of the Rings = awesome, apparently, who would have thought.
(psst, vid is in english, despite the page being finnish. Don't know who made it, unfortunately :')

Amv Rec

Apr. 7th, 2008 07:19 pm
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If you know Death Note at all, you just have to see this video:It's like...DN, only starring SpongeBob. And awesome.
*is ded from lulz*

That said...Anne~? Do I really dare to post you-know-which pic? >_> *wibbles*
EDIT: YAYYYY I got an answer to my interview request, OMG so relieved fhzlöbzk *dances with joy, then drags herself to sleep already damnit*


Feb. 18th, 2008 11:43 pm
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Just have to say how much I love the second chapter of this. Second time reading it, and, guh ♥ *melts into a puddle of happiness*

I've heard people call the drawing style crude (which it maybe is, compared to much manga?), but I really like it anyway. Then again I sometimes don't like pictures I feel are too cute and/or pretty, for some reason...they just feel cold, too often >_>.
This makes me wonder once again if a very polished drawing/painting style really makes pictures less emotionally affecting, or if that's just me. It probably is a matter of taste, I suppose.
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On computer:
Things I found through yaoi_daily, or on scanlation sites I stumbled on following links from there.
Have particularly liked Tsuki to Mizu no Yoru ( ). A two volume shounen ai(ish) manga about water sprites, or kappa (squee, mythology!).
The art is very beautiful, a bit sketchy, just as I often like it the most. Many of the characters are children, and they really seem to behave rather like real children would (as far as I can tell). Overall, the stories have a rather subtle, a bit subdued and charmingly innocent mood. Just wish there were more...

Also rather liked Natsukashi machi no rozione
( rozione )
(which isn't shounen ai...gasp) since the art was pretty, and the stories were entertaining enough.

and then unto the squee-territory...and, if anyone is, for some unfathomable reason, actually reading this...gonna ramble about naruto from ch.306 onwards and saiyuki reload vol.3=spoilers? )


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