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First part
Title: *see title of post* XP
Artist: It's the M person
Warnings: Still one naked chibi. and...well, you'll see? ;P

Notes: Due to the popularity of the first part I was inspired to expand the story.
This is also where it starts owing even more to the Disney version. :P
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Jan. 13th, 2009 11:47 pm
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Title: No F***ing Place Like Home
Warnings: CRACK. Once again.
I want to leave the horror as something of a "surprise", but suffice to say Sanzo is dressed sort of lolita inspired-ly. Not in drag, mind you. He'd probably look manlier in drag. :P
Also, I find the picture a tad creepy. More so than was my intention, even...=_=;

Notes: Now, moe!Sanzo, don't look like that, I'm sure you're perfectly safe with those three...on second thought, here, have your gun back. Better now? ;3;
Oh, you call it Toto?

cut for the sake of the easily disturbed )


Jan. 12th, 2009 10:00 am
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Title: Not So Unrequited
Artist: Well...still me. =_=
Fandom/Pairing: Saiyuki, Kenren x Nataku
Warnings: There's nudity, and sex. And Nataku is...Nataku, and I'm not sure how old he is in canon.
Looks perhaps marginally older here, even if that perhaps tips this into the realm of AU.
Notes: This was my [ profile] yuletide_smut prompt, which was an altogether interesting experience. When I received the pairing, I was at first a bit uncertain how to tackle it, since I'd always thought of Nataku as a kid, and Kenren...well, not so much into that.
Then I reminded myself I shipper Roy Mustang and Edward Elric in FMA fandom, and to stop being such a hypocrite.
And if I'd been writing, there probably would have been more uncertainty on Kenren's part at least, and discussion on certain topics...alas, I didn't have the time to draw that much.

Besides that, I was drawing outright sex for the first time and hadn't drawn a comic in years (last time being at school. ELEMETARY school. Yep. =_=).
Hence...very interesting times. XD
I still feel a bit embarrassed about the result (I can't actually read it, for example :P), but I guess it's okay enough, considering.

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Title: *see title of post* XP
Artist: Me, once again.
Warnings: I went for as cutesy as possible, beware the sugar. Chibies. Naked Chibies, in fact.

Notes: [ profile] s0hmam0miji! Look what you made me do *glare* (Ahaha...♥)
BTW, the name thing was...well, I went to ask the aforementioned persion for a female name resembling Tom, and guess what her name happens to be! :'D

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Title: The Bride Of The Lindorm King a'la Saiyuki
Author/artist: I did it, illustrations and all. :9
Disclaimer: But not the characters, that was Kazyua Minekura. *bow*
Pairing: 85, everything else is implied very lightly at most.
Warnings: Hee, for once there are some :'D The usual sex, cursing like, once :9 and violence. A bit.
But also, AU, humor (I hope). Guys get mistaken as ladies, some without even trying...oh, and some people get a better more cliche ending than Minekura would ever write. I'm just a sap like that. >_>;

Notes: This is probably the longest fic I've ever written, so excuse the babble ^_^; *jitters*
I've tried to write it since sometime last year, but it took this long to get to the point where I could actually write it.
It started out as a fusion with a particular favorite fairytale of mine, The Bride of the Lindorm King. Somehow in the fic writing process the story got mangled pretty badly, thought. Now it's more like any generic fairytale parody. :9
Still, go read the original, it's much better writing than this fic here.

Betaread by [ profile] avierra and [ profile] clytemnaestra, who are pure awesomecakes. Thank you~! :'D ♥

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Title: The Grasshopper And The Ant, Saiyuki Style
(so to say)
Artist: Some day, it might be someone else. But not today :)
Notes:It's all [ profile] soliandxpyne's fault, for in their latest brilliant Saiyuki character's temperament post it was written:
"Keirsey and Bates describe the SP and SJ temperaments as complements, and bring up Aesop’s fable of the ant and the grasshopper as a classic example of the reciprocity of this relationship: Ant encourages Grasshopper to get off his ass and help him stock up for the coming winter; Grasshopper counters that Ant should take it easy and relax with him, enjoying summer while it lasts. So of course winter comes and Grasshopper is SOL, while Ant is snug and well-provisioned. Grasshopper comes knocking on Ant’s door, and naturally, Ant lets him in because he loves Grasshopper too much to leave him at the mercy of his own poor life-choices. As K&B point out, “And so it is with SJs and SPs--they marry each other with high frequency and play out this eternal drama.”"
and I just had to draw that, didn't I? )

furthermore, haelp the dolls are eating my soul~DX )


Oct. 24th, 2008 02:33 pm
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Huh, why's photobucket all pink/magenta suddenly *pokes*
But yes, fanarts as promised. Decided to post the shocking het pic first to get it over with ^_^;
What do you say, do I post the other one later today or...just later?

Title: Playing Doctor (*cough*couldn't resist*cough*)
Fandom/Pairing: Saiyuki, Yaone/Hakkai
Warnings: Disarrayed clothes? XD And a slightly suggestive pose, I suppose.

Notes:A loooong time ago someone (own up) on my friendslist wrote she wanted to see this pairing drawn, and while because it held no great interest to me at first, it seemed like an approriate challenge ;9
I'm afraid it shows I haven't been drawing a lot of women lately. Sorry Yaone... *chews on nails*
Oh my, nurse Hakkai, the patient appears to have a bad nosebleed! )
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Artist: As usual, the poster :P
Fandom, characters: Saiyuki, Hakkai and Gojyo (pairing lightly implied, if you wish)
Warnings: (implied)Nakedness, thought it's just in a bathtub, so pretty innocent. :P
Notes: For [ profile] sharpeslass, hope it doesn't disappoint too much.
Fluffy towels this way )


Sep. 9th, 2008 10:52 pm
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Title: Tango
Artist: Stalkerbunny aka. Maarit
Warnings: You know how tango can look, right? Nevertheless, they've got clothes on, so...*shrug*
Notes: Requested by [ profile] sharpeslass, inspired (right?) by a fanfic of the name The Tango by [ profile] kansouame. ^__^ (Sorry for Gojyo still having the shirt, the description of it lured me into drawing it...)
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Aug. 5th, 2008 07:23 pm
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Sorry about posting again today :3
It just came to my attention today's date just so happens to be Fift of August, 2008.
Fanart seemed...timely.
Artist: Stalkerbunny aka. Maarit
Fandom/Pairing: Saiyuki/858
Warnings: Naaw. Just a bit of snuggling.
Notes: This is done pretty fast, and it shows. >_>;
Title:Wake up red rose )
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Title: "Does this color suit me?"
artist: stalkerbunny
warnings: Does a kiss warrant a warning?
notes: Still playing around with the slightly unfamiliar markers :P
[ profile] lillypuff wished Tenpou and Kenren for her birthday, and I made some industrial espionage, trying to find out what she might like...don't know if that helped.
Anyway, added a few surprises, hope you like them. ^_~

Open the wrapping paper )
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Title: "My candy. Mine!"
artist: Maarit M aka. stalkerbunny
warning: silly, scanty costumes. Also note title, so watch for your brainsafety?
notes: It all started when I'd been looking at some old pin up images, and while being bored at school I decided I wanted to draw...costumes. Really flashy, gaudy and "sexy" costumes. Which was more fun when I had to consider also an elemental theme and how they would suit a particular character...
Alas, I wanted to draw women's costumes and my fandom of choice has few of those...:/

Fixed that ;D

My muses didn't inform me what kind of performance they actually have, thought I'm sure it's something fabulous. They did have some dialogue. I'll be evil and let you figure out who's who... >_>;
Also haven't used markers in a while, so I hope it doesn't look too rusty.

Magnificent Group Soleil! )


Jun. 3rd, 2008 09:11 pm
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Artist: Maarit aka. stalkerbunny
Warnings: Gojyo isn't wearing too's pretty tame thought.
Notes: Dedicated to [ profile] a_mael who had a birthday recently and asked for something sweet with Hakkai and Gojyo. I feel like I cheated a bit because I already had this sketched...but it seemed to fit the description ^_^;
This was unfortunately one of those works that was a pain to paint (for no particular reason, I just felt really clumsy that day =_=). So sorry if it's...mediocre. At best :/.
Edit: Almost forgot to say, the idea was sort of spawned by a discussion here
Title: Decisions, desicions... )


May. 27th, 2008 09:57 pm
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Title: The Goddess of Mercy
Artist: It is I, Maarit.
Warnings: Nyah. It might be Kanzeon, but I drew her with a bit less revealing clothes than usual (OOC! D:)
Notes: Art history is still boring frustrating, hence all the detail ;P
Respect )
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artist: me
fandom: Saiyuki (own not)
warnings: it's very silly?
notes: I wondered if this was too silly to post after recent events, but I hope it cheers you up, rather
This time I wasn't scribling in class so I had actual refernce, as much good as that perhaps did...*shrug*
title:my little gaiden )
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MUCH less serious :P

Title: Fruits of boredom. aka. Ponies!
Fandom: Saiyuki
Notes: We have a certain art history teacher. It doesn't seem to me we are getting taught anything I don't know or couldn't find out myself much more efficiently, and she...speaks. slowly. and...keeps. Pausing.
Aaarg D:<
So, because the course has no exam and to keep my sanity and nerves intact I spend my time sketching. ^_^;
what's more cutesy than chibies? )


May. 8th, 2008 10:47 pm
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Damn, almost missed the fact the date is 5.8.-08 today...phew.
Luckily I had some approriate stuff sketched. ^__^

Title: Ensnared
Fandom: Saiyuki (dun own)
Warnings: Ah, pretty tame but slightly suggestive.
Pairing: Heh, guess?
Notes: Look ma, no inking! That was probably a good idea, since I suck at inking anyways. :P
I actually have another very similarly themed work of the same I'll have to decide if it's worth finishing anymore. >_>

Catch me if you can )


Apr. 10th, 2008 11:36 pm
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artist: myself as usual
characters: Gojyo and Goku
notes: Um. [ profile] ginnyvos asked for character interaction *cough* with kitty Goku, and...I really wish it had turned out better. *sighs*

click the cut if you must )


Mar. 31st, 2008 10:36 pm
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artist: you know, right?
disclaim: I own very litle, and that doesn't include the Saiyuki characters here. ^__^
notes: Some more kitty!Gojyo as asked...and then I got carried away a bit. >3>

kittyart, the meal and some desserts :P )
psst. Anyone else want to give a plot to the last meme, or should I post the insanity already? :)
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Hope you had nice holidays (if you did, that is ^__^;)

title: Easter Story
artist/author : me...>_>;
fandom: saiyuki as usual
notes: I usually forget to say this, but I don't own these characters. It would be rather ridicilous to even think that wouldn't it...
This thing is pretty much an insult to the traditional meaning of easter, thought I suppose it could be worse. A lot worse, actually, considering the fandom...
Also, rather slapdash work, even by my standards. :P
psst. if a certain someone would like an icon out of any of these I'll try to make it later ^__^

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