Feb. 3rd, 2009 05:56 pm
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Actually read some the other night.
First Fumi Yoshinaga's Don't Say Anymore, Darling.
Which reinforced my previous idea of what this mangaka does, which is that their work is oh so good but, unfortunately, occasionally quite HEARTBREAKING.
Haven't read enough to say for sure, but this collection certainly was both. ;_;
Well, to be fair the first story had a good old traditional happy ending (is that a spoiler :3), and the last (which had my fave main character btw *commiserates with MY ART IS PHAIL OMG ;_; feelings, and also the NO ONE WANTS ME feelings. :9*) was sort of frustrating D:...hopeful?
If not romantically, at least no one died? XP

Then I was feeling all twitchy because of the TRAGIC and decided to read Saiyuki Reload vol.9, since I figured it couldn't make me feel any less inclined to sleep at that point.
Better cut around this time :P )


Feb. 18th, 2008 11:43 pm
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Just have to say how much I love the second chapter of this. Second time reading it, and, guh ♥ *melts into a puddle of happiness*

I've heard people call the drawing style crude (which it maybe is, compared to much manga?), but I really like it anyway. Then again I sometimes don't like pictures I feel are too cute and/or pretty, for some reason...they just feel cold, too often >_>.
This makes me wonder once again if a very polished drawing/painting style really makes pictures less emotionally affecting, or if that's just me. It probably is a matter of taste, I suppose.
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On computer:
Things I found through yaoi_daily, or on scanlation sites I stumbled on following links from there.
Have particularly liked Tsuki to Mizu no Yoru ( ). A two volume shounen ai(ish) manga about water sprites, or kappa (squee, mythology!).
The art is very beautiful, a bit sketchy, just as I often like it the most. Many of the characters are children, and they really seem to behave rather like real children would (as far as I can tell). Overall, the stories have a rather subtle, a bit subdued and charmingly innocent mood. Just wish there were more...

Also rather liked Natsukashi machi no rozione
( rozione )
(which isn't shounen ai...gasp) since the art was pretty, and the stories were entertaining enough.

and then unto the squee-territory...and, if anyone is, for some unfathomable reason, actually reading this...gonna ramble about naruto from ch.306 onwards and saiyuki reload vol.3=spoilers? )


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