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from taiyou_to_tsuki

Ask me any of these, and I'll reply in comments; I'll ask you in return, if you like. (You can give me a whole set or single ones)

Questions )

M. asked me 12) What turns you away the most from a fic?

That's hard, because it can be so many things. General bad writing, bad characterization... but the first thing to come to mind is, if the fic seems otherwise ok, a character I like doing something dodgy that feels OC and/or something I don't want to believe they'd do. I've continued reading some fics like that and they turned out ok, but often that's when I hit the back button.
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Me! :D Was thinking of walking to town to check out the second hand store there but it's about 30C/86F (and over two km) and I'd have to wear socks and sneakers because I still have no sandals. :'< Shoes are just too expensive unless it's the cheap sort that'll probably fall apart right away. Blegh.

So I'll write a post about things instead... bought bright pink jeans and yellow socks yesterday (both were on sale) because COLOURS. And made macaroni casserole so I have food for several days. Today I also washed laundry and almost burned my feet on the dark wooden platform outside where the outside drying rack is set up. But they should dry up fast at least...

Insidentally, the OTHER day taiyou_to_tsuki got linked to some plot generators and then infected me with that stuff, so now I have new plotbunnies. As if I needed them.

Anyone want to adopt some? If not I'll just write about them anyway. )
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While I'm taking a break from writing for food (and then also my mom calling on skype)

Update on sixathon fic: Almost 2K and about half way through (I hope). Might not be done today but hopefully tomorrow or at least by end of the week. *wince*
Might anyone be willing to give it a quick beta once it is done?

Also, wondering about how military/unit titles work. If Brig is retired, is he still Brigadier? Also, how about Yates, who was quietly discharged, is he just Mr. after that?


Jun. 9th, 2013 03:59 pm
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Feeling woozy and generally lazy today. Suspect the allergies have kicked in... mugwort blooming already maybe? So far I've... managed to drag myself out of bed, cram in all the dark wash (which should be done soon) and vacuum the room. Oh and take pictures of the giant blond slugs that were out after the rain.

pictures )

apparently, this type is called helix pomatia, Burgundy/Roman snail or escargot when cooked. Awww (no worries I'm not tempted).

Should write sixathon fic, but can't quite decide where to go with the plot. I have two options, one of which is simpler and crackier and the other which is... slightly less so. Hm. Also feeling so woozy I might just go lie in the sun and read anyway.

Talking about which, was at the Stockholm Public Library for the first time yesterday, with taiyou_to_tsuki yesterday, and my fan radar managed to pick up Doctor Omega. If that article is to be believed the translation's been specially modified to be more Doctor Who-ish... hm. In that case, maybe it is an actual old scifi novel rather than an elaborate meta fic (although why on earth could they not just translate it as is? Weird thing to do imo... IF that's true.)
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[personal profile] aralias did this thing and it seemed fun, so.

When you see this, post an excerpt from as many random works-in-progress as you can find lying around. Who knows? Maybe inspiration will burst forth and do something, um, inspiration-y.

I liked the addition of posting everything of the ones that will likely never get finished barring miraculous inspiration, but 1) WOULD anyone on my flist actually want to read unfinished SuFin AUs?
2) I realized one of them is over 3K and another nearing 9K and eeep. I kind of want to finish them just because that is ridiculous. Anyway, you'll just get excerpts of those too. (almost all of these seem to be AUs, funny how that happens...)

So, starting with the ones I am writing right now or started recently.
Level one: Doctor Who, Jeeves&Wooster, Spirou and a Marvel straggler )

Level 2: Not old but probably abandoned: Bit of Marvel and one RDJ!Holmes kid fic )

and the graveyard of stuff I'm not currently really feeling (though... maybe someday. I like to think):
Level Three: Mostly Hetalia with a lonely Saiyuki fic, c.2010-2011 )
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I realized time has gotten away from me and I really need to start thinking seriously about that unconventionalcourtship fic that is due on... 11st of April. (My home exam is due on 22th of this month. As is my best friend's birthday. At least she'll understand if her gift is late. Also I'm sick. Dammit body.)

Anyone feel up to possibly beta reading a Yates/Benton fic of yet unknown length? At what might end up being kind of last moment if I actually do manage to write it?

Edit: If you were going to have a semi-secret evil science research center at a remote place in Wales, whereabouts would you situate it?


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