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Between self and the lovely taiyou_to_tsuki

Today, in person, we came to the rather poetic conclusion that the only thing "wrong" with Survival is that they tried to get cats to be actors and actors to be cats. Otherwise it's perfect ofc.

Also, we were talking about Ainley!Master's various terrible and inexplicable plans (the real curse of the timelords is poor Anthony Ainley ending up in ALL the most terrible episodes) and then how odd it is that in The Mark of the Rani she appears to be the antithesis of the Master... an actually competent villain who gives not a damns about the Doctor... and then in Time and the Rani seems to have caught the Master's propensity to terrible ploys and obsessing on the Doctor.

...and then I realized. Who did we just discuss that has a propensity for all that AND unnecessary disguises? I bet the Rani was Not Happy when she found out the Master had been pretending to be her and blackening her bad name like that.

tentacles, tribbles and the unponderable nature of Four's sexlife )

Oh, and mostly so I can find it in the future, greatly amused by this Long commercial for radio parts (valves!) starred by Jon Pertwee. So dashing! So much fic fodder! I mean.
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I warned you. So, like I wrote yesterday a few days ago, I was on a walk late at night and Silence is Golden by The Tremeloes came on, and gave me ship feels.

Admittedly, the story suggested is a tad more melodramatic than my headcanon for the Benton-Yates-Jo triangle (though I could just about see that fic too, and also now kind of want Jo to find out about all the angst years later and be all "oh you poor silly boys D:" because she would)
However, I do, in a masochistic sort of way, like the idea of a lot of Benton and Yates' relationship problems stemming from lack of communication and/or forced secrecy, so in that sense the song fits them and gives me feeeelsss. cut for moar ramblings )

When I think about it, the end part is rather similar to my Tegan/Nyssa headcanon where they are reunited after many years, once Nyssa has spent the best years of her life putting Terminus in order and retires to Australia (getting a lift there from... someone). And then things are v. awkward before they get better. : 3

Others things:
On 13th I went shopping with my mom and sisters. Got a black shrug, some silvery-grey thread and blue nail polish. Tried to find shoes but the selection was a bit terrible. blah blah shoes )

Also saw The Rings of Akhaten today on tv. Apart from the skeevy stalking bit, I kind of like it, even if it's just because I'm weak to lush alien worlds and costumes and pretty music. Also touching monologues it had those too! spoilery bit )
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Me! :D Was thinking of walking to town to check out the second hand store there but it's about 30C/86F (and over two km) and I'd have to wear socks and sneakers because I still have no sandals. :'< Shoes are just too expensive unless it's the cheap sort that'll probably fall apart right away. Blegh.

So I'll write a post about things instead... bought bright pink jeans and yellow socks yesterday (both were on sale) because COLOURS. And made macaroni casserole so I have food for several days. Today I also washed laundry and almost burned my feet on the dark wooden platform outside where the outside drying rack is set up. But they should dry up fast at least...

Insidentally, the OTHER day taiyou_to_tsuki got linked to some plot generators and then infected me with that stuff, so now I have new plotbunnies. As if I needed them.

Anyone want to adopt some? If not I'll just write about them anyway. )
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So I got home feeling a bit tired and miffed, and then 1)I'd gotten a package (from a person whose lj nick I can't now recall or if they even have one OTL) full of tasty things. ¤3¤ And a Silmarillion paperback (so pretty <3)

bragging pics )

Then I checked my email, and lost_spook had written Jago&Litefoot fic for a prompt I left at the Obscure & British comment fest, Devil in the Details, is this my second birthday or something???

Should be frantically studying for the home exam next week and/or writing my sixathon fic, but still feeling kind of noodley on responsibilities...

So I'm going to prattle on about hunting for Bessie coloured nail polish and squee over Benton and Yates and stuff instead )

Talking actual fics I need to write ASAP, I finally came up with a plot I like for one of my sixathon promts, and then realized it could also work as the plot of the fic I've tried to write before... except this is supposed to be gen at that other story is shippy.

Would it be bad if I wrote it so this could happen in the same verse but from a different perspective? So the ship stuff isn't there and not everything from the rest of the plot is revealed... But obviously it also needs to work as an individual story and dunno if that'll be possible?
Alternatively they could just be two variations of the same plot...?
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Stuff that happened in last week:
Spent a lot of time working on small crochet mascots for a student flea-market at uni... sold none of them. Did sell a few other things and amassed 70kr which was a bit pathetic but... better than nothing I guess. On the plus side, while crafting I listened to companion chronicles Transit to Venus with IAN (and cute Ian/Barbara shippiness and One being his terrible tsun self. Srsly, Ian and/or Barbara should meet the current Doctor and a companion/s of choice and react to this "WITHOUT THE DOCTOR THE UNIVERSE CANNOT SURVIVE OMG"-nonsense) and Resistance with Polly. I was ok during the story and then in the discussion after Anneke Wills started talking about how when she first heard what the script would be about she got chills and felt like Troughton and Craze were with her and I tear up every time I think about it.

Also listened to Revenge of the Mara Craddle of the Snake, which was entertaining in a cracky sort of way. Got to love how Turlough is so... not-very-brave and a bit selfish. x3 Also makes it cool when he does do something a bit awesome. the audio also makes it way too easy to crack ship Five and Turlough... )

Friday was one of those days where every small obstacle seemed supremely annoying, and then when I got to uni it turned out the discussion (for which I'd even read the texts unlike the last one I... also missed) was the previous day which made remembering I'd met some classmates kind of embarrassing. Who knows what they thought.

After that I got some course books from library (one is in Danish, we'll see if I understand enough) and one from a bookstore, and a couple of extras that were on discount and only cost 10kr. About Hellenistic and Pagan Norse beliefs, respectively. Then I went to taiyou_to_tsuki's place and we re-watched The Time Monster which I really needed on such a day. Even if I almost choked laughing at the last scene. Brig's face especially.

misc thoughts about The Time Monster )

And I was going to talk about maybe getting an etzy account? Even started registering but got stuck on the name... I'd like something cute but also professional enough that I could say it in mixed company? :/ And then I'd need to decide on realistic prices and whether I should get a paypal account (s-scary) and how to present things... I'd probably start with the crochet mascots.

some... actually lots of pictures )
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Supposed to be writing home exam (should have started yesterday, really) for the cultural history of sexuality course... which is actually quite interesting, even the questions. Still procrastinating though.

Still not really writing fic either, which doesn't stop ideas from appearing. I blame M. for encouraging me. The most recent one came about while we were discussing slave fics and Doctor/Master. Which already has a few, but after a detour to imagining Six in that position (I'm sure he'd enjoy making a proper production about his resistance x3), M. pointed out it might be interesting to flip the usual order of things and have MASTER be the slave. Which imo would not even be that hard with Delgado!Master and Three, not the way I see them anyway.

More about that. And neighbour-verse ponderings )
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Currently in the denial stage of preparing for the exam. Or rather the "I really need to start going through the questions. Today. At some point."-stage.

Anyway, yesterday I just spent the whole day reading fic and generally wasting time on the internets.
Made an unexpected find of several quite nice Basil the Mouse Detective fics. Ah, the childhood nostalgia.
some recs because why not? )

Yesterday I also did some pondering on the unconventionalcourtship fic, and thought of some villains that could be behind the plot. It seemed kind of boring just making them evil, so I made them somewhat sympathetic instead. And then as I thought on it further, I realized they were breaking my heart. Dammit. THIS WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN. : I (Am now torn between a tragic/more hopeful ending for them...)
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I was looking my trope_bingo card over and probably indeed going to end up trying for the right vertical. (Or maybe diagonal across, but not sure what I'd do with alpha/beta/omega?).

Amusingly, I realized I have three possible ideas for cross-dressing and they're all with Three and Delgado!Master...:'D Also, it took until someone else mentioning the Pullman book thing to connect daemons to that trope. My first thought was the Doctor Who serial and second to google it and get nature spirits in Greek mythology. Which (drawing characters as nature spirits of some sort) might actually be a fun art idea if I could choose a fandom. Kirk/Spock maybe? Suggestions are welcome.

Talking about suggestions, I'm drawing a blank on telepathy/mindmeld... help?
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Which was mostly... seeing friends, watching Doctor Who with friends, then talking about it with said friends. Excellent weekend, in short, even if I seem to be getting sick (hopefully not so sick I won't be able to write my home exam before friday >_>;). Unplannedly ended up spending the night at a friend's place due to us losing track of time while discussing various things, and then going from there to another friend's house. Lucky I had an extra shirt with me.

Watched: The Mind Robbers, The Three Doctors, The Sun Makers and Terror of the Autons. Last for... the umpteenth time but it's one of those that doesn't really get old.

details (also spoilers) and some wild fic ideas that appeared )


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