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Another one of these, and then... I'm really itching to make new ones but don't really have neither the resources nor any reason to in sight? Meh.

Again we go back a bit... )
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Since it has been a long time, we might go back a bit. And then see what I have actual acceptable pictures of.

Let's start at 2009, no, further... )
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So...myself and [ profile] yatsu_seme are going to cosplay the main characters from RomeoxJuliet which is apparently a silly anime version of the thing...which neither of us had even watched -_-; (she likes the original play, I don't :P)
But hey, at least no one will recognice us since the series is so obscure...eheh. ^_^;

my dress looks like this, anyway )

I win!

Mar. 29th, 2007 08:18 pm
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My foreman called today: 1.Found out today the other place I'm cleaning is going to quit their contract too (at first there was talk of changing it to be cleaned twice a week...but apparently the negoatiations didn't work out *shrug*
So that seems to mean I won't have a job soon...well, it was a lousy one (thought I've had a worse job, at least this is not outside) , and I was going to find something else anyway.
2. There was a problem with papers, so I had to go check them...and I noticed the towel machine was stuck again (just tried to fix it last week). I called my foreman and she said she would drive there in fifteen minutes...after an hour I got enough of waiting and decided to try fixing the problem myself.
I looked at the other one that WAS working, and realiced what I had done wrong when I chaged the towelroll...So I fixed the problem myself, YAY :D
...too bad if the foreman was already on the way... naah.

Also, I'm going to make a Koumyou cosplay, whee! (I like to cosplay minor characters...less competition, ya know ^_^''') Not sure yet for where, probably for animecon this summer, if I can go there...too bad my usual cosplay partner will be in Greece then...
Same person, btw, who has graciously offered to make the robe (she's cosplayed Sanzo, so knows how to make it, and I'm least then I won't have to bother my mother with it.) Bought a wig yesterday...wondered about the color a bit (white? greyish brown? yellow?), but in the end there weren't so many options to choose from, so it's yellowish blond, at least the length is right, anyway. Funnily, that darkish blond brown is probably the most common haircolor in least in my family, (whereas I have red hair...never believed I'd be (a bit) sorry about that, hah.) Probably not too easy to find a wig in that color...
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Why don't I have anyone who can actually photograph...I mean, why do I look so bad in photos (gee, I wonder about that >_>) Never mind.

here be the pictures )
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Now everything involving sewing about the outfits is done. The very last thing were the wrist thingies Goku has...They are black in the reload version, right? They are a bit lumpyer than they should be, but very confortable (been wearing them all day):) the REALLY very last thing is painting the "limiter"...that shouldn't be too difficult

Some day, when the light is good, I need to take some pictures, I think.

Travel plans are a bit more difficult matter, since all the trains go at difficult times...meh.


Feb. 5th, 2007 04:14 pm
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see see!
Isn't he adorable? ¤_¤
my younger sister drew the plans (actually, it was her idea too...), my mother made most of the work, and I helped a bit...most notably sewed on the wings, ears and mane (rather crookedly and slightly pinched, of course, but the first one isn't that noticeable, and the second actually made the posture better ^_^'...I think.)

Title: Grieve not too well
Author/Artist: me, I'm afraid
Website: (art, mostly)
Warnings: Naah. Worst that can happen, you'll be bored.
Pairing(s): What counts as such?
Notes: um...a saiyuki fanfic I wrote a while ago. I've only sometimes written at all, just for fun (lately a bit more often), and this is the second fanfic I've ever written (down, that is) *twich* I kinda hope no-one reads this, even... I still don't know if I can write at all, so...
It's inspired by a certain kind of folk songs (that intrigue me). European, so the wrong mythology as well. A common theme seems to be that if someone is grieved too long/loudly, the dead person will come asking what all the noise is about...cause they'd kinda like to sleep thanks. :)
(Aaand, do frogs quark? quak? something else?)

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Tried to draw fanart, but couldn't concentrate on it, so just got a bit pencilled, before I was derailed into reading fanfic...Some saiyuki fic I'd been saving (that, scribblemoose's the good I was too intimidated to comment. I suck) that was yummy, and also ran into some interesting seeming gundam wing stuff on viridian5's rec page (that's a good one...weird thing btw. I've seen virtually nothing of G.W. but I HAVE read some fic...yes, I'm an addict)
Then I realized it was by maldoror_gw...¤_¤OMG (and it was good, of course)

And then writing inpiration struck and I wrote something of my silly fairytailish/fantasy (just cause it lets me get away not explaining stuff, OR worrying about morals...) story, the first one of my dear daydreams I've written down. It's going much better than the ones I tried to write previously, probably because I have the whole story in my head, more or less. And I'm rather fond of the characters, especially Isla the black dragon (*hugg* he's so cool...for me at least, cough). Now I have try not make Laureus the dandelion too...annoying? characterless?

And then there is the heroine who worries me. Is she too normalgirl shoujoheroine?...or (oh dread) can there be a plain looking mary sue?
But she has a job (really! It's the Plot!) naah. fairytales can have one nice princess/girl, it's the way they are...

Damn, this new image system is too easy...but see! It's chibiTenpou in Hakkai's clothes...aww (ahaha...Shouldn't post this tired...)
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the collar isn't lined, I need a better white sash (that silly looking thing is Goku's scarf, actually...) AND I'm going to make a headband that of that same green fabric, but I was practicing make-up and it was still light out (sun sets around 4o'clock and natural light = better pictures) sooo...

That wig must also be worked on...Never thought there would come a day when I would regret my hair isn't brown like everyone else's in my family (but it's red, ya know. I like to brag about it...)

Ugh. Hate that picture, but I'd like to know if those trousers are too horrible?

Oh! I almost forgot. I found vol. 1 and 2 of gravitation in the library today (didn't expect that...)I've always wanted to read that (not so much I would have bought it thought) so a it was one of those very nice surprises...*happy*
edit: appears to be in swedish, but no worries, I can read that well enough (to understand what's going on, at least, even if some words elude me)
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It finally became wintry (snow, cold, and all that), just when everyone was starting to think it wasn't going to happen at all. Walked yesterday to Kirkkonummi (the central of the community) to buy more black ribbon (there wasn't quite enough for Hakkai's shirt...).
It's a pretty long way to walk, but I had nothing better to do anyway.

it ALWAYS amazes me how black and white nature becomes in winter
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Actually, it went like this. I found three magazines (the kind that have the pattern of the clothes with them) from the library, and showed my mother the ones I thought might be modified into what I was going to do. Then she found the best one, which I hadn't even noticed. All points go to her, yes.

curses...I was not supposed to talk about cosplay anymore. sewed a bit already, yay!

the picture I'm talking about...Yes, I'm silly... )
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So, after being uncertain, I decided to do a Hakkai costume as well after al...Thought I figured out how the strings work (from that illogical naked Kanan with Hakkai's clothes on picture, teehee). Later my sister showed me a picture that proved me wrong, of course...naah, I'm sticking with the loop and button plan (it's simple...I suspect no-one will know who we are anyway, ahah)

Had to buy another green fabric because everyone thought the first one was black (until I believed it really was too dark)...Luckily the little shop in Kirkkonummi center had cotton that was ALMOST the right color (and everything else I need, it's so costly to travel to Helsinki from here, and already made one trip)

Tomorrow: sew? (or my mother will...I'd probably mess it up anyway...I'm so lazy, it's shameful :( )
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Shopping trip pretty succesfull...Found: yellow fabric (a bit too flashy, but I like the colour), green fabric and red fabric. Had to fetch a paper from school, met the friend who is going to Iicon too, and finished shopping with her, that was nice.
Found a pretty good wig.
Still have to buy black ribbon, and slightly less broad ribbon for Hakkai's shirt (and have to consider his limiters too...saw something that might do today...)Also need to figure out how his shirt is done (argh). Oh, and I stole one of my brothers jeans, and cut the legs :) (he won't notice, he actually had an identical pair to the ones I took, only less worn...O_O)
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LJ: Oh, stalkie. I just remembered. You COULD always use this as a diary
M.: Put paper diaries are more dependaple.
LJ: WHAT did you say!?
M.:...nothing, sorry...

So what did I do recently (nothing worthwhile, since my life is rather...on hold right know. Need to figure out what to do after high school...oh the horror). Well, last weekend I wen't to Tracon, with a friend I managed to infect with anime some time ago...yay me. I also cosplayed for the first time in my life, as Haku from Naruto. It was kind of a bit scary, since some people seem to hate that series (maybe it was an uncool costume? Well, that suits me). At least I was apparently the only Haku there (since some people actually wanted to photograph...blush). The whole experience was fun. No, I mean it was the best thing ever. I was actually hugged by people I've never met before. I actually talked (a bit) to some people. The bus to the trainstation was utterly packed (just like the whole event had been), and I don't think anyone cared...That feeling of...friendship was incredible.


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