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No idea if this is of any interest to anyone but me, but I think I'll post some old drawings now, from approximately when I was about 6-10-years old.

Oldest first: mermaids, princesses and centaurs oh my )

I used to really like the classes where we got to draw a lot in first and second grades, which was most of them. Note that I still had trouble putting letters the right way around at... second to third grade. Apparently when I was learning to read I also sometimes did it upside down, though I have no recollection of whether I was actually reading or just pretending to.

Some samples from religion and biology notebook, class 1-3 )

Lastly, this is either from around the time of the last or maybe when I was 10-11? From a notebook, which contained among other things me trying to invent my own code alphabets, fake fancy dress ads and an illustrated explanation on the biology of fairies.

pictures of those )
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Like I said before, not my personal fave Moomin story, but eh...
Download links :9
part 1:
part 2:
part 3:
Tell me if I messed up with the uploading. :/
Wiki for further info

+ me spazzing about books and other things )
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What color(s) do you imagine this outfit of Hazel's to be?
And would pink actually even add to the schock value ?

Okay, have to rush to the library now to hunt for coat patterns. ~~>3>
ETA: Thanks for all the advice, all of you :D
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Even if it's only borrowed from my sister and the blinky part over the lens is sort of cracked and has to be pushed away manually. Still, a camera! :D
Now what should I take pictures of...^_^?
Or shall I just make a sort of picture documentary of the apartment...or at least my room.
Also, LJ's working again, nice.

But before that, found at the archives of my family...
One of my greatest masterpieces, at age 4 )

A poster

Nov. 12th, 2008 09:59 pm
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Still with the school magazine project. Another one to prove it's possible to make printable work by the traditional methods too. (o-or is it really that good? *bites nails* o_o;)
Have I mentioned the theme of the magazine is "Mediasirkus"= Media circus.

Inspired by old circus posters, like this...I wish I had a pic of it in color *wistful sigh* :'3
aaand there's a bunnygirl in the hat! )
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I'm trying to decide whether or not to ink and color something for school, because on one hand it's getting kinda late in the magazine project, and then again...maybe I should show it to someone first. :/
Don't want to leave it hanging, thought, either.
EDIT: Inked, and I love it, hope it's received well by others too. o_o;
Also wonder if they will notice the horrid manga influence THIS time. X9

Also, the day before last I wrote some more James Bond/Saiyuki fusion fic...alas, I got stuck on how an enemy agent posing as a schoolteacher and our hero could meet for the first time. Hm.
Ideas? *cheap*

Oh, and this morning I found something delightful, an AU Naruto doujin, "And We...". Of the Naruto/Sasuke variety.
While doujin for that series and pairing has usually been a bit of...a disappointment, this was not.
For one, the characters are admittedly a bit different due to the AU setting, but no more than one could find conceivable if they didn't have had to get used to all the death and killing in a ninja's life (they're so happy...;_; ♥). Do you hear me, IN CHARACTERNESS. Woot. ¤_¤/
Ahah, the other pairing in it was a bit surprising (Yondaime Minato and Kakashi, huh?), but works okay. :3
Yondaime and Naruto are total dorks, btw. Aww...

Look, it's a link And another one to [ profile] yaoi_daily. >3>
read the rest of it and oh my... )
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So, today I spent hunting for a birthday present, and then visiting an exhibition at the Ateneum Art Museum
Guess which exhibition I was interested in? :P
Yup, it was the Japanese woodcuts.
Further babble of said exhibition )
Okay, now I'll go read a bit more of Jingo to my sister. Before you ask, she could very well read it herself, but I just enjoy reading it aloud.
Thought I need to stop finding Vetinari ¤_¤ And Nobby so cute, wtf, brain?
Vimes is allowed to be just as much my favorite character as he wishes to be, because he's not a bit evil like the previous. sister can't figure out Carrot either. Confusing guy.

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Christmas eve went as and my sister decorated the tree with almost all of the decorations we own, food tasted especially good (perhaps because I was VERY hungry ;), there was way too much chocolate (only not) and so on.
There weren't many presents this year, but none of us is so young anymore as to really care so much about them. I did get (among other things) a pretty calendar with images of japanese woodcuts (yay).
Oh, and we saw the police stop Santa Claus on the road, which was a bit unusual. :D

And later me, my father and younger sister went to church. That was also as usual, slightly boring despite my best intentions to stay alert, and singing the hymns being far too much fun. I just can't help really rather liking those songs...

rest of the pics, since I said I would post them. :P )
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See it's my new scanner, isn't he cute! ♥ it needs a name, hmm...

also, have some Christmassy pictures cards, in fact, but hush about that, kay? )
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Like I mentioned before, we had to design a coat of arms for ourselves in school. Mine looks rather...warlike? But then again that was the original purpose of them, to strike fear into your enemies, right? (Hmm...take that, evil scary cars >:D)

my coat of arms ^_^ )
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This is just the first part of three. Mostly just wanted to store is somewhere, in case something strange happens to my computer, thought of course it would be great to know if someone found it readable. In any case, practice is always good, right?
Also, I think this might be the most boring part. Or at least bleakest. =_=;

Title: While You Wait.

Summary: She knew that the harder you tried to hold on to things, the more certainly they were lost. Too bad she never really learned to act any other way.

You could only guess the water was down there, a huge black thing barely visible. )
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Hmm...haven't posted in a while. What have I been doing (besides nothing)? Let's a letter from one of the schools I'm trying to get into (made it to the second phase :), rp:ing as Koumyou on . I'm even starting to believe getting my application accepted wasn't a complete fluke.
What I haven't been doing enough is anything semi-productive, like drawing or writing :( . I don't even have any fanart ideas (one day I'll gather my courage and ask for those on a community...). And my writing isn't of much use to anyone, but I really want to finish a longer story for once, but the ending just...I'm a bit stuck with it. Damn.
A friend of mine was supposed to visit yesterday, but I didn't hear anything from her...*worried*

Haiku2 for stalkerbunny
continues elsewhere eh
weird i don't drink coffee
either also weird
Created by Grahame

found a poem generator, see. >_>...

also pic. Nothing interesting, just drawing an oc (from aforementioned story). It's fun trying to work out how he characters look like, even thought some of them are difficult about that...
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Finally doing the works that might get me to the entrance exams (no way...totally hopeless, but have to try, anyway)...

But, on an equally boring (except to me, maybe) note...I was thinking about the scene in Saiyuki, where Hakkai is mourning his short lifeline (which Goku then extends with a permanent marker...aww) and started to wonder which line actually is the lifeline.
I had some vague idea of there being three major lines, but I could only find two on my palm...ahah.
After some comparing and checking of facts with my mother, it was determined I barely have a lifeline. More accurately, there's a rather short wrinkle above the thumb (where the lifeline usually begins) and another, weak line braching downwards from the head line. So my life line cuts of and continues elsewhere, eh? Weird. (I don't really have fate line either...)

Course, nobody should think I actually believe in this stuff ^_^'''

unrelatedly, some art :)

actually, for a certain story I've written...tried to draw in a not so mangaish style (probably only succeeded in making it ugly...*sigh*)


Feb. 18th, 2007 11:42 pm
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Just watched Naruto episode 221 with my brother...Hm.
The beginning was pretty cool (just a teaser of course, but I've read it already, so I could concentrate on going squuey over the colors and stuff...) Then it got sort of annoying, but nice enought to look with company. *nod*

Newly learned fact of the day:
So...Iruka has the same voice actor as Sanzo O_o...How could I not know that? How can two characters be less similar? Wow.

to illustrate the post we have a badly drawn picture of original rp charas ( they are sisters, who run a school, from where there is easy acces to all other dimensions, and where wacky stuff happens...all the time.):


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