Feb. 3rd, 2009 05:56 pm
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Actually read some the other night.
First Fumi Yoshinaga's Don't Say Anymore, Darling.
Which reinforced my previous idea of what this mangaka does, which is that their work is oh so good but, unfortunately, occasionally quite HEARTBREAKING.
Haven't read enough to say for sure, but this collection certainly was both. ;_;
Well, to be fair the first story had a good old traditional happy ending (is that a spoiler :3), and the last (which had my fave main character btw *commiserates with MY ART IS PHAIL OMG ;_; feelings, and also the NO ONE WANTS ME feelings. :9*) was sort of frustrating D:...hopeful?
If not romantically, at least no one died? XP

Then I was feeling all twitchy because of the TRAGIC and decided to read Saiyuki Reload vol.9, since I figured it couldn't make me feel any less inclined to sleep at that point.
Better cut around this time :P )
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So, still watching Gensoumaden Saiyuki (the first anime), and the apptly numbered :P episode 39 raised some questions...
possibly spoilery ponderings )
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So, recently I've been watching Gensoumaden Saiyuki (at long last) with my sister. We still laugh at the wonky art occasionally, but it's all in good fun.
Homura is clearly obsessed with Goku, even my sister agrees :P

Yesterday we watched until episode 38. Seems like that one and the three or so before it have all been reminiscing/flashback themed. I mean, first we had Sanzo emo because he saw a river, then Gojyo did because he saw flowers and he and Dougakuji were all adorable and awkwardly brotherly together (aaw... ♥).
Then it was Hakkai with the orphanage and the wee Gonou clone there (seriously, we got the kid was acting like him, they didn't need to look EXACTLY like each other too. It was kinda confusing. :P). And WTF was Sanzo acting all jealous for? Please don't make me see any of that pairing D':

And then I guess it would have been Goku's turn only he fails at being traumatized so Sanzo had to do it for him. In other words, Sanzo got to emo over how he never got to get drunk with Koymyou (who...I'm not even going to talk about him in that ep. O_o)
It was kinda cute. ♥
And there were monkeys who clearly wanted Goku as their king. Like Tarzan.

I should also:
-Bake cookies AND pie
-go to the library and clothes shop (optional)
-make screencaps and demotivators for [ profile] capslocksaiyuki
TODAY =_=;
Instead I've been stuck on the computer all day :'D


Mar. 6th, 2008 12:04 am
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Dear internets and awesome people therein. Tonight, I'm apparently a bit nervous/excited about going to see the movie tomorrow & all, and therefore (since, you know, I should have been in bed about an hour ago D:) a bit hyper. You realize things like this make that a lot hyper.

Excuse me, must go bounce of of walls now, bye.
now, let's calm down, it's not like any of this is news or anything XD

EDITZ. before I try knocking myself out (a heavy book might work? *hopeful*)
I was looking through my comps image files, and realized I've never made a proper introduction of my dolls on lj. Should I, even thought I haven't made any new ones recently... >3>?
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First. I promised to write something in the conversation meme ages ago, see, the story is in my head, but I just fail in writing it down. But I will...someday. I'm sorry. )':

A wonderful person posted scans from Saiyuki Reload Graffiti and daaamn. *explodes from overt squee*
I's all so shiny >_<
hiding the rest of the squee under cut :P )
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Haha, my net is finally working :D. In celebration, have some cracky meme from [ profile] macavitykitsune and [ profile] s0hmam0miji

List 12 characters from one fandom, before looking under the cut for the questions.

1.Genjyo Sanzo
2. Gato
3. Nii (or any of his previous names :P)
4. Zakuro
5. Goku
6. Koumyou
7. Gojyo
8. Hakkai
9. Hazel
10. Kougaiji
11. Dokugakuji
12. Yaone

insane, I tell you, insane )
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My japanese test is two weeks away >_>...eeps. And I also need to have a seven page essay done by then. *sigh*
I did finally start writing it yesterday. Maybe I should change my subject thought. I was going to write about animals in folk stories...but what if I wrote about youkai instead...or mythical animals? (because then I get to write about kappa and tengu and dragons etc. ♥)
Well, just need to find the time to do it. At school, because my net isn't working at all. -_-*
then again I'm more productive at school anyway :P, but still...:(

So yesterday because I couldn't be stuck on the net I was leafing through vol.6 and 7 of Saiyuki Reload. I'd forgotten how cute Zakuro is...just, aww. He's such an uneffective villain. ♥
Also, everything ahead of the last pages of painful even now D: but it hurts so good...

AND because I should be doing everything else...anyone have any fanfic requests :D
(ideas, please?)
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RLyaddayadda )

And a quiz I happened upon while browsing ssjbento's journal (such wonderful icons >_< ♥)
How have I missed this one?!

Which Saiyuki Bunny Pairing Are You?

... you're a tad creepy. No one ever knows what you and your bunny will do next. You take almost ridiculously good care of the bunny, so much that you sometimes don't even touch it... it's okay. You can cuddle the bunny. Really. No, not THAT kind of cuddling...
Take this quiz!

Quizilla |

| Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code

...O_o As if actually doing the quiz didn't make me feel creepy enough Expecially with the actual plushie bunny on the shelf right next to me >_>; Ehem. Meet Klaus )
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Just read it, royally shaken, thus can't be held responsible for how spoilery I might get...EEK! )
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I just got stamped here's Yaone,of course *sigh*...Well could be a lot worse, and I rather guessed it, anyway. ^_^
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I just saw a Saiyuki icon, and was just itty bitty spoiled, just enough to fire up my curiosity...WAAH! I want volume 6 now! T_T all those peopple who've read it and further...but I might get it anytime now, so I shouldn't look for alternate means now (I'm sure scanlation lurk somewhere...>_> but no! desist!)

edit: My friend has it! I'm going to see it tomorrow! YAYYYY! (also will see the friend, yay for that as well, eheh)
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Happened to find Saiyuki Gaiden the other day. Quite by accident (and why wasn't I looking for it?).
Just read chapters 9-11. Nine and ten almost made me cry, they were so happy (and we know it can't last long...). Konzen especially, perhaps (after reading burial I can't help thinking of Sanzo as broken glass...). Really, in Saiyuki they are ALL more or less broken, except perhaps Goku.

11 then was a little less sad :)
Can't help being jealous to Tempou for being so relaxed about being messy (ah, my hero...) wish I were...I'm just messy...

Now to sleep, finally
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So, I finally got to read vol.5 (I didn't dare touch it until I knew whether I had to return it or not). I don't know what happened. I feel like I love this series even more now...and how is that possible, I ask?
Maybe it's because I had seen the anime (reload gunlock) and thought this would be the same, only prettier. But of course it's not (I read the story is different, and it truly is). The anime was entertaining enough (there was conflict, and it wasn't that generic stuff with the poor hopeless youkai assassins). But that was all.
So, what's so different with the manga? It's hard to say, since I'm not that smart...Ah, I give up. It's just better.
But some things I just have to squee about. spoilerish squee )
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Spent most of the shopping with my two younger sisters, which was fun. We didn't buy anything sensible (well, sort of tried to, but when we finally got to the clothes shop we were tired and there were too many people and it was too hot, so we gave up).
However, I managed to exchange the extra vol.5 of Saiyuki reload for vol.9 (of Saiyuki ;). It was surprisingly easy (so I was worried for nothing). Also bought vol. 6 of Jojo's bizarre adventure for my brother. After that we went to a store called Blippo, which has all kinds of manga/anime related merchandise, and...cute stuff (small objects with pictures of small animals/ children / other absurd creatures on's nice to feel childish squuing at them...). AND then we went to a shop called Kukunor, where there are similar things (except of both western movies and anime)...where I found pretty Saiyuki keyrings (or is that what they are called..:/), yay! It seems to me that the best keyring ornaments are often flat, maybe because it's more difficult to turn a two dimensional character into a three dimensional figure...(or maybe some are just badly done, I don't know) I'll possible make an exception to plushies, because they are cuddly. Anyway, I bought Sanzo, Hakkai and Gojyo (and would have no doubt bought Goku too, if there had been a keyring of him there...don't say anything, they were just too pretty).
I also finally managed to prove my theory, that while going to a restaurant, it' better to buy one meal for several people (three), because the portions are almost always too big for one person to eat alone anyway. Well, I was left a bit hungry, but still...and later we bought chocolate cake, and even managed to find seats (and the tea selection included a certain tea I like). So, all in all, a nice day goofing of... :D
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Somethings just hit you.

And I realized. That one is something jagged, sharp. Broken glass, I think. Kind of beautiful, perhaps, in the right light. Would cut anyone who tried to pick it up, thought.

People say that broken things are often more beautiful than whole.
Or more interesting, perfection is boring, perhaps?

I often think it's funny. That that particular person is the most dangerous one of them all. Except when it's not.

Then there is the fact, that this whole mess, with even the gods having to get messed up into it. Was started by a human. Because he was bored, or wanted to see if he could do it, quite probably.


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