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Since it has been a long time, we might go back a bit. And then see what I have actual acceptable pictures of.

Let's start at 2009, no, further... )
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Sorry for not replying to some comments, I've been a bit distracted

But, something I could/should have posted a while ago (like certain Saiyuki fics, apologies to people on the flist interested in those >_<;) but just...didn't.

Title: Even In a Perfect World, Rome Fell, but Then Someone Helped Him Up Again (and Lived to Regret It)
Author/Artist: Myself, as usual.
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Rome/Germania (you know, the one who looks like Legolas) + various wee countries.
Rating: G, unless you consider men in pink aprons PG
Warnings: horrifying living arrangements. You might feel sorry for Germania after this. I do :'3 And...oh right, it's not historically plausible at all. Just total crack. =3=
Summary: Rome is the worst husband ever (four pictures + drabble)
three picture (or four, depends on how you count) under cut )
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Title: Two Times Finland Won
Author/Artist: Stalkerbunny
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Finland/Sweden
Rating: First R, second G. :9
Warnings: Uh, well, Finland sort of that a warning anyway? :3 Also, brief description/implication of sex happening.
AND A REALLY AWFUL BAD PUN. An old one to boot. Eurgh.
Also three biggish pictures, don't know if that's bad for dial-up users ^_^;

Notes: This is my first time writing these two, and here I go taking chances with the characterization, and the drawing style as well, felt like trying to draw them a bit manlier >3>; *cringe*. So...*goes to be nervous in a corner*
Oh, and I think eighties flashback!Finland is too tall. Sorry. =_=;

Summary: Now and again Finland tended to get all depressed about how he never won anything. But he did, sometimes...
1995 IIHF World Championship, Sweden )
Eurovision Song Contest 2006 )
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Posted some Hetalia fanart here and needed to link it so I could find it in the future. :P

Also currently trying to draw Good Omens fanart. Two pictures sketched, one to go...aargh, why did I start drawing backgrounds to these, whyyy~ D':
Other unfinished sketches/attempts other fannish things:
- Finland/Sweden Hetalia fic, needs tuning. Lots.
- My Little Pony!Saiyuki-ness, sketched, needs to be inked and colored (and accompanied by others?)
- Art for Castoffs which is...half sketched, except the characters look all wrong. As usual. *sigh*
Also need to write more of that before I forget the plot. :/


Boring school stuff )
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So, English presentation went reasonably well...Meaning afterwards I felt like I'd just babbled inanely, and then the teacher went all "so good!" and I almost blushed. Eh. >//>

Also, I worked on another assignment from 2 pm to 8! And still had to cheat by upping the font size to 13 and narrowing the textframe to get it even anywhere near the minimum of 6 pages. Woe. ;_;
...but, I'm beyond caring. =_=

Also, I need to cook something because I...think I last ate at school at eleven? Uups.
Why aren't I actually that hungry? Stupid illness is killing my appetite. :'3 haha, I wish

Aaand roommates very smelly cooking comes to save the day, because I can actually smell it! :D
*iz drawn towards ze kitchen~*
and on today's menu we had )

Oh, one more thing! Was struck by this Hetalia fic idea today...specifically a Finland/Sweden idea...but I don't understand how Sweden talks, oh noes! ...right, I should go read parts of Hetalia in which he appears. Yup. Gonna go do that then. After the food.
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Title: Good Old Fashioned Romance
Author/Artist: Just myself, I'm afraid.
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Germany, Italy (pairing's there if you squint, I swear >3>)
Rating: G, totally
Summary:I'll be almost surprised if anyone hasn't done this before :')

cut for sillyness )
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Betaread by the gracious [ profile] meicdon13,and sorry for stealing your idea! >_<;;;

Title: Childhood Sweethearts
Author/Artist: Stalkerbunny aka. Keraaminenkettu aka. Maarit ^_^
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Germany/Italy (and based on the unofficial theory Holy Roman Empire => Germany. Yes, I couldn't stand the tragedy *is a wimp* >3>;)
Rating: PG
Warnings: Nothing worse than a kiss, really.
Summary: Amnesia? Can you eat that?

But some things don't change. )
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Finally got around to reading Axis Powers Hetalia
Have only read first two chapters, so far, but I see it's as awesome as I expected. :3
Can't help but love the absurdity of sometimes quite tragic real life occurrences turned into cracky cutesy humor. (Like that thing with the Russion paratroopers, how awful! D:)

Germany...I REALLY shouldn't find him so cute, but...*fails* =_=;
Russia is also an interesting one. Started to think he seemed much sweeter than I'd have imagined, and then..."Whenever I imagine how they'd look begging for mercy I can't help but smile."
Yes, that's more like it! :D ♥
No offence to Russian people, it's just that the general stereotypical (as in, not REAL) image one gets of the country living in Finland...I'm not saying it the embodyment of EVIL but...*shrug* ^_^;;;
Besides, Swedes are joked about as well, and we were never in a war with THEM.
No one ever quite likes their neighbors, I guess. :P

*still harboring plans of making that Finnish history overview that was plotted on [ profile] rusalkai's birthday party, possibly in the form Hetalia fanart* >3>

Then I found this quiz too!
Result: Apparently I'm Japan. Huh.
Well well well...:3
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I'd never realized I really want to read a manga with personifications of countries as the characters...untill I found out there is one, only in a language I can't read. Woe.
Apparently it's called Hetalia
Also, this got me thinking what sort of character I would make of this country I live in...even spent this morning writing a brief survey of our history from that perspective, but perhaps I won't bother you with that. Naaw, of course I will :'D

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