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Quite an overdue post of the fic I wrote for [ profile] valentine_smut. >3>;

Title: Lunacy
Author: Stalkerbunny
Rating: R
Pairing: Koumyou/Ukoku
Disclaimer: I can gladly say I own none of the characters appearing here.
Summary: Everyone knows strange things can happen if you go out after midnight.

Author's notes: When I got the prompt, besides being rather happy with the pairing and prompt, I thought: "Hey, didn't I just write just this for that kink meme? o_o;"
Well, not exactly, but there was a certain...thematical similarity. :9
Besides which, the fic in question is such a mess I might never post it unanomyously anyway That is, I can't get myself to read it and fix what's wrong with it. *wimp*

Be that as it may, I set out to write this as a sort of opposite of the other one, which might be why the process of writing quite enjoyable unlike the other one XD :D
Thought writing the two just snarking discussing was so fun I had some trouble getting to actual smut...and never really did, to be honest. :3

Not to mention that the amazing betawork of [ profile] kispexi_2 not only made the fic much better, I learned quite a lot about spacing and writing dialogue into text. T'was awesome, you. ¤3¤ ♥

But that's definitely enough babble from me. :9

Lunacy )
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Did my English presentation, woot. :D
Title: Sleeping Aid
Author: Oh, I just found it on my computer...not, it was me
Fandom: characters: Saiyuki Gaiden: Goku, Tenpou, Kenren.
Rating: G

Notes: I wrote this to cheer up [ profile] attiqah_gensui some time ago, which is why it's even fluffier than the stuff I usually write...and why I debated ever posting it elsewhere. Written completely off the cuff and all that. :P
B-but I was threatened to post it, in a scary voice! >3<; hahaha, such a great excuse! :9
Totally not betaread either. Hrr...>_>;

Goku was playing. He was a dangerous tiger! )
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Title: The Bride Of The Lindorm King a'la Saiyuki
Author/artist: I did it, illustrations and all. :9
Disclaimer: But not the characters, that was Kazyua Minekura. *bow*
Pairing: 85, everything else is implied very lightly at most.
Warnings: Hee, for once there are some :'D The usual sex, cursing like, once :9 and violence. A bit.
But also, AU, humor (I hope). Guys get mistaken as ladies, some without even trying...oh, and some people get a better more cliche ending than Minekura would ever write. I'm just a sap like that. >_>;

Notes: This is probably the longest fic I've ever written, so excuse the babble ^_^; *jitters*
I've tried to write it since sometime last year, but it took this long to get to the point where I could actually write it.
It started out as a fusion with a particular favorite fairytale of mine, The Bride of the Lindorm King. Somehow in the fic writing process the story got mangled pretty badly, thought. Now it's more like any generic fairytale parody. :9
Still, go read the original, it's much better writing than this fic here.

Betaread by [ profile] avierra and [ profile] clytemnaestra, who are pure awesomecakes. Thank you~! :'D ♥

Lesson one: Listen to the prescription on magical onions with care. )
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Author: Omg, it's me again O_o
Fandom: Saiyuki (AU)
Pairing: Gojyo/Hakkai
Warnings: The barest slashy suggestions. Slightly cracky premise?

Notes: So, I asked for an AU setting from [ profile] lauand, and she gave me:
Any time period - Spies and deceptions, cat and mouse games.
Not sure this fits that perfectly, especially since I could only think of one point of reference I felt I knew well enough. See what I mean?

Title:You Only Live Twice )
stalkerbunny: (Default)'s my third Saiyuki fanfic.

Title: The very bad week of the Mighty Vampire Zakuro
Author/Artist: me
Warnings: violence agains stylish clothing
Pairing(s): None really...
Notes: Does the title tell too much already? :P

This time I'm attempting humor, oh my... )
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Cursed RL work almost done (for a while...)
More nervous about whether my island_rp application will get accepted or not than these Actually Important schoolthingies -_-'''yes, really. (maybe it's because schoolbusiness is too scary to worry about, most of the time. yes)

Will certainly take a while before I'll know...GAAh! I keep wanting to go back and ad things (did that once), but that would just be un classy, probably useless too if I really screwed up. *sigh*

Author/Artist: me
Website: (where my art lurks)
Warnings: weeeird
Pairing(s): No...for me, putting two characters in the same room feels too racy sometimes...-_-'*cough* but that has nothing to do with this one, oh no.
Notes: Edit like whoa: The long version:
So, I decide I'd like to RP, so of course I'll choose Koumyou, a character with as little screen time (or page time, as the case may be) as possible. Jumping into the deep end of the pool is a great way to learn to swim, eh?
And then I realized that almost everything we see of him, is what either Genjyo or Nii remembers, and while they are both intelligent people, they aren't probably very objective in this particular case...(and aren't maybe the most mentally balanced human beings ever either, yes? Well, Nii certainly isn't and Genjyo was a child.)
What this has to do with the story? Well, it meant I had to think about these characters (too much). Thought I fear my characterization of Ukoku/Nii needs a lot more sharpening...but let's say it's an unsetling situation even for him? (as if)
Oh, and Momiji, I'm sorry...I forgot just because I have thought these things throughin my head too many times, other people haven't. Does this clear things up?

the moon and the shadow...AKA: how to be both weird and unoriginal at the same time, yay )


Feb. 5th, 2007 04:14 pm
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see see!
Isn't he adorable? ¤_¤
my younger sister drew the plans (actually, it was her idea too...), my mother made most of the work, and I helped a bit...most notably sewed on the wings, ears and mane (rather crookedly and slightly pinched, of course, but the first one isn't that noticeable, and the second actually made the posture better ^_^'...I think.)

Title: Grieve not too well
Author/Artist: me, I'm afraid
Website: (art, mostly)
Warnings: Naah. Worst that can happen, you'll be bored.
Pairing(s): What counts as such?
Notes: um...a saiyuki fanfic I wrote a while ago. I've only sometimes written at all, just for fun (lately a bit more often), and this is the second fanfic I've ever written (down, that is) *twich* I kinda hope no-one reads this, even... I still don't know if I can write at all, so...
It's inspired by a certain kind of folk songs (that intrigue me). European, so the wrong mythology as well. A common theme seems to be that if someone is grieved too long/loudly, the dead person will come asking what all the noise is about...cause they'd kinda like to sleep thanks. :)
(Aaand, do frogs quark? quak? something else?)

Read more... )


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