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Parts 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
and the DA version with all of them (sans some fics and such :P): here
Title: Welcome Home
Rating: PG
Words: Prompt: "And now for the obligatory slash scene."
This is the slashies pic with these two I've draw so far. >3> ♥
Thought it's still not VERY slashy, but...ahaha. :'D
Inspired by this picture
the classic art of the glomp )
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Parts 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Title: Silly Business
Rating: G
Words: Prompt: "Draw Jeeves and Bertie getting drunk together"
This one's pretty...simple. =_=;
But let's just get it over with )
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Parts 1 2 3 4 5 6
Title: Costuming
Rating: G
Words: Prompt: "Now draw Jeeves as Harry Potter. Alternatively draw Bertie as a truck driver."
Being myself, I decided to do both.
But somehow I couldn't submit Jeeves to such an adult. :3
So there was really only one thing to do. )
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Parts 1 2 3 4 5
Title: Cultural Misunderstandings.
Rating: G
Words: Prompt: "Now draw Bertie after he discovers his fascination with gothic subculture."
Guess which gothic style the history freak (that's me) chose? You get three. =3=

Misunderstanding under cut. )
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Parts 1
and 2
Title: St. George Jeeves to the Rescue!
Rating: G
Words: Prompt: "And now Jeeves and Aunt Agatha in a staring competition."
It was fun drawing aunt Agatha! (Guess which type of bird I used for inspiration? :3)
Whereas getting Jeeves' haughty expression right was quite vexing. >_>;
This one arrived with a little story as well. ^_^;
during the writing of which I think I just gave myself fluff poisoning.
So careful there. :'P

Let's get on with it...under the cut )
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Parts 1
and 2
and 3
Title: Part 4/10
Rating: G
Words: Prompt: "Draw Bertie and Jeeves in drag"
Those might actually be a tad oldfashioned clothes for them (Bertie's is basically copy of an illustration from early twenties...thought we hardly know when those stories are set anyway, or...?). Perhaps the wardrobe of an aunt had to be pilfered. Perhaps we don't want to know.

look out, it's a cut! )
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Parts 1 and 2
Title: The Birt of Venus the Gentleman. XD
Rating:PG? I mean, there's almost nakedness's quite innocent?
Words: Everyone who doesn't get the reference fails art history! :D
...not really. >3>;

Prompt: "Now draw Bertie naked, covering himself up with a yellow rubber duck."
sillyness behind cut )
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Title: J&W Art Meme part 2/10
Rating: G
Words: For further info, see Part 1
"Prompt": Now draw Jeeves in an attire that Bertie would wear but which would make Jeeves very upset.

Oh, the horror...or? )
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Title: J&W Art Meme part 1/10
Rating: G
Words: I've recently drawn some pictures for [ profile] siilikeiju's very entertaining J&W art meme, ans since I had to make the pictures rather small, didn't feel content in just posting it on deviantart. ^_^;
There may also be a few added notes concerning some images.

There will be about nine more posts in this series, which I intend to post in following days (after that I'll post the entire thing on DA, of course). Hope this won't be too much of a nuisance to anyone. (also: this is text from the meme)

On to the rest )
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I posted some fanart here of the Jeeves&Wooster variety.
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Title: Scenes from the life of a cat, part 2
(Link to the first one
My DA page: here
Notes: So, after Bertie rescued a sackful of kittens from a watery faith, Jeeves insisted that they all would have to move away as soon as suitable owners were found. And so they did, except for one particular kitten...
(btw, the kitten is black, I just didn't want to risk loosing all detail, thus, imagine it is, please?)
Smart kitty )
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Drew some more Jeeves&Wooster fanart, it's Over here ^__^
Next time I'll post it here and make the link the other way round, I think...>_>;
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Don't want to post it to several places, but here's a link at least
I've been wanting to draw some since I started watching the series this summer, as I might have mentioned.

To curious flisters who don't know or haven't heard me rave about it before what I'm talking about, here's a short explanation :3 )


Jun. 12th, 2008 02:07 am
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First, a question. Genderswitch (saiyuki) fanart, y/n?

Secondly, I finally decided to make myself watch Jeeves and Wooster (The one with Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry) as it's shown on the tv here for the n-th time. It was about time, after all the times I've heard of how brilliant it is and after allready having read fanfiction :P

It is, brilliant that is.
Bertie Wooster is unbelievably stupid and naive and adorable ♥ and him and his friends are such...children. I mean, they go around stealing stuff from people for fun, wtf. :'DD
Whereas Jeeves...well, he is a great character as well, of course.
Funny thing is, at some point while watching the first episode (in fact, I know exactly when. Bertie asked him: "Do you know everything, Jeeves?" To which he replied, after some thought "I really don't know, sir." Which, you see, is not in fact, denial. :D)
I suddenly thought: "This man is acting just like Hakkai o_O!"
I mean, he's unfailingly polite, really smart (and knows it, oh yes), sneaks up on people and startles them, and is then all "you called me, sir?". And of course both are scarily efficient at all they do. ¤_¤

Or is this just one of those, "you've watched too much of x, when..."-things? >_>;


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