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Museology studies have been... progressing. Today I both checked my grade for the previous installment and started on the second's exam thesis, which says something about the pace of things. :P Despaired over that a bit a while ago but eh, still hanging on. Even if OTHER things I should have done have been falling to the wayside a bit. Oh, and I got an A in the last exam (from A-E and F for a failing grade), so that wasn't so bad I guess.

Besides that, have been crotcheting berets. So far, one succesful round one for me, and still working on a square topped one. That one was modified from the pattern for the round, so first I had to learn to crotchet squares and then work out how I needed to modify the pattern so the walls came out satisfactory. Which meant unspooling everything many many times, but I MIGHT have it now. Maybe. Just started to narrow it down so we'll see. Now to figure out how to get measurements from people these are for... think I'll have to make it a non-surprise. Well, the what anyway, they won't know the colour. :3

Yesterday, I was rudely woken by a nasty dream about scary people attacking with motorcycles, and while stumbling out realized that the sun was just rising and everything had a pretty frost covering. So instead of falling back in bed I went out on the hill above the house where I live and took photos. I'd just found out there are some (probably viking age) stone mounds there, and I did indeed find them, as well as pretty pretty nature.
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Reading about the mining town Røros in Norway, which is a Unesco world heritage site. It's handling as a kultural object is a long story, starting with a famous author who was raised there and used his experiences in his writing, Johan Falkberget (1879-1967). When the mining activity began to wane in the early 1900s, tourism was seen as a survival strategy, but the definition of what was actually worth seeing... well.

At first, it was only the church and another building which were considered at all worth keeping, later, in 1020s five of the "common" houses were marked as such (funnily enough, these houses had earlier been portrayed by a painter and the paintings put up at the National Gallery in Oslo). One of these houses, regardless, was demolished and sent to Norsk Folkemuseum in Oslo, where they couldn't afford to built it up and it was left in pieces in a warehouse. On it's place in Røros, there was built a gas station.

As 1930s rolled on, the mining activity was stopped entirely, and Riksantikvariet found yet new interest in Røros, marking all of 80 houses as well as the old street views as kultural heritage. BUT, they felt the houses as they were just weren't "authentic" enough, so most of them were more or less taken down and rebuilt. As a result, the Røros of today is perhaps very pittoreque, but not very authentic at all.

Now, guess what happened to that house sent to Norsk Folkemuseum, Per Amundsagården? They'd never gotten to building it up, but in 1970s the 20s gas station was demolished, and Per Amundsgården was sent back and built to it's original site, ironically as one of the best preserved buildings in the town, having been sent away before it was "preserved".

Meanwhile at the Norsk Folkemuseum, on the site where Per Amundsagården had originally supposed to have stood, the museum built a... 1920s gas station. xD
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We went to various locations at Adelsö, which is an island in the Lake Mälaren. Our guide was an archaelogist, who had actually found some of the things on the sites we visited, and had very definite theories on things he talked about, which I'm going to take with a grain of salt (though they were quite convincing theories, as far as I can tell).


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I just found out I got accepted to Stockholm University to study a museology program. In Swedish which... we'll see if/how well I'll be able to handle that. But I did get accepted so. Yay. It'll be my biggest adventure so far, for good or bad.

The family's reactions ranged from "oh, nice :Db" to "but what are you going to do about a place to live over there?" Mom, can't I just feel relieved for one evening, jeez :I (also no hugs. I kind of wanted a hug. :'3)

Anyway, I'm just going to be freaking out over here. Half of me is still afraid I missunderstood somehow or something will stop me going later. *knocks on wood*


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