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Decided to travel home for Christmas, will arrive right before the eve and stay for a couple of weeks.

Kind of despairing getting any Christmas presents done to even a few people because I have no time left over for crochet, really. :/

Also, almost done with the good omens exchange fic, only one+ weeks late (have until end of this week... anyone willing to speed-beta it? :') As usual, sex scenes are the worst.

What else... fandom things:
- Saw The Day of the Doctor with some friends and a theater full of Swedish Whovians. Some things made me huff and roll my eyes, but overall it was fairly ok, the bits that didn't feel like a generic action movie anyway. Was ready to dislike Hurt!Doctor and then he was the best, gdi *shakes fist* (also, tintin hair). Also maybe it was seeing it with so many other people who seemed to enjoy even the bitsI didn't but... I kind of reached this acceptance that this might not be my preferred sort of Doctor Who but it is the one we're getting in this time. And maybe someday it'll change again if it keeps going, which, why not?

- About a week later, saw Sylvester McCoy. In Real Life. Should make a longer post about that someday but I'm still not really recovered. Also still not able to believe he is actually a real person. Bwaah.

- Watched Image of the Fendahl. Great dramatic tension and Leela continues to be perfect enough to make me grudgingly accept Four's... Fourness. Wanda Ventham (lady who plays the scientist who gets taken over by the Fendahl, and is also Benedict Cumberbatch's mom) is cute and seems like a sweetie on the making of documentary (like when she mentions being surprised how pretty her fellow male actors were x3). Meanwhile Adam Colby is the sassiest bby and the homoerotic tension between him and Max Stael is a thing of beauty as well. It's not even UST, more like "used to sleep with this guy and he is tttly evil but ohmg so hot"-tension. x3

- Also made people watch Star Trek: The Motion Picture with me. Impossibly, it was more tedious and the costume design more drab than I recalled. Still, we managed to have some fun with at least parts of it. I think.

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I should sleep but before I forget some things.

Saturday: Met gf and friend on visit and we made butternut squash soup and pie. They talked Gallifrey and I... I don't even try to understand. Timelords man. As established before, Katy Manning should play all of them. Especially the lost ghost of Pandak the Second. Or whatever he was called. Also we decided Borusa was probably brainwashed by Rassilon for the lulz in The Five Doctors because he was too awesome for all that otherwise.

Sunday: Met gluecookie and we had lots of tea and watched Star Trek.
Friday's Child: In which McCoy is a Terrible Doctor but also adorable (that bastard) and Eleen is more awesome that you. And we're not sure whether to call orientalism on Capellans or choose to interpret it as more medieval europe-style aliens? In conclusion, a bit sexist, a bit questionable, but could be worse and has lovely character moments all around, both with the triumvirate on planet and srs Scotty in charge (adorbs!) and co. I also officially ship Scotty and Uhura now and we have decided they do each other's hair. Headcanon: Commander Kor cursed the fact he was sick with Romulan measles for this mission and missed another chance for an epic ~*romantic*~ fight to the death with Captain Kirk. Poor dear.

Balance of Terror: Wiki confirms it IS a space version of a submarine drama as I thought. Cool stuff. Other than that... *ugly sobbing* waah Mark Lenard's Romulan Commander and John Warburton's Centurion why were they such babies. Dese nameless Romulans... ; A ;

Journey to Babylon: Hello again Mark Lenard fancy seeing you here (also apparently he played a Klingon in the first movie. Mark Lenard plz) ~*Amanda and Sarek*~ (even though why would Amanda guilt trip her son to risk his life to save his father when she just moments before told him not to do it? IDEK Also Spock plz Scotty would have HAD THAT. But I guess bf in the sickbay upset him or something) Amanda is the fanciest. And Amanda and Kirk would talk SO MUCH shit about their Vulcan husbands while said husbands have a logical discussion on the peculiar failings of humans. Fact.


Oct. 20th, 2013 10:38 pm
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It was lovely and life-affirming (had some serious cuddle deficiency) and then I lost my best hat on the way home. :'I

But, disregarding that, saw friends and we watched Wrath of Khan and The Whale Movie Voyage Home and gave summaries of the other films to those who had not seen them, since we didn't have time to see all. In fact, had to fast-forward the credits as things were, which made me think they'd picked a much catchier tune for TVH for a moment... >3>;

Films were as they were, which is pretty awesome. Feeling were had... especially for all the fans who saw WoK in the movies back when it came out. Poor dears. Also TVH is the mother of all plotbunnies, such as:

- How did Sulu get that helicopter anyway? Presuming his staggering charm was somehow used but beyond that?
- SOMEONE totally bailed Kirk and co. out there, I wonder who... I mean, it's not like his husband/BF5ever is an influential politician who'd already gotten involved in Kirk's defense.
- In general, I have a need for more Sarek and Amanda. If there isn't any tie-in literature about those two someone needs to get on that. Or fic? Just, all of the films from their perspective. And Amanda talking to Kirk on Vulcan. ALL of it.
- Oh and I'd forgotten the thing with Chekov and now need H/C fic. BBY.

I feel like I'm forgetting a lot. But. Bbies.
We also had amazing dinner courtesy of gluecookie and her parents. Delicious food.
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The promised last weekend post and one for this week? Also I'm sick rn so if something doesn't make sense I'll blame that.

Weekend before last the people whose house I live in were traveling so I had the house to myself. Which was nice on one hand and on the other it's a large and slightly labyrinthine. Used the old method of having the radio and/or tv on to not get creeped out when it was dark, and also taiyou_to_tsuki came to stay over for a bit. She'd previously sent me a pdf of the Doctor Who Cookbook (1985) which is a very charming thing with fun illustrations. We tried making Chancellor Flavia's Chicken Favourite (from Dinah Sheridan). I did a bunch of household chores before her arrival, including dinner planning. Very housewifey.

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So, internet was not working last night, and right after it did today... the mouse stopped working. Considering the wire has been frayed (and taped) since I got it from someone in the family about a year ago this was not exactly sudden but... argh. I still have the touch pad but it's cumbersome to use and makes my hands hurt.

I don't even know if any shops in walking distance SELL these things... :'(

Anyway, yesterday I watched some Star Trek. Going through the eps I haven't yet seen or can't recall well enough on season two, so yesterday it was The Changeling, The Apple, The Doomsday Machine and I, Mudd.
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