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So I did get into onto the course in the end despite failing to register in time. It's been nice having more humane amounts of work for a change *knocks on wood* and I should probably take the opportunity to find extra work but not sure I want to give up the free/recovery time. I seem to spend enough of it being exhausted or feeling bad as it is...

Other things: Been following the Swedish Eurovision (where they pick a representative to the big competition) and there's one semi-final, the "second chance" and final left... I think?). Not sure any of the performances I've liked have gone on so far?

thoughts on Granada Holmes, the Invasion and audios Heroes of Sontar, the Emerald Tiger and Jago and Lightfoot seasons 2 and 3 )

Was going to write about newest AUs but this post has gotten long so I'll keep that part short.

A guestion: If Third Doctor was a (entirely human) university student in late 1980s Britain, what sort of music would you think he would like? What was the cool thing to like back then? Clearly this is v. important detail.

And. Somehow I've ended up writing a faux-academic/meta-fic essay about Doctor/Master as characters in an invented greco-roman-ish culture's religion where DW characters are mythological figures. The Doctor being a fairly minor deity that is often more a trickster or a folk hero than someone anyone would pray to and the Master is various different figures related to Death... to put it simply. Uh. Also I try not to think of Four in this AU late at night or I might never sleep again because he is the scariest boogeyman ever.
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No uni this week so I should be working on the Benton/Yates fic but. It hasn't happened yet. Bit troubled over that I recently (after coming up with the plot) found a fic with them on teaspoon that also has bonding via wondering in wilderness. Course, other things happen in my story as well but... :/
Also feeling generally stuck on the plot, as it's supposed to be twisty and clever and I have... very little so far.

After the exam on friday, I tried to finish [identity profile] / [personal profile] regndoft's birthday gift on saturday which... was a bit overambitious. But I succeeded! Almost!
Made crotcheted/amigurumi dolls of Third Doctor and Delgado!Master, and then didn't have time/ forgot to take proper pictures so you get those later, perhaps.

Besides that, listened to several Big Finish audios while working on said dolls. The Sandman and Arrangements for War with Six and Evelyn, The Harvest with Seven, Ace and Hex, The Scorchies and The Doll of Death with Jo Grant and Shadow of the Past with Liz Shaw (and I also listened to Blue Tooth a few days back).

Then I went over to user name=regndoft>'s place where I wasn't supposed to stay too late... and I stayed only until seven! On the next day. Anyway, we watched Reign of Terror and Colony in Space. And argued over best method to cook noodles (to be fair, more a matter of taste, I just liked them just on the good side of undercooked and hers is the opposite view)

(spoilery) thoughs about all of the above under cut. Except the noodles (although M., the sesame oil makes them much better, we should have used it after all) )

Moving on to serials... )

Now, I think instead of doing any fic writing like I should I'll just... do a bit of drawing or something else. Right after I'm done painting my toenails sparkly lime green anyway. (edit: and I did)
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So, yesterday I decided to push off work on uni stuff or fics and instead listen to an audio and finish a crotchet hat that just needed an edge and decorating. So I listened to Doctor Who-Ish and worked on this hat:

Picture of it under cut )

Was going to make fox ears for it, and did in fact, but then decided that they were too small and maybe I didn't want an ear hat anyway (too animu? idk) so now I'm pondering some brightly and unnaturally coloured flowers instead? Which reminds me, I have this crotchet pattern book from -77, that's mostly about a few different types of flowers, and while some designs are cute, others are a bit...

...special )

Anyway... right, I also listened to The Holy Terror with Sixth Doctor and Frobisher last week. And I mean, how can you NOT love a shapeshifter detective who could be anything and chooses to be a penguin with an American accent? And Six gets feels in the end and it is painful to listen to but also oh Six ilu. :'3


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