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artist: Me
characters/pairings: Companions: Susan, Katarina, Ian, Vicki, Sarah Kingdom, Barbara, Polly, Ben, Steven and Dodo, Liz Shaw, Jo Grant and Sarah Jane Smith, Jamie McCrimmon.
Doctors: 1, 2, 3 and 5, Delgado!Master, Ainley!Master + some more or less vaguely shippy stuff.
warnings: a lot of it is very cracky, otherwise everything is pretty tame.

 photo d6382ddb-2186-4f6c-ac92-37cd1bacb26c.jpg
Link to fanart

 photo a4aaf232-d646-4ea2-82d5-57bff7985bc3.jpg
Link to original art, most of it doodles

In other news, landlady suggested today that if I can't find a job and need to go home for a couple of months before uni starts again, I could keep the room by paying a lowered rent during the time while I'm away. Which sounds pretty good, since I don't fancy hunting a new place from another country again. Still need to talk about the exact details later though.

And I looked through my closet and picked apart some clothes I thought I could try to sell at a student flea market at the end of month. Selling is for free so don't have anything to lose there really.

Oh, and I took some selfies of my new dress and things )
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I finally got around to fixing all the broken links at bunnyfication, and thus felt ok with posting new art there. :D

fandom: Doctor Who
characters/pairings: Shalka!Doctor/Shalka!Master, Alison Cheney, Delgado!Master, Ainley!Master, Simm!Master, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Turlough as a sad pomeranian.
warnings: Ask blog arts contain one vague reference to possible alcoholism/depression. And cut 3 has two moving gifs in the beginning.

Starting with some shalkaverse arts
A couple of portraits (D!Master and 8)
And a lot of silly cat themed ones (a couple of moving gifs at the start)
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I tried making a post yesterday, but the crossposting to lj wasn't working, and it was just a boring recount of the trip anyway. Today it's been a fairly usual Christmas eve, with dinner and gift sharing. Very peaceful and boring to write about? Oh, unless one counts the amiable argument my parents have had for fake (my mom) vs. real trees (my dad) for several Christmases now. This year it ended up in no big tree at all, and my dad getting a fallen top of a fir from the forest, which is set in a vase on the table with some decorations.

Posted three DW cards I did here.

I got chocolates, an amigurumi book, new nightwear and socks and a wall calendar. All stuff that will be useful, but best of all, my sister knitted me a fox muff! ¤3¤
it is perfect )
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Sorry for not replying to some comments, I've been a bit distracted

But, something I could/should have posted a while ago (like certain Saiyuki fics, apologies to people on the flist interested in those >_<;) but just...didn't.

Title: Even In a Perfect World, Rome Fell, but Then Someone Helped Him Up Again (and Lived to Regret It)
Author/Artist: Myself, as usual.
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Rome/Germania (you know, the one who looks like Legolas) + various wee countries.
Rating: G, unless you consider men in pink aprons PG
Warnings: horrifying living arrangements. You might feel sorry for Germania after this. I do :'3 And...oh right, it's not historically plausible at all. Just total crack. =3=
Summary: Rome is the worst husband ever (four pictures + drabble)
three picture (or four, depends on how you count) under cut )
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Title: Two Times Finland Won
Author/Artist: Stalkerbunny
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Finland/Sweden
Rating: First R, second G. :9
Warnings: Uh, well, Finland sort of that a warning anyway? :3 Also, brief description/implication of sex happening.
AND A REALLY AWFUL BAD PUN. An old one to boot. Eurgh.
Also three biggish pictures, don't know if that's bad for dial-up users ^_^;

Notes: This is my first time writing these two, and here I go taking chances with the characterization, and the drawing style as well, felt like trying to draw them a bit manlier >3>; *cringe*. So...*goes to be nervous in a corner*
Oh, and I think eighties flashback!Finland is too tall. Sorry. =_=;

Summary: Now and again Finland tended to get all depressed about how he never won anything. But he did, sometimes...
1995 IIHF World Championship, Sweden )
Eurovision Song Contest 2006 )
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Artist: I will never get why this part is necessary...the usual suspect?
Fandom, characters: Good Omens, Crowley and Aziraphale.
Disclaimer: Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett own. Also these characters.
Rating: ...PG for outrageous lies half naked cat demon girl (albeit censored :P)...don't ask.

Notes: Woo, a new fandom~ (eek)
For those not in the know, Good Omens is: )
It's been ages since I read the actual book, but I had this vague memory which could be entirely wrong that there was a part that said these two sometimes do each other's work if more convenient. Which...made me think. But in the end it just led to this sillyness. =3=;

I'm really a bit nervous about posting this o_o; Character who 1)have no image model 2)Aren't even described much as in Aziraphales case...-> scary~

btw, it's been ages since I used watercolor/gouache...and it shows? :'P

Title: Those Little White Lies.
In his defence, Crowley was reasonably certain the kitten was somehow demonic )
Meanwhile, at the bookshop... )
So, how was your day? )
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Posted some Hetalia fanart here and needed to link it so I could find it in the future. :P

Also currently trying to draw Good Omens fanart. Two pictures sketched, one to go...aargh, why did I start drawing backgrounds to these, whyyy~ D':
Other unfinished sketches/attempts other fannish things:
- Finland/Sweden Hetalia fic, needs tuning. Lots.
- My Little Pony!Saiyuki-ness, sketched, needs to be inked and colored (and accompanied by others?)
- Art for Castoffs which is...half sketched, except the characters look all wrong. As usual. *sigh*
Also need to write more of that before I forget the plot. :/


Boring school stuff )
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Title: Good Old Fashioned Romance
Author/Artist: Just myself, I'm afraid.
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Germany, Italy (pairing's there if you squint, I swear >3>)
Rating: G, totally
Summary:I'll be almost surprised if anyone hasn't done this before :')

cut for sillyness )
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Betaread by the gracious [ profile] meicdon13,and sorry for stealing your idea! >_<;;;

Title: Childhood Sweethearts
Author/Artist: Stalkerbunny aka. Keraaminenkettu aka. Maarit ^_^
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Germany/Italy (and based on the unofficial theory Holy Roman Empire => Germany. Yes, I couldn't stand the tragedy *is a wimp* >3>;)
Rating: PG
Warnings: Nothing worse than a kiss, really.
Summary: Amnesia? Can you eat that?

But some things don't change. )
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Parts 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
and the DA version with all of them (sans some fics and such :P): here
Title: Welcome Home
Rating: PG
Words: Prompt: "And now for the obligatory slash scene."
This is the slashies pic with these two I've draw so far. >3> ♥
Thought it's still not VERY slashy, but...ahaha. :'D
Inspired by this picture
the classic art of the glomp )
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Parts 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Title: Silly Business
Rating: G
Words: Prompt: "Draw Jeeves and Bertie getting drunk together"
This one's pretty...simple. =_=;
But let's just get it over with )
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Parts 1 2 3 4 5 6
Title: Costuming
Rating: G
Words: Prompt: "Now draw Jeeves as Harry Potter. Alternatively draw Bertie as a truck driver."
Being myself, I decided to do both.
But somehow I couldn't submit Jeeves to such an adult. :3
So there was really only one thing to do. )
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Parts 1 2 3 4 5
Title: Cultural Misunderstandings.
Rating: G
Words: Prompt: "Now draw Bertie after he discovers his fascination with gothic subculture."
Guess which gothic style the history freak (that's me) chose? You get three. =3=

Misunderstanding under cut. )
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Parts 1
and 2
Title: St. George Jeeves to the Rescue!
Rating: G
Words: Prompt: "And now Jeeves and Aunt Agatha in a staring competition."
It was fun drawing aunt Agatha! (Guess which type of bird I used for inspiration? :3)
Whereas getting Jeeves' haughty expression right was quite vexing. >_>;
This one arrived with a little story as well. ^_^;
during the writing of which I think I just gave myself fluff poisoning.
So careful there. :'P

Let's get on with it...under the cut )
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Parts 1
and 2
and 3
Title: Part 4/10
Rating: G
Words: Prompt: "Draw Bertie and Jeeves in drag"
Those might actually be a tad oldfashioned clothes for them (Bertie's is basically copy of an illustration from early twenties...thought we hardly know when those stories are set anyway, or...?). Perhaps the wardrobe of an aunt had to be pilfered. Perhaps we don't want to know.

look out, it's a cut! )
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Parts 1 and 2
Title: The Birt of Venus the Gentleman. XD
Rating:PG? I mean, there's almost nakedness's quite innocent?
Words: Everyone who doesn't get the reference fails art history! :D
...not really. >3>;

Prompt: "Now draw Bertie naked, covering himself up with a yellow rubber duck."
sillyness behind cut )
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Title: J&W Art Meme part 2/10
Rating: G
Words: For further info, see Part 1
"Prompt": Now draw Jeeves in an attire that Bertie would wear but which would make Jeeves very upset.

Oh, the horror...or? )
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Title: J&W Art Meme part 1/10
Rating: G
Words: I've recently drawn some pictures for [ profile] siilikeiju's very entertaining J&W art meme, ans since I had to make the pictures rather small, didn't feel content in just posting it on deviantart. ^_^;
There may also be a few added notes concerning some images.

There will be about nine more posts in this series, which I intend to post in following days (after that I'll post the entire thing on DA, of course). Hope this won't be too much of a nuisance to anyone. (also: this is text from the meme)

On to the rest )
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Title: *see title of post* XP
Artist: Me, once again.
Warnings: I went for as cutesy as possible, beware the sugar. Chibies. Naked Chibies, in fact.

Notes: [ profile] s0hmam0miji! Look what you made me do *glare* (Ahaha...♥)
BTW, the name thing was...well, I went to ask the aforementioned persion for a female name resembling Tom, and guess what her name happens to be! :'D

1 2 3, pictures! )
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I posted some fanart here of the Jeeves&Wooster variety.


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