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Since it has been a long time, we might go back a bit. And then see what I have actual acceptable pictures of.

Let's start at 2009, no, further... )
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You see, I intended to watch Junjou Romantica, but got distracted dl:ing it. Went to look at pictures in the relevant gallery over at Anime Paper instead, and then I saw one that made me think "oh, that would make a nice demotivator :D". Which I haven't done in a while since I exhausted the Saiyuki vein...>3>
So, here we have some Clamp and Hetalia and Naruto and Bleach and...

EDIT of lol: no one saw me mess up that cut (why have I taken to writing it lj-CUTE of recent...=3=;) >3>
watch out for random borderline NSFW? (+WAY TOO MANY PICTURES, seriously =_=;) )


Mar. 9th, 2009 01:45 pm
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I need to get away from being stuck browsing my flist and get to buing some soup ingredients (mmm, souuup~ :'D EDIT: turned out very good btw *noms*). And then I WILL finish some fanart, dammit. AND scan stuff for school, shouldn't forget that =_=;

First, a random picspam. Scanned from Japanese Comicskers, Draw Anime and Manga Like Japan's Hottest Artists...what a name, eh =_=
But it has purty pictures, and actually useful info about how they were made etc...this is just a few pictures I liked from two of the artist's, thought >3>;
I feel a bit iffy about posting these thought obviously I've done worse so for clarifcation I have no right to the pics, just scanned them from the book >//>;
laadilaa, cut to pretty )

Oh, and something I actually made myself, thought it's been posted before...
I seem to recall photobucket resized a certain pic to a much smaller size, so here's that silly genderswitch pic Except you can actually see the details :D
Gojyo still looks weird, but Hakkai is so pretty~ >3>~♥ WTH I drew this lol :'D
I wonder if anyone ever noticed those partially seen posters in the background. :3
Note, the one on the right...not actually Kougaiji as someone thought, it's an older poster...*teehee* I'm half tempted to draw them properly some time. >3>
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Warning: Messy sketches ahead, approach at own risk :/
I was just looking through my "sketch" books, and found lots of unfinished or otherwise sketchy stuff. Some of it might even be worth finishing...or what do you say? ^_^;
Picspam of epic proportions (of fail) )
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Still haven't gotten up to fighting with the scanner of evil or drawing anything...but I do have some pics I meant to share ages ago and never got around to? :3
First, a few scans from a book of American adds from the seventies )
and then photos of...a toy monkey ^_^; )

btw, I was thinking...remember this crazy meme?
Might I be justified trying it again (with some different fandoms, maybe?) :3


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