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Traveling back to Sweden tomorrow, and back to... being an adult. Blegh. 8I

More positive stuff, saw Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day on tv, saw that when it came out in 2008 too. Still a simple but cute film. I will even forgive the sudden heterosexual romance because there are women being friends. And even the romance was pretty cute. uwu

EDIT: Also I bought ice cream with brainwalnuts and maple syrup and it was the best. ¤A¤

Also got a trope bingo card, again. Maybe this year I'll even manage some fills.

trope bingo card! )


Oct. 20th, 2013 10:38 pm
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It was lovely and life-affirming (had some serious cuddle deficiency) and then I lost my best hat on the way home. :'I

But, disregarding that, saw friends and we watched Wrath of Khan and The Whale Movie Voyage Home and gave summaries of the other films to those who had not seen them, since we didn't have time to see all. In fact, had to fast-forward the credits as things were, which made me think they'd picked a much catchier tune for TVH for a moment... >3>;

Films were as they were, which is pretty awesome. Feeling were had... especially for all the fans who saw WoK in the movies back when it came out. Poor dears. Also TVH is the mother of all plotbunnies, such as:

- How did Sulu get that helicopter anyway? Presuming his staggering charm was somehow used but beyond that?
- SOMEONE totally bailed Kirk and co. out there, I wonder who... I mean, it's not like his husband/BF5ever is an influential politician who'd already gotten involved in Kirk's defense.
- In general, I have a need for more Sarek and Amanda. If there isn't any tie-in literature about those two someone needs to get on that. Or fic? Just, all of the films from their perspective. And Amanda talking to Kirk on Vulcan. ALL of it.
- Oh and I'd forgotten the thing with Chekov and now need H/C fic. BBY.

I feel like I'm forgetting a lot. But. Bbies.
We also had amazing dinner courtesy of gluecookie and her parents. Delicious food.
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Visited Mathilda for most of the week, and there was much film watching on the theme of comedies and/or musicals. In order: Little Shop of Horrors, Barbarella, Släpp fångarne loss, det är vår!, My Fair Lady and Blades of Glory. )
Oh, and I bought The Invasion of Time (mostly so I can be pretty screencaps of Andred, no regrets) and started reading and borrowed Harvest of Time. UNIT BBIES.

Got back to my own lodgings yesterday, and nothing terrible had happened while I was away. Yesterday I went out to buy food, and today, I've washed laundry and done long-overdue banking and other money arrangements I've been too stressed to tackle for months. Vital things still to do: Pay for a Swedish ID card to start the process of getting one, put last year's uni books on sale (and look for new ones), call about a possible job and try not to die(oAo), get proof of studies and send to KELA in Finland and pay for new student card, I think. For starters. But most of these are not things that can be done on a sunday anyway, even if I felt like it.

I *should* probably neaten up the room but I feel like I'll just end up putting things in neater piles as there's nowhere proper to put them and it's not very motivating. Land people have been meaning to put in bookshelves since before I moved, but the bookshelf they got was too big and there's been talk of putting some up on the walls but it hasn't happened. I don't blame them for that but... it would be nice to have actual place for books, and other things too. Maybe I should visit Ikea and try to find boxes and things to store stuff better in what spaces I've got in my room, as the current furniture pretty much fills it up. At most I could maybe fit a tiny shelf under or beside the window and against the wardrobe. Also, could talk about this plan to land people to see if they'd be willing to pay for those things.

Unrelatedly, I looked at the clothes I chose for staying-in-day, and realized I'm basically wearing eighties scifi-casual.
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iow university and Doctor Who and other films.

University: Had the (first non-home) exam on Thursday, think it might have gone ok at least. Only blanked out completely on one author's name I wanted to refer to, and he wasn't super important. Then, yesterday we had the introduction to the next part, which is going to be about the old Swedish farmer society and how it changed 1800s-1900s. Seems a lot more interesting than the the first part so yay.

Films: After that I visited [personal profile] gluecookie and we watched A Midwinter's Tale/In the Bleak Midwinter, a film I'd seen half of years ago on tv and could never find after. I happened to mention my fruitless efforts to [personal profile] gluecookie and she and her family actually went and hunted down a DVD. \¤3¤/ And yes, it was even better than I remembered. Then we also watched Seeds of Death, more on that later.

Let me talk more about AMT first )

Moving onto Seeds of Death somewhat spoilery account )
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Is a 1933 film I've never seen, and probably won't since it sounds rather like a potentially subversive idea with a frustrating misogynistic ending. From what I've gathered from plot descriptions, it seems to be a sort of Amazon fantasy gender-role flip story.

However, what does come out of this movie are some rather nice stills. Actually, I first encountered the movie when I bought the book Hollywood Portraits: Classic Stills 1929-41, which has one still, the rest I found online.

Cut for costume design porn )
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Also bought new yarn, in red-orange and burgundy. And double ended crotchet hooks. So I can try Afghan/Tunisian crotchet styles properly. *nod*

Also, went to see the movie in Maxim's hall 2, which is a reconstruction of their original 1909 viewing hall. Velvet curtains and antique Greek themed reliefs on gold walls and everything fancy. Yay~

Now, Hobbit thoughts, negative and positive )
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First, wasn't that the prettiest peach pie ever ♥
(so tasty I couldn't photograph it fast enough, unfortunately :P

They showed all three Lord Of the Rings movies in tv on the holiday as well, and I watched them(well, only bits of the first one). Me and my sister mocked everything even remotely silly and then some, but I can't say they aren't pretty good movies. Not like the books were the easiest to adapt, to say the least :P
I do find movie Frodo slightly annoying at times, either because he has too big eyes, or just gets into trouble a bit too much =_=;. And Galadriel is just...scary. In a good way. Something.
The scene with Eowyn and the Witch King was very cool, no matter how much it bugs me she and Merry got away with it all so easily. I do understand why, but...damn it, the scene it made disappear is one of my favorites in the book ;_;. I'm trying not to spoil anything, you see

At the end of the last movie my sister said about Frodo and Sam "If they were a man and a woman they'd be kissing for real about now, right?"
...XD Well, what can I say to that.


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