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Posted some Hetalia fanart here and needed to link it so I could find it in the future. :P

Also currently trying to draw Good Omens fanart. Two pictures sketched, one to go...aargh, why did I start drawing backgrounds to these, whyyy~ D':
Other unfinished sketches/attempts other fannish things:
- Finland/Sweden Hetalia fic, needs tuning. Lots.
- My Little Pony!Saiyuki-ness, sketched, needs to be inked and colored (and accompanied by others?)
- Art for Castoffs which is...half sketched, except the characters look all wrong. As usual. *sigh*
Also need to write more of that before I forget the plot. :/


Boring school stuff )
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So, English presentation went reasonably well...Meaning afterwards I felt like I'd just babbled inanely, and then the teacher went all "so good!" and I almost blushed. Eh. >//>

Also, I worked on another assignment from 2 pm to 8! And still had to cheat by upping the font size to 13 and narrowing the textframe to get it even anywhere near the minimum of 6 pages. Woe. ;_;
...but, I'm beyond caring. =_=

Also, I need to cook something because I...think I last ate at school at eleven? Uups.
Why aren't I actually that hungry? Stupid illness is killing my appetite. :'3 haha, I wish

Aaand roommates very smelly cooking comes to save the day, because I can actually smell it! :D
*iz drawn towards ze kitchen~*
and on today's menu we had )

Oh, one more thing! Was struck by this Hetalia fic idea today...specifically a Finland/Sweden idea...but I don't understand how Sweden talks, oh noes! ...right, I should go read parts of Hetalia in which he appears. Yup. Gonna go do that then. After the food.

LOL school

Jan. 14th, 2009 09:21 pm
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Well, just when I was starting to think I'd never manage to make my portfolio...I mean, the day before last I was sort of bouncily (LITERALLY) happy all day, wading in puddles and generally behaving like I was six. Not a suitable mood for work at all. *cough*

Whereas yesterday I was too tired from angsting about said portfolio all day to actually work on it at the end. I was technically supposed to have it ready, and the strange thing is...I almost did! :O
Worked on it furiously from one to four-ish, when the teacher arrived. And she could assist me with a few things that I couldn't get done myself. Yay. (it's still partially unfinished, but I think I'm over the biggest hurdle) ^___^/
Soon I really need to start looking for work then. Eek.

AND I made good work on my illustration assignment as well. Go me. :3
It still feels weird that the main character in the story we were given to illustrate has the same name as I do. =_=;

What else...Books! :D )
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One is supposed to be tagged to do teh happy meme everyone seems to be doing at the moment, right?
Must resist, must...

I'll just tell you things that made me happy today anyway:
-Got the school newspaper. Done now, for real, yay! :D
Teachers said it's the best they've ever seen, also yay.
Thought one of my works, the one I think is kinda...icky, was mentioned by one of the teachers. She said it's a good (fake) ad (that wasn't...sarcasm, was it? :/ ) and something about the name of the unexisting firm being amusingly suggestive...uh, I wonder how exactly. =_=;;;
But the other two looked okay, so never mind.

-I managed to get the mask and may now finish it later.
-Christmas holidays start VERY soon. :D
-When I called my mom to ask about our holiday schedule for *insert longwinded reason here, which is also made of awesome* she mentioned I'd received a postcard.
From America, she said. From someone called wait was it Ada? Um, something beginning with an A? >3>;;; :3
Can't wait to get to see it on the weekend as well. ♥

I wonder when I should post THE fic. I basically have all the pieces but...*wibble* >3>;
um, [ profile] clytemnaestra? Will you be awfully insulted if I can't wait for your opinion even thought I asked for it and all? :'/
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Cut for commonplace :) )


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