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Apparently (while I was still dreaming of being chased by the mongol hordes in an antique car chase in a secret underground tunnel and later Genghis Khan in the form of a giant cartoon cat, typical dream stuff) my mom had tried to start sewing the cape, but alas, the sewing machine didn't work! She concluded it was probably the lamp, so after calling in my brother to help open up the machine and removing the lamp, we looked up places near our area that might sell new ones.

Then, I thought to mention that the previous night when I came to the kitchen right before going to bed, one of the lights had popped and they didn't work after that. So in fact there was nothing wrong with the machine, the fuses had merely died in the parts of the house where my mom tried to use it (the fuses in the kitchen area and utility room are connected apparently).


Aug. 16th, 2013 09:11 pm
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 photo IMG_0042-1.jpg

If all goes well, these will turn into a cape. Wool and satin for the inside (not the classiest satin ever, but it was cheap and I'd already splurged on the wool a bit.) Ideally I wanted to find reddish brown herringbone, but mostly only found tartans and/or greyish brown fabrics. This might have been the ONLY herringbone I encountered, in fact. Also, both fabrics came out the wrong colour in the photo, the blue is bluer and the turquoise is less.
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GF suggested we should make a pact to each write 300 words/day starting tomorrow and now my chest feels too tight because writing?!? I-I don't know if I can do that...

Then there was a lovely documentary about that Triangle factory fire. Especially cheerful when one thinks of the recent factory collapse in India that had a 100 times as big death toll and basically world only gets shittier. And then people die. But yeah, no news there.

Something more positive... uh, Town Called Mercy was actually pretty enjoyable. I mean, New Who that is not raeg inducing and/or confusing??? So I guess that was something. Also here's to hoping my still lurking headache will actually be gone tomorrow. Maybe I'm spoiled but two days seems a bit much to me.

Also in other news, thinking of making (or having my mom make, we'll see) a cape for next autumn. Just need to find both a nice pattern and fabrics which might be a bit tricky, especially the pattern...

Ideally, I think I'd like it in brown (reddish brown would be especially lovely) tweed with a more colourful lining (dark purple or blue-green). But I don't know how much those would cost, and I do have an old navy fabric with lighter blue pinstripes that's not perfectly what I want but... acceptable. I guess. But I'm not sure what would be a nice bright lining colour for that? Dark red maybe, but that's a bit meh. (I also have some silver satiny fabric that might be big enough. Kind of boring, but if the top fabric is blue anyway... idk)

As for style, depends a bit on whether I indeed find patterns and what sort, but I'm thinking about wrist/waist-lenght with arm slits (open all the way down?). And probably attaching at the middle with buttons or clasps, although I keep seeing this sort of side buttoning and thinking it looks rather nice. Buuut if we end up winging the pattern that might be too tricky. And maybe less easily adjustable?

Meanwhile, looks like Sixie's coat had a baby with someone's cape...and/or a throw blanket. Some wild night there.
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... I'm bored and felt like babbling.

Rather annoyed at the title of that fic, btw, since I picked it very much in a hurry and later realized I accidentally copied the title of aralias' fic on the same exchange... *sigh* But I still don't really have any other ideas, and it seems awkward to change it now? :/ At least I DID write something and it didn't feel completely horrible. :'D

In other news, went to the red cross second hand down the hill, where it turned out they were having an 50% discount day on everything. Got a tunic (geometric pattern in varying shades of purple, I think), a green t-shirt, some belts (to hold up my various slightly too large pants/shorts) and a grey-black purse that is slightly bigger than my shoulder bag(s) and so might be good for when uni starts again.

Been looking for a pretty, comfortable summer skirt with a wide hem that I could afford, but I haven't even seen many I could have considered. There was one at the second hand today, but it felt a bit tight at the waist (why aren't there any circle skirts with stretchy waist ANYWHERE?) and I already have that problem with the one skirt that would otherwise fit the description, so didn't want to risk ending up with another.

Currently considering if I should make another batch of instant noodles... maybe use two bags this time so I don't get really hungry after a few hours again. >_>


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