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After living here for about half a year now (time how do you go so fast???) I've gotten to the point where talking/understanding Swedish isn't constantly exhausting anymore, even if it's far from perfect.

But numbers. They've always been one of my worst enemies (took me ages to learn to read clocks), and apparently are so in Swedish too. Today I found this bag full of very brightly coloured rolls of yarn (good for my amigurumi plans) at a local second hand shop, but the price tag had fallen out.

So, I went to ask how much it cost, and after hearing the price went ":( oh." before I realized she'd said "tjugo", twenty not "sjuttio", seventy Stop laughing, in Swedish it sounds more like shjugo and shuttio. :'I And THEN there's the difference between teens and tens... meh. NUMBEEEERSSS.

Another thing I keep mixing up is earlier/later (tidigare/senare) which also gets annoying.

Unrelatedly, some day when I have nothing better to do and there's some natural light, I think I'll just spread out all my yarns somewhere and roll in them make a colour overview/check. Also take pictures for bragging purposes.
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Tyyppi. =_=
In Finnish that's a colloquial term for person (officially it means "type")
I tend to use it as a gender neutral term, which seems to confuse most people who consider it to imply a male person. I still refuse to believe it, thought :'9

I also occasionally get reminded of once calling carbonated water "kuplavesi" that is, bubble water. Mind you, I knew the correct words (kivennäisvesi ja vichyvesi), they just felt so awkward to pronounce. :<

Whereas family insider speak... )
On second thought, stuff I meant to say earlier... )
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My aunt has a smallish water container attached to her bathroom wall, which heats the water (so if you use too much hot water at once, it runs out).
It was always referred to as a "boileri" which is basically the word boiler, only modified a bit into Finnish. BUT, would a thing like that actually be called a boiler in English?
Ah, a water heater, apparently. *goes to correct* :)
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Today there was a little dispute with our English teacher, regarding a certain assignment where we were supposed to add an article to a sentence. (she said one way to write it was the best, while most of the class disagreed)
So, my dear friendslist, which one do you think is better? Or are both equally good and mean the same thing?

Her tasks include the production of advertising material and assisting the sales offices in Finland and the UK
and the assisting sales offices in Finland and the UK


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