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(Pretty much business as usual but I'm bored so bear with me)

Stuff that happened:
- All the foods. Might have a bit more soon though.
- Presents:
From gf: writing/letter paper, nail polish, gingerbread toffee, Greek honey, tea. (Oh, and the card. That was one of my favourite things. ¤3¤ And that adorable drawing of Three and Delgado!Master and Jo too uwu bbies)
From sister E.: An African hedgehog plushie she made. It's called Edgar and is adorbs.
Family in general: tights, transformer mittens/fingerless gloves, hair clips, some underwear.
Brother: Screen cleaner and wipe... Is this a hint? (my laptop did have filthy screen though so fair enough) x'D

Also parents got a DVD player from my brother which is their first proper one. The old Playstation they've been using hasn't played most DVDs for several years now so this is great (I'd have got them one if I wasn't so poor, srsly)
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I tried making a post yesterday, but the crossposting to lj wasn't working, and it was just a boring recount of the trip anyway. Today it's been a fairly usual Christmas eve, with dinner and gift sharing. Very peaceful and boring to write about? Oh, unless one counts the amiable argument my parents have had for fake (my mom) vs. real trees (my dad) for several Christmases now. This year it ended up in no big tree at all, and my dad getting a fallen top of a fir from the forest, which is set in a vase on the table with some decorations.

Posted three DW cards I did here.

I got chocolates, an amigurumi book, new nightwear and socks and a wall calendar. All stuff that will be useful, but best of all, my sister knitted me a fox muff! ¤3¤
it is perfect )
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So, Christmas Eve is drawing to an end...and it was a nice one, financial depression or not. :9

Mostly this can be seen in that our Christmas tree is a bit smaller than usual, which means the star isn't horizontal against the roof. And also we didn't stuff ALL the decorations to be found there as usual. How boring~ :'D

Later, in chronological order, there was rice porridge, sauna and dinner. And then of course gifts. Me and my sister/s also found time to annoy my brother sing through the books. :3
And watch a few movies on tv.

Talking about those. Madagaskar was...cute enough for your basic childrens animation The lion and the zebra are just really good friends, shut up mind, whereas Tokyo Godfathers was plain awesome.
Too bad I missed the first 30 minutes, but all the more reason to buy it later. :D
It's a story about three homeless people, an alcoholic man, an okama and a girl who's run away from home, who find an abandoned baby (on Christmas). They try to find the babys parents, and...stuff happens.
The movie is just gritty enough to not be too sappy, while being...well, basically a fairytale, with a happy ending. And while ugly things happen, and the characters are fallible, most of them are shown to have something good in them nevertheless. In a word, it's adorable as anything. ¤_¤ ♥ *wibbles*

Later, we're going to church, which is my family's newest Christmas tradition. This is about the only time in the year we go there, ahah, so not that religious,, I like the songs. and oggling the medieval paintings on the walls ¤_¤ .
I do realize it's hypocritical, but...*shrug* ^__^;


Dec. 22nd, 2008 02:59 pm
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Stuff I was too tired to write about yesterday. :')

First of all, finally got my hands on the sweet cards sent by [ profile] sharpeslass (I believe I blushed a bit reading the text :D ♥) and...I believe the other is from [ profile] smillaraaq?
In any case, it's very pretty, the birds are adorable and I love how subtly (*slow* ;9) the letters are formed. Yay.

Today while waiting for my parents to finish shopping I read Little Nemo In Slumberland at the library, since someone on the flist recommended it.
Amazing comic there, definitely. ¤_¤
So...absurd and just a tad creepy and most of all very very beautifully drawn. ♥
Wish I could show you this one page where Nemo and the Princess of Slumberland have to escape rain under a...some sort of huge umbrella/mushroom tower, because it was just gorgeous.

'kay, back to work~
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Christmas eve went as and my sister decorated the tree with almost all of the decorations we own, food tasted especially good (perhaps because I was VERY hungry ;), there was way too much chocolate (only not) and so on.
There weren't many presents this year, but none of us is so young anymore as to really care so much about them. I did get (among other things) a pretty calendar with images of japanese woodcuts (yay).
Oh, and we saw the police stop Santa Claus on the road, which was a bit unusual. :D

And later me, my father and younger sister went to church. That was also as usual, slightly boring despite my best intentions to stay alert, and singing the hymns being far too much fun. I just can't help really rather liking those songs...

rest of the pics, since I said I would post them. :P )
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See it's my new scanner, isn't he cute! ♥ it needs a name, hmm...

also, have some Christmassy pictures cards, in fact, but hush about that, kay? )


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