Jun. 9th, 2013 03:59 pm
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Feeling woozy and generally lazy today. Suspect the allergies have kicked in... mugwort blooming already maybe? So far I've... managed to drag myself out of bed, cram in all the dark wash (which should be done soon) and vacuum the room. Oh and take pictures of the giant blond slugs that were out after the rain.

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apparently, this type is called helix pomatia, Burgundy/Roman snail or escargot when cooked. Awww (no worries I'm not tempted).

Should write sixathon fic, but can't quite decide where to go with the plot. I have two options, one of which is simpler and crackier and the other which is... slightly less so. Hm. Also feeling so woozy I might just go lie in the sun and read anyway.

Talking about which, was at the Stockholm Public Library for the first time yesterday, with taiyou_to_tsuki yesterday, and my fan radar managed to pick up Doctor Omega. If that article is to be believed the translation's been specially modified to be more Doctor Who-ish... hm. In that case, maybe it is an actual old scifi novel rather than an elaborate meta fic (although why on earth could they not just translate it as is? Weird thing to do imo... IF that's true.)
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Museology studies have been... progressing. Today I both checked my grade for the previous installment and started on the second's exam thesis, which says something about the pace of things. :P Despaired over that a bit a while ago but eh, still hanging on. Even if OTHER things I should have done have been falling to the wayside a bit. Oh, and I got an A in the last exam (from A-E and F for a failing grade), so that wasn't so bad I guess.

Besides that, have been crotcheting berets. So far, one succesful round one for me, and still working on a square topped one. That one was modified from the pattern for the round, so first I had to learn to crotchet squares and then work out how I needed to modify the pattern so the walls came out satisfactory. Which meant unspooling everything many many times, but I MIGHT have it now. Maybe. Just started to narrow it down so we'll see. Now to figure out how to get measurements from people these are for... think I'll have to make it a non-surprise. Well, the what anyway, they won't know the colour. :3

Yesterday, I was rudely woken by a nasty dream about scary people attacking with motorcycles, and while stumbling out realized that the sun was just rising and everything had a pretty frost covering. So instead of falling back in bed I went out on the hill above the house where I live and took photos. I'd just found out there are some (probably viking age) stone mounds there, and I did indeed find them, as well as pretty pretty nature.
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Spent a week living at the summerhouse of our relatives, which is situated in a very sparsely inhabited area (in eastern Finland). It's built on top of a big rock on the shore of a lake/pond, and the rock looks almost like a fort of some kind from the water.
My grandparents also live nearby (well, a few kilometers of), in the house where my grandmother lived when she was a child. I can never help finding that house utterly cool and interesting, it's so old. Back when my grandparents first moved there, there wasn't even electricity or running water.
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