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Been looking at my art folder trying to decide what to post, but it's... stressful? Making me feel a bit ill? I don't even hate my art that badly, just some of it! :'D (And then there is a fandom that has bad associations right now and it's not helping *wince*). Don't think I will be posting the ones I really find rather shoddy, they can just moulder on tumblr.

I suppose I could warm up by posting some original works instead...

Talking about fandoms, I should update my icons, I don't have a single Doctor Who themed one. But that's also hard. :[
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Today, I randomly decided to try crossposting. We'll see if it becomes a habit or anything.

The other day, I came across this tumblr posting badly done or otherwise amusing romance novel covers. Besides being generally amused, I'm again wondering at the prevalence of naked male torsos all over the place, often without a face which makes it feel a bit... disquieting.

That was something I noticed back when some friends dragged me to see Eclipse (hilariously bad, btw, much gleeful mocking was had). Shirtless muscly guy fanservice all over the place. Is this a recent phenomena, or something a lot of people find/have always found attractive? Is it just that it does little to me personally and thus sticks in my eye?

These are the deep matters I ponder, sometimes. Just like the porn logic where incest is not mainstream accepted but guy + (female)twins = Sexy. Which question I just took up at work today, ahaha... that might have been a mistake, huh. I'D But seriously, logic does not compute.
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I'm trying to decide whether or not to ink and color something for school, because on one hand it's getting kinda late in the magazine project, and then again...maybe I should show it to someone first. :/
Don't want to leave it hanging, thought, either.
EDIT: Inked, and I love it, hope it's received well by others too. o_o;
Also wonder if they will notice the horrid manga influence THIS time. X9

Also, the day before last I wrote some more James Bond/Saiyuki fusion fic...alas, I got stuck on how an enemy agent posing as a schoolteacher and our hero could meet for the first time. Hm.
Ideas? *cheap*

Oh, and this morning I found something delightful, an AU Naruto doujin, "And We...". Of the Naruto/Sasuke variety.
While doujin for that series and pairing has usually been a bit of...a disappointment, this was not.
For one, the characters are admittedly a bit different due to the AU setting, but no more than one could find conceivable if they didn't have had to get used to all the death and killing in a ninja's life (they're so happy...;_; ♥). Do you hear me, IN CHARACTERNESS. Woot. ¤_¤/
Ahah, the other pairing in it was a bit surprising (Yondaime Minato and Kakashi, huh?), but works okay. :3
Yondaime and Naruto are total dorks, btw. Aww...

Look, it's a link And another one to [ profile] yaoi_daily. >3>
read the rest of it and oh my... )


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