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Traveling back to Sweden tomorrow, and back to... being an adult. Blegh. 8I

More positive stuff, saw Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day on tv, saw that when it came out in 2008 too. Still a simple but cute film. I will even forgive the sudden heterosexual romance because there are women being friends. And even the romance was pretty cute. uwu

EDIT: Also I bought ice cream with brainwalnuts and maple syrup and it was the best. ¤A¤

Also got a trope bingo card, again. Maybe this year I'll even manage some fills.

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I was looking my trope_bingo card over and probably indeed going to end up trying for the right vertical. (Or maybe diagonal across, but not sure what I'd do with alpha/beta/omega?).

Amusingly, I realized I have three possible ideas for cross-dressing and they're all with Three and Delgado!Master...:'D Also, it took until someone else mentioning the Pullman book thing to connect daemons to that trope. My first thought was the Doctor Who serial and second to google it and get nature spirits in Greek mythology. Which (drawing characters as nature spirits of some sort) might actually be a fun art idea if I could choose a fandom. Kirk/Spock maybe? Suggestions are welcome.

Talking about suggestions, I'm drawing a blank on telepathy/mindmeld... help?


Jan. 4th, 2013 02:32 am
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Got my card at trope_bingo! :D
Let's see, stuff I've already previously began to write for are amnesia (Shalka!verse D/M AND another fandom haha), au:neighbours (7/Master) while I've been planning a forced to marry fic/art for Shalka!verse for ages. I guess Jo DOES get to be the bridesmaid then. Does it count as cross dressing if it's just underwear? The rest seem fun too~ (oh how I love silly tropes ♥ )
bingo card under cut )
PS. Anyone know how to make it smaller/at least get rid of that pesky gap?


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