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Things that happened:
My mom finished my cape! It is awesome! \¤3¤/ Double awesome considering there was no pattern, only some pictures I found online that were sort of in the direction of what I wanted. Just a couple of final details that need fixing/deciding on.

Meanwhile, myself and my sister did jewellery out of Fimo polymer clay, which was lovely to work with, much easier than I feared. Today's theme was mostly... sea creatures. I'll post pictures once we're done with the batch, I think. :) Also listened to Live 34 while we worked.
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GF suggested we should make a pact to each write 300 words/day starting tomorrow and now my chest feels too tight because writing?!? I-I don't know if I can do that...

Then there was a lovely documentary about that Triangle factory fire. Especially cheerful when one thinks of the recent factory collapse in India that had a 100 times as big death toll and basically world only gets shittier. And then people die. But yeah, no news there.

Something more positive... uh, Town Called Mercy was actually pretty enjoyable. I mean, New Who that is not raeg inducing and/or confusing??? So I guess that was something. Also here's to hoping my still lurking headache will actually be gone tomorrow. Maybe I'm spoiled but two days seems a bit much to me.

Also in other news, thinking of making (or having my mom make, we'll see) a cape for next autumn. Just need to find both a nice pattern and fabrics which might be a bit tricky, especially the pattern...

Ideally, I think I'd like it in brown (reddish brown would be especially lovely) tweed with a more colourful lining (dark purple or blue-green). But I don't know how much those would cost, and I do have an old navy fabric with lighter blue pinstripes that's not perfectly what I want but... acceptable. I guess. But I'm not sure what would be a nice bright lining colour for that? Dark red maybe, but that's a bit meh. (I also have some silver satiny fabric that might be big enough. Kind of boring, but if the top fabric is blue anyway... idk)

As for style, depends a bit on whether I indeed find patterns and what sort, but I'm thinking about wrist/waist-lenght with arm slits (open all the way down?). And probably attaching at the middle with buttons or clasps, although I keep seeing this sort of side buttoning and thinking it looks rather nice. Buuut if we end up winging the pattern that might be too tricky. And maybe less easily adjustable?

Meanwhile, looks like Sixie's coat had a baby with someone's cape...and/or a throw blanket. Some wild night there.
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Stuff that happened in last week:
Spent a lot of time working on small crochet mascots for a student flea-market at uni... sold none of them. Did sell a few other things and amassed 70kr which was a bit pathetic but... better than nothing I guess. On the plus side, while crafting I listened to companion chronicles Transit to Venus with IAN (and cute Ian/Barbara shippiness and One being his terrible tsun self. Srsly, Ian and/or Barbara should meet the current Doctor and a companion/s of choice and react to this "WITHOUT THE DOCTOR THE UNIVERSE CANNOT SURVIVE OMG"-nonsense) and Resistance with Polly. I was ok during the story and then in the discussion after Anneke Wills started talking about how when she first heard what the script would be about she got chills and felt like Troughton and Craze were with her and I tear up every time I think about it.

Also listened to Revenge of the Mara Craddle of the Snake, which was entertaining in a cracky sort of way. Got to love how Turlough is so... not-very-brave and a bit selfish. x3 Also makes it cool when he does do something a bit awesome. the audio also makes it way too easy to crack ship Five and Turlough... )

Friday was one of those days where every small obstacle seemed supremely annoying, and then when I got to uni it turned out the discussion (for which I'd even read the texts unlike the last one I... also missed) was the previous day which made remembering I'd met some classmates kind of embarrassing. Who knows what they thought.

After that I got some course books from library (one is in Danish, we'll see if I understand enough) and one from a bookstore, and a couple of extras that were on discount and only cost 10kr. About Hellenistic and Pagan Norse beliefs, respectively. Then I went to taiyou_to_tsuki's place and we re-watched The Time Monster which I really needed on such a day. Even if I almost choked laughing at the last scene. Brig's face especially.

misc thoughts about The Time Monster )

And I was going to talk about maybe getting an etzy account? Even started registering but got stuck on the name... I'd like something cute but also professional enough that I could say it in mixed company? :/ And then I'd need to decide on realistic prices and whether I should get a paypal account (s-scary) and how to present things... I'd probably start with the crochet mascots.

some... actually lots of pictures )
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So, yesterday I decided to push off work on uni stuff or fics and instead listen to an audio and finish a crotchet hat that just needed an edge and decorating. So I listened to Doctor Who-Ish and worked on this hat:

Picture of it under cut )

Was going to make fox ears for it, and did in fact, but then decided that they were too small and maybe I didn't want an ear hat anyway (too animu? idk) so now I'm pondering some brightly and unnaturally coloured flowers instead? Which reminds me, I have this crotchet pattern book from -77, that's mostly about a few different types of flowers, and while some designs are cute, others are a bit...

...special )

Anyway... right, I also listened to The Holy Terror with Sixth Doctor and Frobisher last week. And I mean, how can you NOT love a shapeshifter detective who could be anything and chooses to be a penguin with an American accent? And Six gets feels in the end and it is painful to listen to but also oh Six ilu. :'3
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I never did get around to doing much exam note making on sunday, but on monday I was invited to eat left over party food and watch Doctor Who at a friend's place so I was suddenly super motivated to do as much as possible so I could go there. And I did get almost as much done as I'd planned.

We watched Attack of the Cybermen which was ok (eeh Sixie ♥), and Battlefield which I loved even more the second time. Previously I missed Ancelyn actually proposing...! Bbies. :'D Also almost cried at a certain scene with the Doctor and Morgana at the end. Because it was just so poignant.

cut because mildly freaking out about some stuff )

To counter all that, hopefully I'll again have some time to be crafty, and since I think I promised ages ago to post some craft photos and never did...

mostly hats and rolls of yarn )
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Even now I'll soon have to run off to... look at more yarns before uni starts.
Making Doctor Who amigurumi's/crotcheted dolls, Three among others and while I DO have colours I could use for his clothes, I don't have any of the exact best ones. So I'm going to make one more round of shops and think about it... (I actually just want to buy all the mercerized cottons. Lustreeee)

Meanwhile, note to self: As good and life giving elixir as strawberry tea might be, it is not actually good for breathing in. Even if my nose now feels quite fresh.


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