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Feeling conflicted because I've missed Mathilda and other friends in Stockholm, but I'll miss my family as well, and then there's all the stress of trying to be an independent adult that I'd gotten a break of...

Meanwhile, yesterday and today I visited the local municipality center for the yearly fair. Yesterday it was pretty quiet, so mostly we (me, my dad and one sister) visited the library and the traveling amusement park. Which was fun, it's been years since I've got to go on any rides. Even though we just went on five.

Today, I found a book I liked as a child (and had wanted to see again) in the books the library was selling away. I'd forgotten most of the plot, but it's embarrassingly obvious in hindsight why I liked it.

Basically, it's about a family of black cats that unexpectedly gets a ginger kitten, the embarrassment of which is not aided be her being all *different* in behavior too, even being friends with a dog. In the end she leaves home, makes friends and family of her own and becomes a successful rock star, after which there is a reconciliation with her parents who now accept even their ginger grand kids. Also the illustrations are fun and expressive.

some of the illustrations by Josef Wilkon )
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Something I found a bit ago and though I'd share. A few years ago a lot of my mother's family were gathered at her childhood home to my grandfather's funeral, and me and my cousins went through the books there, finding some pretty bizarre ones.

One of those was a "Craft Book for Girls" from 1957, a Finnish translation of a originally German book. At one point, there was a portion with examples of what the author considered "good" and "bad" crafts. With examples and description of why they were or were not tasteful. With the bad example CROSSED OVER and trashed in the text. :'D

Pictures and translation under cut )


Mar. 9th, 2009 01:45 pm
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I need to get away from being stuck browsing my flist and get to buing some soup ingredients (mmm, souuup~ :'D EDIT: turned out very good btw *noms*). And then I WILL finish some fanart, dammit. AND scan stuff for school, shouldn't forget that =_=;

First, a random picspam. Scanned from Japanese Comicskers, Draw Anime and Manga Like Japan's Hottest Artists...what a name, eh =_=
But it has purty pictures, and actually useful info about how they were made etc...this is just a few pictures I liked from two of the artist's, thought >3>;
I feel a bit iffy about posting these thought obviously I've done worse so for clarifcation I have no right to the pics, just scanned them from the book >//>;
laadilaa, cut to pretty )

Oh, and something I actually made myself, thought it's been posted before...
I seem to recall photobucket resized a certain pic to a much smaller size, so here's that silly genderswitch pic Except you can actually see the details :D
Gojyo still looks weird, but Hakkai is so pretty~ >3>~♥ WTH I drew this lol :'D
I wonder if anyone ever noticed those partially seen posters in the background. :3
Note, the one on the right...not actually Kougaiji as someone thought, it's an older poster...*teehee* I'm half tempted to draw them properly some time. >3>
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So yes, I did buy new shoes today :')
the 'reasonable' choise? )
And then headed to the flea market, where I purchased two old books.

First one is more for reading, thought the cover captured my eye first (what's that, a toy reindeer? XD)
printed in 1948 and the name of the original story is Death In The Doll's House.
don't try to steal my reindeer, you wench! )
And the other one I MIGHT read but I bought it more for just being such a charming, pretty book. :9
From 1958, illustrated by Maija Karma (a known illustrator, I think). Title translates as Lotta of Vuorilinna.
The Cover

the inside cover pages and illustrations are teh pretty as well. )
Weren't those guys in the last one just adorable ♥
Talking of adorable, on the title page I found this little guy, probably drawn by a past owner?
Don't tell me this is The Beatles fanart from -64, I mean, looking at pics of them back =3=
d'aaw )


Sep. 4th, 2008 05:41 pm
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Some random scans from a book called Lands and People 4 (printed by Grolier in -70)
Sorry about the bad quality, the book was rather too thick to scan very well. :/
picspam )

Scans, 1929

Aug. 5th, 2008 02:56 pm
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My godmother gave me this old magazine yesterday. It's a magazine called Suomen Kuvalehti from 1929 (issue 20)
Scanned a few pages because they looked nice. :)
six pages under cut )

Also, I apparently got into a certain larp after all (I wouldn't have, but someone backed out of it). It's a detective story set in the 1930, so you can imagine how thrilled I am. My character is a servant, which should also be pretty cool interesting ¤_¤/
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I'm at home for the weekend and spot a picture book from my childhood, which has nursery rhymes/poems in it. I had a faint impression of both liking the book and finding it a bit...I don't know, scary? Dark? Anyway, I decided to read through, and no wonder...

My attempt at translating one of the poems:
Gallop fast wild steed,
the foul crows are hounding me.
If I fall they'll bite of a piece,
I can't escape them on my feet.
Jump quick over the brook,
let your hooves clop.

The accompanying picture is just as creepy, I think. )


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