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Sort of tempted to sign up for a fic exchange of some kind, either the Good Omens Holiday Exchange or Yuletide but... not sure it's a good idea with all the uni work and my lingering writer's block. Does it even count as that if it's lasted for over a year? Also not sure how Yuletide works/if there are any fandoms there I could write. >_>

Last day of the first course of Ethnology II was today, just need to edit three papers before friday morning. When we also have the intro for the next bit which will be empirical practice if I'm not mistaken. Hoping for archives rather than having to look for people to interview. Also apparently the target will be an area in the city that was previously a slaughterhouse district...? Which does not sound super interesting but we'll see.

The funny thing about studying in this field (ethnology and sociology and probably to some extent a lot of humanist fields) is that (if so inclined) you can use it to get a glimpse at the structures that aim to make you miserable. Even if I sometimes feel a bit ridiculous using course literature to dissect my own feelings. But I reckon one uses the tools one has, and sometimes it's nice to get a bit of distance to things.

Still sick, but at least I got some painkillers today so I'll be able to sleep when I want to. Last night I rolled about until 3am before I found one last ibuprofen. And then had to wake up at seven, but better some sleep than none. :P
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