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artist: Me
characters/pairings: Companions: Susan, Katarina, Ian, Vicki, Sarah Kingdom, Barbara, Polly, Ben, Steven and Dodo, Liz Shaw, Jo Grant and Sarah Jane Smith, Jamie McCrimmon.
Doctors: 1, 2, 3 and 5, Delgado!Master, Ainley!Master + some more or less vaguely shippy stuff.
warnings: a lot of it is very cracky, otherwise everything is pretty tame.

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Link to fanart

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Link to original art, most of it doodles

In other news, landlady suggested today that if I can't find a job and need to go home for a couple of months before uni starts again, I could keep the room by paying a lowered rent during the time while I'm away. Which sounds pretty good, since I don't fancy hunting a new place from another country again. Still need to talk about the exact details later though.

And I looked through my closet and picked apart some clothes I thought I could try to sell at a student flea market at the end of month. Selling is for free so don't have anything to lose there really.

Oh, and I took some selfies of my new dress and things )
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Another one of these, and then... I'm really itching to make new ones but don't really have neither the resources nor any reason to in sight? Meh.

Again we go back a bit... )
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Since it has been a long time, we might go back a bit. And then see what I have actual acceptable pictures of.

Let's start at 2009, no, further... )


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