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Other things:
1) I made Microwave Chocolate Mug Brownie for the first time ever due to a sudden craving for sweets and why have I never done that before? Excellent idea.

2) Today while taking the bus for the last stretch home I saw Bessie's baby sister pass by. Smaller, less carriagey and pale yellow, but it had a similar shape otherwise.

3) I've been trying to find a full length casual summer dress for several summers now, and today I actually found one I liked the look of which wasn't too expensive either. And then didn't buy it because while I'm not dead broke I will be by next month at latest so... can I really buy dresses?
Also it's bright green and I wonder if that's too strong a colour (I like green but I might get self-concious/tire of it?). Then again I hardly ever find dresses that actually fit me all over. :/
Ah well. Maybe if I have enough money left after all the bills and the store still has my size...
Oh, but I did buy sunglasses with a gift card I got for my birthday yesterday :D So now I have ones I can actually wear in public (my other ones, from several years back, are green with butterflies on them...)

Anyway, Talons of Weng Chiang can be summarized as episode that would be good if it wasn't for the gross rasism. That kind of... makes it not good. But some of the characters still manage to be interesting/cute. But yellow-face and gross stereotypes. : /

So in the end I'm not sure what to think... also saw Dragonfire )
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(Note: crossposting failed yesterday.)
Today my museology class was visiting The Ethnographic Museum to discuss repatriation questions.*

There were four people working at the museum who gave short presentations on the subject to us first, then we walked around in the museum and later had a discussion. Now, one of the speakers kind of... made me a bit uncomfortable from the start because he spoke in this loud, sort of barky way and kept hitting his fist against the podium. But I dismissed it as irrelevant.

And then in the discussion the subject of (often unethically acquired) human remains and racial biology came up, and suddenly this aforementioned guy started foaming at the mouth over how the study of skull forms and using them to identify origins of people etc has "nothing to do with racism!" Um, WHAT?

I'm not an expert but this sounds inaccurate )


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