Nov. 13th, 2013 04:04 pm
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Taking part in the Good Omens Holiday Exchange and while the deadline is 30th, I looked at my schedule today and realized I should get at least most of the writing done this week before I get busy with various things. Now quietly panicking. Also not sure what to do about beta either, presuming I can get through the writer's block in the first place... ;o_o;

(If anyone might be willing, this will be Crowley/Aziraphale endgame with some Aziraphale/OFC. Maybe. JSYK)

*cries* (Why did I think I could write this prompt. Why did I think I can write. Why.)
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Thanks to a icon in which someone had bolded the last two words :D

In Good Omens on the first...or on the page before the actual beginning...in any case, the words:
Kids! Bringing about the Armageddon can be dangerous.
Do not attempt it in your own home."

OWN HOME, get it? :3...XD

Also, I've been reading that book aloud. I's fun. :B
I really should post something more interesting soon >3>;
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Artist: I will never get why this part is necessary...the usual suspect?
Fandom, characters: Good Omens, Crowley and Aziraphale.
Disclaimer: Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett own. Also these characters.
Rating: ...PG for outrageous lies half naked cat demon girl (albeit censored :P)...don't ask.

Notes: Woo, a new fandom~ (eek)
For those not in the know, Good Omens is: )
It's been ages since I read the actual book, but I had this vague memory which could be entirely wrong that there was a part that said these two sometimes do each other's work if more convenient. Which...made me think. But in the end it just led to this sillyness. =3=;

I'm really a bit nervous about posting this o_o; Character who 1)have no image model 2)Aren't even described much as in Aziraphales case...-> scary~

btw, it's been ages since I used watercolor/gouache...and it shows? :'P

Title: Those Little White Lies.
In his defence, Crowley was reasonably certain the kitten was somehow demonic )
Meanwhile, at the bookshop... )
So, how was your day? )


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