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Stuff that happened in last week:
Spent a lot of time working on small crochet mascots for a student flea-market at uni... sold none of them. Did sell a few other things and amassed 70kr which was a bit pathetic but... better than nothing I guess. On the plus side, while crafting I listened to companion chronicles Transit to Venus with IAN (and cute Ian/Barbara shippiness and One being his terrible tsun self. Srsly, Ian and/or Barbara should meet the current Doctor and a companion/s of choice and react to this "WITHOUT THE DOCTOR THE UNIVERSE CANNOT SURVIVE OMG"-nonsense) and Resistance with Polly. I was ok during the story and then in the discussion after Anneke Wills started talking about how when she first heard what the script would be about she got chills and felt like Troughton and Craze were with her and I tear up every time I think about it.

Also listened to Revenge of the Mara Craddle of the Snake, which was entertaining in a cracky sort of way. Got to love how Turlough is so... not-very-brave and a bit selfish. x3 Also makes it cool when he does do something a bit awesome. Still not sure how I was supposed to interpret the scene where Mara!Five pushes him into a room to hide after he... tried to give him the snake? but not like that does something and after entreating the Doctor to let go of his arm Turlough goes "Don't think I don't appreciate the offer, but must you be so forceful!"

It also seems like it takes Turlough all through the Doctor being all "let's have a boys night out and cause TROUBLE MUAHAHA >8D" causing a panic at an amusement park and then breaking into a laboratory + being all "look at my cool new snake tattoo and wouldn't you like ~*wealth and power*~ Y/Y?" to realize something might be wrong with him... um, Turlough, what did you think was going on? And then in the end Turlough was the only one NOT taken over at any point... was he too scaredy-cat to the Mara's taste or what?

Talking about ship fodder, earlier, Nyssa is the only one who can convince Tegan to open the door for her, and then they talk about how Tegan has been sleeping badly and then she apologizes to Nyssa for keeping her awake. Then again even Tegan seemed surprised so not sure what was going on there.

Friday was one of those days where every small obstacle seemed supremely annoying, and then when I got to uni it turned out the discussion (for which I'd even read the texts unlike the last one I... also missed) was the previous day which made remembering I'd met some classmates kind of embarrassing. Who knows what they thought.

After that I got some course books from library (one is in Danish, we'll see if I understand enough) and one from a bookstore, and a couple of extras that were on discount and only cost 10kr. About Hellenistic and Pagan Norse beliefs, respectively. Then I went to taiyou_to_tsuki's place and we re-watched The Time Monster which I really needed on such a day. Even if I almost choked laughing at the last scene. Brig's face especially.

Headcanon: the reason the Doctor is all grumpy after that one cut between where he talks about the dream he had of the Master and Jo finding the newspaper article about earthquakes on Santorini is because there's a talk there where Jo has read about dream psychology and presents and alternate interpretation of the dream and Doctor gets all huffy over it so she backpedals and finds the article to appease him.

Also never ever getting over the Doctor calling Brig and telling him to instate full Master alert because he saw him! In... a dream. BWAHAHAHA. Does this happen often?

...I thought that Stuart and Dr. Ingram were actual siblings because I didn't realize Stuart's "I'm not my sister's keeper!" was a modified bible reference. Trying not to ship them now because they're already such awesome bros with no romance /_\

Lots of people were also distractingly good looking again. But especially Brig. And there were lots of awesome lines (thanks Robert Sloman). In general, TM has a lot of pretty cool one-off characters, like Stuart and Ingram, and the characters on Atlantis... even in such a short time we get a glimpse of who they are and how they relate to one another. Also mmm pretty costumes I have to give points for that too. Krasis is the prettiest obvsly. It's why he got the job probably. Certainly couldn't be his brains could it? Maybe Galleia and Dallius both let their eye lead them a bit too much in choosing partners to share rule with? :'D

And I was going to talk about maybe getting an etzy account? Even started registering but got stuck on the name... I'd like something cute but also professional enough that I could say it in mixed company? :/ And then I'd need to decide on realistic prices and whether I should get a paypal account (s-scary) and how to present things... I'd probably start with the crochet mascots.

Might need better ones if/when I decide to sell them online, I suppose?
Also need to see about buying some metal key rings thingies and see if I can still attache them and/or use them if I make more mascots in the future. Didn't have time or money to get some before I made this batch...

 photo IMG_0052-1.jpg
All of them (I've made a few more since then though)
Some close ups
 photo IMG_0096.jpg

 photo IMG_0090.jpg

 photo IMG_0067.jpg

 photo IMG_0069.jpg

 photo IMG_0071.jpg
The Very Smug Pear

 photo IMG_0072.jpg

 photo IMG_0073.jpg

 photo IMG_0075.jpg

 photo IMG_0076.jpg

 photo IMG_0077.jpg

 photo IMG_0078.jpg

 photo IMG_0080.jpg

 photo IMG_0081.jpg

 photo IMG_0085.jpg

 photo IMG_0086.jpg

 photo IMG_0089.jpg
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