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I warned you. So, like I wrote yesterday a few days ago, I was on a walk late at night and Silence is Golden by The Tremeloes came on, and gave me ship feels.

Admittedly, the story suggested is a tad more melodramatic than my headcanon for the Benton-Yates-Jo triangle (though I could just about see that fic too, and also now kind of want Jo to find out about all the angst years later and be all "oh you poor silly boys D:" because she would)
However, I do, in a masochistic sort of way, like the idea of a lot of Benton and Yates' relationship problems stemming from lack of communication and/or forced secrecy, so in that sense the song fits them and gives me feeeelsss. You know, both because NO ONE CAN KNOW at UNIT AND because they're guys in the seventies/eighties and probably have a hard time talking about feelings.

Basically, the general outline of my headcanon is that Benton and Yates are together at some point, then break up because Yates feels the secrecy is too much and he instead pursues a relationship with Jo which eventually doesn't work out, and then they're separated for several years until meeting again and sorting things out.

Also, I think Benton would be quite hurt by Yates' decision but also understand it and therefore just...internalize that hurt quite a lot. But that would def. be one of the things they'd later have to get through.

I've also been considering a Five Things sort of fic on a theme like that, though still not sure exactly what it would be. Also quite tempted to do something with all the times in canon one of them get hurt because H/C is my cryptonite. And again, they can never show too much concern in public. And that is terrible. And delicious angst. x3

When I think about it, the end part is rather similar to my Tegan/Nyssa headcanon where they are reunited after many years, once Nyssa has spent the best years of her life putting Terminus in order and retires to Australia (getting a lift there from... someone). And then things are v. awkward before they get better. : 3

Others things:
On 13th I went shopping with my mom and sisters. Got a black shrug, some silvery-grey thread and blue nail polish. Tried to find shoes but the selection was a bit terrible. There was ONE pair I considered (right brand, right price bracket and comfortable) but they were all two toned and... I've always wanted red shoes but these were the same model and colour as Ten's and... idk I'm not sure I want. Also red is harder to coordinate. Could have considered the black or brown version instead but... nyeh. I had another model from that brand in mind originally and those'd be nicer in black if I'm getting that. Selection of sandals was also kind of terrible because I'd want them to have a strap in the back but NOT a zipper. And no giant heel but not totally flat either.

Also saw The Rings of Akhaten today on tv. Apart from the skeevy stalking bit, I kind of like it, even if it's just because I'm weak to lush alien worlds and costumes and pretty music. Also touching monologues it had those too! On the other hand... um didn't they kind of destroy that solar system there in the end? I mean, they killed it's sun...??? Anyway, for some reason it made me think about some Eight/Lucie audios.

And also The End of the World for that matter, only for some reason I liked RoA better despite the story possibly being weaker... might be for superficial reasons tbh. Or my expectations for recent Who have become so low that any story I don't actively hate is a good story (see also: A Town Called Mercy. Ok ep. except for the part where Rory might as well have been furniture, and this in a story where the main dilemma was a physician who had a past as a war criminal, as a friend later pointed out, so why.).
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