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So I got home feeling a bit tired and miffed, and then 1)I'd gotten a package (from a person whose lj nick I can't now recall or if they even have one OTL) full of tasty things. ¤3¤ And a Silmarillion paperback (so pretty <3)

 photo IMG_0135.jpg

 photo IMG_0138.jpg

 photo IMG_0137.jpg

Teaaaaa~ ¤A¤
So far I've tasted the cookies and the fruit toffees with a fizzy middle. At first I read the name as Nimon haelp. Liking both! Considering opening one of the chocolates next, just trying to pick one... tough =3=

Then I checked my email, and lost_spook had written Jago&Litefoot fic for a prompt I left at the Obscure & British comment fest, Devil in the Details, is this my second birthday or something???

Should be frantically studying for the home exam next week and/or writing my sixathon fic, but still feeling kind of noodley on responsibilities...

So, I've been looking around for a Bessie yellow nail polish, and was previously considering this one, and today it was even on sale at H&M (29,50kr), but then I realized it's probably still a bit too warm? Not entirely certain what exact shade the car was anyway... :/ Also, there was a store brand yellow in almost identical shade (maybe just a teeny tiny bit warmer? But I could barely tell the difference side by side) only cost 10kr so... couldn't decide.

I haven't really seen any in a cooler shade anyway, not without a metallic sheen or pastelly which I do not want. Should maybe just get the 10kr one, or?

Also just looking around, found out one of the store brand polishes was called Jo Is In The House... good thing I already have a rainbow glitter so. Not tempted. At all. But mwaaah Jooo Also wonder if that's supposed to be a reference to something else?

Anyway, Benton! Been having extra Benton feels since re-watching The Time Monster, he's just so... so cute in it (even when not turned into a literal baby x3). Saying "It's just been a bit lonely" when asked how guarding the lab has been, being worried for Yates & CO when they get a bomb dropped on them (course the shipper in me likes to think he was a bit extra worried for Yates, and they even talk on the phone afterwards...!) and being clever when the Master tries to fool him into leaving his post (it's still hilarious that the Master's Brig charade failed because he was TOO FRIENDLY ppfft)...

I just have all the feels for both the character and John Levene. ; A ;
He just... looks like a sad puppy and started out all unsure because he felt everyone else had more acting experience and once almost decapitated the rest of the cast by accident because he was fiddling with helicopter controls aowh. Yesterday I even found out he also played a yeti in Two era. Yes, the monster that most resembles a giant wobbly teddy bear. And apparently he waltzed with either Patrick Troughton on Frazer Hines in between filming in the costume. GDI JOHN LEVENEEEE 8I *fistshake at heavens*

Still want all the H/C fic with Benton and Yates. Both for all the bits in canon where one was hurt or missing and possibly dead and they had to keep a stiff-upper lip about it. I mean, in Mind Moe of Evil when the missile escort is attacked Yates has to leave injured and unconscious Benton to tail the criminals (not sure Yates actually knew whether he was even alive for sure?) and then he gets captured and Benton actually shows concern and insists on being in the attack party. All my ship feels *sigh*

And then of course there's everything before, during and after Planet of the Very Confused Dinosaurs...

Talking actual fics I need to write ASAP, I finally came up with a plot I like for one of my sixathon promts, and then realized it could also work as the plot of the fic I've tried to write before... except this is supposed to be gen at that other story is shippy.

Would it be bad if I wrote it so this could happen in the same verse but from a different perspective? So the ship stuff isn't there and not everything from the rest of the plot is revealed... But obviously it also needs to work as an individual story and dunno if that'll be possible?
Alternatively they could just be two variations of the same plot...?
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