Apr. 30th, 2013

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when it was also my birthday. Got a gift card (anyone want to go shopping with me and help me pick things it's hard...?), a lovely giant colourful cup, v. tasty tea and hair things. One of which is a mint green bow clip yessss.

So, on saturday I first saw gluecookie and we watched five first episodes of the 1955- Scarlet Pimpernel tv-series. We have a project to see ALL the adaptations we can find (really need to read the original story asap...).
some comparisons )

After that, I went over to M's place and we had no funny DW episodes at hand so we ended up watching... Sabrina the Teenaged Witch. Since we discovered a while ago her family owns a DVD set for an unknown reason. I used to watch that as a kid/preteen and 1)It was about as bad/mediocre as I expected and 2)I got painful nineties flashbacks from the visuals/costuming. Argh.

On the other hand, Salem is basically the Master. I mean, he is a sarcastic, self-centered wizard who got turned into a cat as punishment for trying to take over the world. In the episode A Girl and Her Cat we further find out he worked with a guy called Salamander who was turned into a newt.
Salem also gets catnapped by a kid called Rex who ends up mildly disturbed by the end. I rest my case.

EDIT: Oh, and we also listened to LIVE-34, which is a Seven, Ace and Hex audio entirely in the form of a live radio newscast. Interesting in itself due to the format, and rather suited to be listened from a tiny portable loudspeaker. One feels transported into the story, almost.

Also watched Journey into the Heart of the Tardis which cut for opinion. Not really that spoilery I think but jic )
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Supposed to be writing home exam (should have started yesterday, really) for the cultural history of sexuality course... which is actually quite interesting, even the questions. Still procrastinating though.

Still not really writing fic either, which doesn't stop ideas from appearing. I blame M. for encouraging me. The most recent one came about while we were discussing slave fics and Doctor/Master. Which already has a few, but after a detour to imagining Six in that position (I'm sure he'd enjoy making a proper production about his resistance x3), M. pointed out it might be interesting to flip the usual order of things and have MASTER be the slave. Which imo would not even be that hard with Delgado!Master and Three, not the way I see them anyway.

More about that. And neighbour-verse ponderings )


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