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Between self and the lovely taiyou_to_tsuki

Today, in person, we came to the rather poetic conclusion that the only thing "wrong" with Survival is that they tried to get cats to be actors and actors to be cats. Otherwise it's perfect ofc.

Also, we were talking about Ainley!Master's various terrible and inexplicable plans (the real curse of the timelords is poor Anthony Ainley ending up in ALL the most terrible episodes) and then how odd it is that in The Mark of the Rani she appears to be the antithesis of the Master... an actually competent villain who gives not a damns about the Doctor... and then in Time and the Rani seems to have caught the Master's propensity to terrible ploys and obsessing on the Doctor.

...and then I realized. Who did we just discuss that has a propensity for all that AND unnecessary disguises? I bet the Rani was Not Happy when she found out the Master had been pretending to be her and blackening her bad name like that.

1. The curious feeling of my brain trying to twist itself into a klein-bottle

Me: yesterday I ended up telling *name removed* about sex headcanons for the various versions of Doctor and Master… started out with her commenting a picture with A!Master and Four and how the Master seemed obviously dominant and then I had to Explain a Thing. —

GF: I don’t know, Four probably doesn’t give a shit.

Me: …I try to imagine his kinks and it’s like. Staring into the abyss.
GF: and the abyss stares back
with those googly eyes and toothy smile
Me: His sex life is not to be understood by a human brain.
Someone should write a fic about that in the style of Lovecraft. *cough*

Me: The Master would probably be totally on board with it all.
Because Ainley!Master.
That Doctor. So dreamy.


2. Context what context

GF: I swear to god if this gives you another babyfic bunny
Me: naaaw
no tentacle sex
just cuddles
in this one
GF: >___>
Me: no really do you not trust me :”3
*muahAHAHA* BABIES EVERYWHEre… I mean. I am hurt.
GF: I can’t take you anywhere can I


3. Tribbles and Delgado!Master

GF: would the Master have a tribble
would he plan conquest by tribble
(yes he would)
Me: yes
and then his tardis would be full of tribbles.
and that’s a lot of tribbles
GF: fat tribbles
I feel this was a very important conversation.
Me: yes
delgado!Master wading in tribbles
tribbles falling out the door when he opens it
GF: Tribbles in his bed
Tribbles in his bathtub
Tribbles in his pockets
When he tries to pull a gun on the Doctor he draws a tribble instead
Me: I want to draw all of this
he pretends it’s an evil ploy against earth
and it’s actually pretty effective
but it’s really just a cry for help

Oh, and mostly so I can find it in the future, greatly amused by this Long commercial for radio parts (valves!) starred by Jon Pertwee. So dashing! So much fic fodder! I mean.
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