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I've been hearing this one song on the radio, and it's just too lovely.
Youtube link
And since many of you can't understand the lyrics ^_^;

a translation, as best as I can do )
ETA2: Uploaded it here as well:
Meant to draw something today, but (fruitless) present hunting took up my time and energy. Gah.
ETA: Ookay, self, enough with the hunting for Star Trek fanart on DA and go reply to comments. And don't get any ideas either.
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So, a while ago my brother showed me his Zen Stone Plus (with a speaker) I want one too.
The fact it doesn't need batteries is especially tempting, since my old MP3 player eats those at an annoying and costly rate (I'm a total music addict, I confess).
More importantly, it's Really pretty ¤_¤!
Also, I'm feeling very particular about the color and texture, so wish me luck on finding it at the shop next tuesday. :)

And yesterday I mentioned finding a new doll? Thought I should show you the two older ones too, along with some dragons ;)
I don't actually know much about them, except that they're almost certainly made in Russia.
doll picspam story )

music <3

Dec. 10th, 2007 10:08 am
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I just traveled from home by train, and was listening to the radio there. One of the three channels had a program about an Indian playback singer Lata Mangeshkar, who I must now find more about. Listening to that clear and haunting voice and beautiful melodies made the grey and murky scenery the train was going past seem almost magical.
I love mornings like this ^_^. ♥


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