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The promised last weekend post and one for this week? Also I'm sick rn so if something doesn't make sense I'll blame that.

Weekend before last the people whose house I live in were traveling so I had the house to myself. Which was nice on one hand and on the other it's a large and slightly labyrinthine. Used the old method of having the radio and/or tv on to not get creeped out when it was dark, and also taiyou_to_tsuki came to stay over for a bit. She'd previously sent me a pdf of the Doctor Who Cookbook (1985) which is a very charming thing with fun illustrations. We tried making Chancellor Flavia's Chicken Favourite (from Dinah Sheridan). I did a bunch of household chores before her arrival, including dinner planning. Very housewifey.

4 boned chicken breasts
1tsp/1 1/4 tsp/7,5 g dried tarragon
Finely grated rind of 1 lemon
1 clove of garlic, peeled and crushed
2oz/56 g butter
4tbs/5tbs/120g dried breadcrumbs
salt and pepper

Pre-heat the oven to 375F/190C (Gas Mark 5)
Lay the chicken breast flat and make a deep slit in the side of the plumpest part, making sure not to cut the chicken completely in half.
Put the tarragon, lemon rind, garlic and butter in a small bowl, season with the salt and pepper and mix well with a knife, then gently stuff the mixture evenly into the slit of each chicken breast. Close the slits with cocktail sticks and brush the breasts with a little oil. Coat each breast in bread crumbs, place on an oiled baking tray and cook for 45 minutes. Finally garnish with wedges of lemon and sprigs of parsley.
This dish is good with very new potatoes, or baked potatoes in their jackets.

We skipped the breadcrumbs, which perhaps was a bad idea aesthetically speaking, and flubbed the cooking time (my fault, I didn't trust the oven as I've had difficulties with it in the past...) so the chicken came out a bit dry (that, or the cooking time is for chicken with skin, I think?). Also made couscous to eat with it. Still edible, anyways.

 photo IMG_0684.jpg

 photo IMG_0686.jpg
Also it's possible that many sticks would not have been necessary...

After that, watched Hellboy 2 on tv, which was... awful apart from the pretty visuals? One of those movies where the "plot" relies on characters being stupid. *sigh* Also problematic portrayal of female characters which is always fun.

On Saturday, we decided it was too much effort to go to a museum so listened to an DW audio instead. The Doomwood Curse, which... well, it's a bit special. I'm not sure what I can say without spoiling it, really.

Also we weren't planning to meet on Sunday but ended up watching X-Files. Which was less creepy than I recalled it from my childhood. Watched Ice, Eve and Bad Blood. Only screamed once.

THIS weekend I've met up with gluecookie to watch Star Trek. Watched Errand of Mercy (Commander Kor is so obviously smitten with Kirk it's hilarious. The FLIRTING. Also Kirk and Spock wear tights. Eheheh), The Naked Time (just. That episode) and lastly The Savage Curtain which sounded like it should be epically cracky... and it does begin with them meeting Abraham Lincoln floating in space in an easy chair (also Surak) but then it just turns into a cross between a "if x and Y fight who would win?"-thing and generally like watching a live roleplay where people stand around trying to decide what to do. Teeeedious. So we mostly talked over it.

After that we test played Once Upon a Time because I hadn't, and ended up telling a long story about characters in Rassilonian Gallifrey on a quest to right the wrongs wrought on them by Rassilon. xD (our cast ended up being a Frog Girl, a timelord who'd been turned into a sea monster, a timelady who'd been turned into an underwater tree and her wife who was a linguist/riddle expert. Also there was a crown that babbled bits of riddles and was actually a key to a riddle based lock) So that took longer than expected and poor M. had to wait up for me... >_>;

Saturday: Watched Scream of the Shalka with her, then watched it again with commentary. BBIES.

Sunday: Have been miserably ill, written the first draft of my last course paper and cooked moussaka for the first time ever.

 photo IMG_0714.jpg

Beautiful and delicious moussaka. Used another recipe from the DW Cookbook (the first, as there are two) with some modifications (too tired to write it up now but can do so later if someone is interested...) Mainly, used beef instead of lamb, aubergine, zucchini AND potatoes, added garlic and nixed parsley, Gruyere and nutmeg, and used sherry instead of red wine (I don't keep alcoholic things but landlords had an open bottle and I figured they'd not miss three spoonfuls). Oh and I didn't peel the aubergines.

Also the first time I've used alcohol in cooking. I call adult points!
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