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I should sleep but before I forget some things.

Saturday: Met gf and friend on visit and we made butternut squash soup and pie. They talked Gallifrey and I... I don't even try to understand. Timelords man. As established before, Katy Manning should play all of them. Especially the lost ghost of Pandak the Second. Or whatever he was called. Also we decided Borusa was probably brainwashed by Rassilon for the lulz in The Five Doctors because he was too awesome for all that otherwise.

Sunday: Met gluecookie and we had lots of tea and watched Star Trek.
Friday's Child: In which McCoy is a Terrible Doctor but also adorable (that bastard) and Eleen is more awesome that you. And we're not sure whether to call orientalism on Capellans or choose to interpret it as more medieval europe-style aliens? In conclusion, a bit sexist, a bit questionable, but could be worse and has lovely character moments all around, both with the triumvirate on planet and srs Scotty in charge (adorbs!) and co. I also officially ship Scotty and Uhura now and we have decided they do each other's hair. Headcanon: Commander Kor cursed the fact he was sick with Romulan measles for this mission and missed another chance for an epic ~*romantic*~ fight to the death with Captain Kirk. Poor dear.

Balance of Terror: Wiki confirms it IS a space version of a submarine drama as I thought. Cool stuff. Other than that... *ugly sobbing* waah Mark Lenard's Romulan Commander and John Warburton's Centurion why were they such babies. Dese nameless Romulans... ; A ;

Journey to Babylon: Hello again Mark Lenard fancy seeing you here (also apparently he played a Klingon in the first movie. Mark Lenard plz) ~*Amanda and Sarek*~ (even though why would Amanda guilt trip her son to risk his life to save his father when she just moments before told him not to do it? IDEK Also Spock plz Scotty would have HAD THAT. But I guess bf in the sickbay upset him or something) Amanda is the fanciest. And Amanda and Kirk would talk SO MUCH shit about their Vulcan husbands while said husbands have a logical discussion on the peculiar failings of humans. Fact.


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